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From MTV:

"Cosmopolis's" first teaser trailer has hit the web and let's just say it's a bit more extreme than we would have expected.

The 30-second-long French trailer -- released yesterday on the film's French Facebook -- teases a performance from Robert Pattinson that is unlike anything we've ever seen. It opens up with Pattinson's voice set against a black background saying, "I'm looking for more. Aim and fire, come on, do it, flick the switch."

Is it a metaphor for something more? Maybe, but it's also entirely literal, as the teaser reveals Pattinson's sexy bodyguard and part time fling pointing a taser at his chest. He dares her, "Show me something I don't know." Our only response to that is, "Wow."

There are plenty of quick flashes of scenes throughout the teaser, but not enough to give us a sense of anything more than the movie's tone. In true David Cronenberg style, "Cosmopolis" will be noir, it will be dark, and it will be weird.

There's plenty of weirdness at play here, but we're willing to give ourselves up to it. And if you thought "Bel Ami" was going to have a ton of sex in it, just wait until you see the ways Pattinson is hooking up in "Cosmopolis."

From Hit Fix:

The casting of Robert Pattinson in the film is one of those fiendishly clever strokes of genius from Cronenberg. Thanks to the sort of stardom that Pattinson has acquired from the "Twilight" films, he's going to automatically draw eyes to any other film he makes, and it's a very specific audience that he brings with him. Young women. People who may not be familiar with either Cronenberg or DeLillo. People who may not have ever seen anything like what "Cosmopolis" promises to be.

From THR:

Robert Pattinson will once again play dark and brooding, but his latest role proves he can do more than pine and sparkle.

The Twilight star plays a 28-year-old playboy billionaire who goes for a deadly limo ride in David Cronenberg's upcoming Cosmopolis. Self-interested, acquisitive and nihilistic, Pattinson goes very against type from his Edward Cullen character in the vampire films, leaning more toward the manipulative philanderer of Bel Ami, which opens June 8.


At some point while watching the first teaser trailer for David Cronenberg's upcoming thriller Cosmopolis, you're going to be hit with a question. That question might be, "Did Robert Pattinson just shoot himself?" It could be, "Is he urinating inside the car?" Or possibly even, "Is that a giant rat?" And the answer to any and all of these questions is invariably, "Yes."

But one question that will probably not be answered: "What is going on?" It's hard to say. But that only makes Cronenberg's NSFW trailer more compelling.

From Collider:

A NSFW international teaser trailer has gone online for David Cronenberg‘s Cosmopolis. The teaser provides the first look at the tone of the film, and more importantly, Robert Pattinson‘s performance in it. In Cosmopolis, Pattinson plays a newlywed billionaire who ends up losing his bride and his billions in a single day. Even when Pattinson isn’t doing Twilight, he’s hewed towards romantic dramas with Remember Me and Water for Elephants. However, as Twilight draws to a close, his upcoming films will perhaps provide him with the necessary escape velocity to get away from Edward Cullen. In Bel Ami, he plays a character who fucks his way up the social ladder of 1890s Paris, and in Cosmopolis, his character purposely shoots himself in the hand. I can take or leave Bel Ami, but Cosmopolis looks pretty great, and I’m eager to see Pattinson break free of his famous mopey vampire.

From HeyuGuys:

I don’t know if this trailer would be classed as a red band trailer but I think it’s as close to red band as you can get without getting it actually being so.
Here for Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg fans is the first teaser trailer for their new movie, Cosmopolis which is pretty raunchy and hard hitting. This is a very different direction for the Twilight star to have gone in but it does look pretty great from the 34 second trailer that we have here.

From Slash Film:

Well, hello, David Cronenberg! In 2012 the director is going to unleash his second film in two years, and for those who thought A Dangerous Method was too dry, it looks like Cosmopolis might be for you. A teaser has just landed for the film, and it looks nuts.

The film stars Robert Pattinson in an adaptation of a novel by Don DeLillo, and it looks like Cronenberg’s most overtly sexual movie since Crash, and his most visually strange since eXistenZ. What we see here of Pattinson’s character Eric Packer, a young billionaire with a rather specific and dark worldview, makes him seem to fit right in the mold of a classic Cronenberg character like Videodrome‘s Max Renn. “I’m looking for more… show me something I don’t know” could have come right out of Renn’s mouth.

