Ruby's Reflection on Fan Fiction

    Well it has been some serious time since I last posted anything. Quite frankly I used to write on here all of the time. My real life has been insane! I am sure many of you can relate. I have a crazy career and it's been just requiring a lot more of my time. I have two small kids and yes there is a husband as well that all require care, feeding and most of all my love. I wanted to make a few comments about the recent events going on in our fandom concerning Fan fiction and the wonderful authors that take the time to write it and share it with us.

     As some of you may or may not know some very well known Fan fiction has been recently published into novels. I've been hearing so much noise about it that I chose to treat it as that, noise. I really try not focus on the gossip and the noise in this fandom because as we all know it is really just something that you can not stop. I personally have chose to ignore the negative and focus on the positive of what this fandom has offered to me, which is great literature, and amazing people that I share the same passions with.

     I would typically not comment on some of the stuff that is going around but after reading and seeing some of the negativity and the outcome of what has resulted from this, I feel like I must make a post on it and just say something. Take it for what it is. It is my opinion and I respect that some of you may feel differently. Please do not come on here and leave nasty hateful comments if they are not backed up with a valid argument. I am always open to listening to other opinions but I am not open to crazy rants that have no meaning but to be mean.

     Fan fiction was never something that I really knew about until I came to this fandom. I will be honest, I didn't understand it or know what it was. The first fic that I ever read was Emancipation Proclamation. Wow!! I know some of you might think that was a big one to take a bite out of and quite frankly it wasn't! It is always and forever will be dear to my heart! It is the main reason I have continued my journey into Fan fiction. I guess my ideas of Fan fiction before I read it was, Why would you want to take Stephenie Meyer's ideas and put them into another story?" The truth is I understand now. These stories are not about Edward and Bella. They are just categorized as "Twilight FanFiction" because the names are the same. Some of the characters might be vampires some of them might be wolves. Eww who wants wolves? Anyways my point is that Stephenie Meyer might have brought me here but it is the amazing literature that keeps me reading Fan fiction.

     When you look at the definition of Literature coming from the dictionary it says, "writings in which expression and form in connection with ideas of permanent and universal interest, are characteristic or essential features as poetry, novels, history, biography, and essays."  and a "literary work of production" Call it what it is people but it is literature whether it is published or not!

     Fan fiction authors still take the time to share what they are passionate about in their minds and hearts to a common place that we can all read. I feel blessed to be introduced to this genre of literature. I think what is most disappointing about most of the comments that have been flying around is they are not centered specifically on the author's writing but around the idea of what Fan fiction is. Who cares! It is someone's ideas and they are not plagiarizing Meyer's work, if she thought it was then don't you think she would have a team of lawyers lined up to fight it? (Thanks Peas!) *Shaking my fists!

     Lastly, I want to comment on the idea of Free Will is. Some of you might wonder why is this important? Well because the definition of Free Will is, "the apparent ability to make choices that are not externally determined and the ability to make a choice without coercion." Do you understand what I am saying here people? The main word that pops out this definition is choice. We all have choices to be a part of something or not. I have choice to be a part of this fandom. I choose to read FanFiction. I choose to believe in Rob and Kristen. I choose to be here as a positive force!

     You as well have a choice to be here! If you want to spew hate then go somewhere else! I think I speak for a majority of this fandom when I say we all love a good debate about ideas that Fan fiction authors have written but we do not want bullying, hatred and other negative energy. It is a choice to do these things! I say use that energy to go find something you are passionate about. Doing something your passionate about will in turn it fulfill you in ways that hate and bullying never can.

     So finally when I say that I know that Fan fiction will continue to be a source of debate, just remember that if it was Twilight that brought many of these Fan fiction authors to write then I am grateful. In reality I am sure Stephenie does not mind being a source of motivation for others to write and share their ideas with the fandom and now the world. Congratulations to all FanFiction writers that have published, are working on being published or just want to share their love of writing with us. It has opened me up to a world that I knew never existed! ~Ruby

{Alma- It's not a secret that everyone on this blog is obsessed with reading Twi fics. It's a way to come together as friends. There's no telling how many times we've become friends with someone over a fic recommendation. Ingeyla, our blogger even has her own very blog called FicShelf where she reviews and recommends fics she's read. Ruby, well you already heard from her. She's very passionate about them. BTW the books she is talking about are Sempre, which you can now purchase here. And also the Fifty Shades Trilogy, which you can also order here and view the authors website here. Casey reads lots, lots and lots of fics. I, well i do too!! We love them. We can't stop reading them. So like the edit above says. Keep Calm and read Fan Fiction. It's good for ya :)}

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