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"...reflectional symmetry is that half of the figure is a mirror image of the other half..."

so how does it relate to R/K?
First of all, they are very, very similar, it's like they're mirror images of eachother.
Btw, I think that they love one another equally, despite those who say "Rob loves her more", I think Kristen is more of a keeper but it doesn't mean she loves him any less.
Second of all, even when it comes to the differences, they're contradicted in a weird, compatible way which makes them perfect for eachother.
Third of all, their behavior towards eachother doesn't change through time, and they've been down a long road, so if we take their past and present, it'll also show us "mirror images" ( 2:51 - 3:05 / 3:28 - 3:47 / 0:25 - 0:32 )
And last but not least, they're always in harmony, in sync with eachother.

What does "reflectional symmetry" cause?
Marriage ,and later on, the Golden Child (*.*)

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