There was a lot of hand-wringing when Cronenberg’s original choice for Packer, Colin Farrell, was replaced with Pattinson. But it looks like the chance might have been for the better. Seeing these hints of what Cronenberg has done with the character, and how messed-up he might be, I can’t see Farrell getting the same sense of open-mouth surprise out of an audience that Pattinson will. He’s not the guy that you expect to see doing this stuff, and that’s part of why this works.

From Movie Line:

Move over, Prometheus: David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson are here with a 30-second foreign teaser for Cosmopolis, their adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel about a young billionaire's dark, demented and all-around catastrophic 24-hour Manhattan odyssey. And it looks amazing.

In fairness, it's basically only 30 NSFW seconds of hyper-edited visuals, but what visuals: Times Square overrun with dinosaurs, Pattinson's Eric Packer shooting a hole through his hand, limousine trysts and pee breaks, and all the quintessentially Cronenbergian glimpses of the perverse in the quotidian. Niftier still is the dialogue introducing the teaser, clipped in DeLillo's own trademark staccato, hinting at a spiritual fidelity to the flawed but sui generis source material. It just looks and feels right. We'll see how the other 100 minutes or so can compare later this spring, when Cosmopolis presumably debuts (and lands an American distributor) at Cannes.

From Bad Ass Digest:

As if 2012 weren't already shaping up to be a killer year, recently boring David Cronenberg will be adding a surprisingly severe dose of old school Cronenbergian weirdness to this year's embarrassment of riches. Starring Twilight meat and based on a book by the kind of author people often lie about reading, Cosmopolis was already a huge question mark before the release of this first teaser. Now it's a question mark paired with an exclamation point.

Eye stabbings, car pissings and self-inflicted gunshots to the palm pretty much invalidate any lingering Robert Pattinson hate - regardless of whether the movie is good or not. If it is as good as it looks, however, this could be the film that finally bridges the frayed relationship between you and your Twilight-obsessed stepmother. Either way, it looks like something extremely abnormal and exciting is headed our way, especially for those poor souls who think eXistenZ was the last good Cronenberg film.

From Next Movie:

Geez, David Cronenberg, way to corrupt our boy Robert Pattinson.

Before he was just a sparkly emo vampire, but now he's a hyper-decadent rich dude humping and shooting everything in sight during the 30-seconds of bonkers bliss that is the "Cosmopolis" teaser trailer.

As if drawing a line in the sand to say "no more Mr. Nice Blooddrinker," R.Pattz is taking things to a whole other level of bizarre as his billionaire character Eric Packer rides a limo across a pseudo-futuristic Manhattan where anything goes, including tons o' sex, shooting his own hand and run ins with giant, fire-breathing dinosaur rats.

In recent years, director Cronenberg has taken to making serious mainstream dramas with Viggo Mortensen ("A Dangerous Method"), but "Cosmopolis" looks like the off-the-chains "Videodrome"/"eXistenZ" madman Cronenberg we've been waiting for.

If YouTube comments are any indication of how the public is feeling about Bad Boy Pattinson, so far reaction to the footage ranges from "F**K THERE GOES MY OVARIES" to "i need a new brain OMFG" and even "Well I'm sad now I'm only eleven can't see it." Oh "Twilight" fans …

From Movie Fone:

Robert Pattinson is really looking to shed his"Twilight" image.

In the first (foreign) teaser for the film, fans get a brief look at Pattinson shooting guns and having several sexual encounters around New York City.

From thefilmstage:

With a Cannes premiere almost certain, we’ve got our first look at David Cronenberg‘s Cosmopolis with a new international teaser. The director came back last year after a five-year absence with the disappointing A Dangerous Method, but judging from this quick tease, he is back to doing what he does best. Based on the novel by Don DeLillo, the film stars Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon in the story of a young multi-billionaire named Eric Parker who journeys across Manhattan in his luxurious, hi-tech stretch limo to get a haircut.

Following just one day in his life, the cast also includes Samantha Morton, Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti and Kevin Durand. The teaser below gives us a barrage of crazy imagery and not only tells us that Pattinson is certainly game to do just about anything in a post-Twilight world, but that Cronenberg is back to creating the unpredictable.

