Possible Rob and Kristen sighting at Katy Perry's show in LA last night

Possible Rob and Kristen sighting at Katy perry's show at Hotel Cafe in LA last night... Sightings from two multiple twitter accounts. xXJESSYKAXx and @plataaax3!!! As always with a grain of salt on those <3

@Robstenacious Where did you see Rob Pattinson? Was Kristen with him? :)
JessE. ‏

  • @xXJESSYKAXx He was at the Hotel Cafe watching Katy Perry perform for her Part Of Me movie. He wasn't with Kristen unfortunately.

@lovelyLadyss you saw Rob? what was he doing?
  • He was watching Katy Perry perform for her movie. He was hanging out back with a small group of people

@Patrisanto Other person said that she saw her in the same site you didn't see her
  • My mistake I remember I only caught a glimpse of her. They were in the corner behind the bar wearing black hats.

@lovemeansRK hi! so kristen was there too, w/ Robert?
  • Hi! Yes she was there. I only got a glimpse of her. They didn't look too much like they wanted to be seen.

oh! IC. Thanks for the reply. =)
  • They stood back by the bar behind the whole set instead of making their presence known. You're welcome. :)

@lovemeansRK Oh! Kristen wearing a hat?

  • @xXJESSYKAXx Attempting to be as much on the DL as possible it seemed like.

♪ќατlεṉαсυllεṉ♪ ‏U saw RK? Damn U are so LUCKY!!!

  • Yea he didn't try to be a main attraction since it was for Katy Perry.

that's so generous of him.... Girl u are so lucky..

  • I never thought I'd see the day that I'd see him. I'm happy.

@PurpleRayna_ I was there too right up front. So rob was there? I didn't see him lol

  • @xXJESSYKAXx Yea he was back behind the bar. I think the people standing only knew though.

@kirstystubbings YOU SAW ROBERT AND KRISTEN!?

  • Yes, Katy Perry was filming her movie. They showed up to watch her perform and stood in the back by the bar.

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