Rob at Cosmopolis Cannes Premiere

Rob at the premiere of his new film, 'Cosmopolis' in Cannes. HQ pics of him at the red carpet and inside with Kristen, + Videos all under the cut!


Inside the theater

24 More


Inside The theater


Interview (Via)

Robert how are you feeling tonight?
Rob: I feel amazing, I'm really, really excited. I hope poeple like it. I'm so happy and proud to be at Cannes. I love the movie so I hope it goes well.

How was it working with David Cronenberg?
Rob: Yeah, yeah. He's a brilliant director. I love to work with. I'd love to do every movie with him.

Red carpet video without the dubbing + Interview (Via)

Full premiere (veronicaspuffy)

Red carpet coverage videos (veronicaspuffy)

Complete red carpet (Via | Via)

Rob and the cast heading into the theater (Via | Via)

HQ: RPLife | kstewartfans
MQ: kstewartfans

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