Nick Stroller, Five-Year Engagement Director, Talks About Wanting to Work with Rob and Kristen in a Romantic Comedy

Celebuzz sat down with The Five-Year Engagement director and writer Nicholas Stoller to talk about his new comedy.

The Five-Year Engagement hits theaters on April 27, and for the first time, Nick said he doesn’t have another project lined up at the moment.

Stoller and I started discussing actors he should work with, so obviously I suggested Kristen Stewart. You know I’m pushing for her to do a romantic comedy!

“Kristen Stewart, yeah she could be really funny,” Nick said in agreement. “That’s a really good idea. We’ll get both her and Robert [Pattinson].”

No complaints here! Stewart told me back at the junket for Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 she would “would die” to work with Rob again post-Twilight, and that she would be up to do a romantic comedy.

Stoller, Segel, Stewart, Pattinson…sounds like a dream team to me! What do you guys think?

Source | Via: kstewartnews

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