From flix66:

Twilight fans have been waiting a while to see a trailer for COSMOPOLIS, starring their favorite sparkling vampire Robert Pattinson. But non-Twilight fans have been waiting even longer to see Robert Pattinson break out of his brooding, depressed typecast that he seemed to have gotten stuck in. Today is a good day for everyone as we finally get to see Robert Pattinson do something more adult oriented in David Cronenberg’s COSMOPOLIS. AS much as I want to make fun of Robert Pattinson, I do think the guy has some talent and it’s evident in this lightning-quick teaser trailer (the whole thing is barely 30 seconds). It looks like it has a great mix of violence, sex and mystery to keep it going. And it should be more than enough Robert Pattinson for his die-hard fans, even though I’m not sure this is the type of role they want to see him in.

This sounds like typical fare for director David Cronenberg and a great opportunity for Robert Pattinson.

From Empire Online:

Now that they’ve loosed the bonds of Twilight permanently (well, once Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is out at least), Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are free once more to show what they can really do. So far, both Stewart and Pattinson are striking out in some intriguing directions and one of them now has footage online, with the teaser for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis hitting. Take a look below.

It’s a very brief little shot of pure Cronenberg weirdness, but from the looks of this, it could be Pattinson’s most interesting work in a while. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see the whole thing, but this is certainly something very different from most of the films he’s tried before.

It also marks the return of classic Cronenberg, as creatures roam New York, bullets puncture skin and people behave in extraordinary ways.

Pattinson plays a 28-year-old, narcissistic, cynical and paranoid billionaire who believes that people are out to get him. And he may not exactly be wrong. Unfortunately, he’s also largely stuck in a limo in the worst traffic Manhattan has suffered for years (plus… dinosaurs?)

From Rama Screen:

Shooting your own left hand, f*ing in a limo, all kinds of crazy sh*t is happening in this teaser trailer for David Cronenberg’s new film, COSMOPOLIS. It’s as if the teaser is saying welcome to yet another Cronenberg movie, b*tch!

From Movie Fanatic:

If Robert Pattinson is trying to break out of his Twilight persona, hooking up with visionary director David Cronenberg is certainly one way to go. As evidenced by the teaser trailer for Cosmopolis that has debuted, their collaboration is just what the actor needs for people to forget about that Edward guy.

From Screen Rant:

When he’s not decked out in pale makeup and hair gel to play vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies, Robert Pattinson has generally preferred to work on more “challenging” indie flicks like Little Ashes and Bel Ami. However, the most recent addition to Pattinson’s indie resume is a film that truly deserves to be labeled “edgy” and “risque”: David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis.

From Indie Wire:

A French teaser for David Cronenberg's "Cosmopolis" looks like the love child of "Shame" and "Scarface."

This teaser suggests that "Cosmopolis" marks the Canadian's return to his darker, nastier ways in this near future-set thriller based on Don DeLillo's novel.

Post-"Twilight Saga," Rob Pattinson plays a grownup in the role of Wall Street tycoon Eric Packer. We spend 24 hours with him as he travels New York (actually Toronto) by limo, growing increasingly paranoid that his world is crumbling.

From The Insider:

While he's got one more sparky vampire movie coming when The Twilight Saga concludes with Breaking Dawn - Part 2 this November, Robert will follow it up with a role that is like nothing we've ever seen from him before!

The world will get its first full look at Cosmopolis, the latest film from daring filmmaker David Cronenberg, at this year's Cannes Film Festival, but a new teaser trailer gives us a first glimpse at the film now and I am seriously impressed.

Granted the quickly edited promo only allows for the visuals, and not Robert's performance, to stand out, but all signs point to this being the kind of role that could finally give him the non-Twilight hit (critically if not commercially) that has thus far eluded him.

From Living in Cinema:

Ok, you can pretty much stow any and all worries you may have had about Robert Pattinson in David Cronenberg’s adaptation of Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis. This very much looks to be something of a return to an earlier tone from Cronenberg. Consider my skepticism erased.

From Nerd Bastards:

I’ve watched the teaser trailer for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis about six times now, and all I’ve gathered is: near vajayjay, bullet-in-hand, Robert Pattinson, eyeball-stab, guy who looks like Robert Loggia (who is NOT Robert Loggia), giant rat, car fucking, and Robert Pattinson.

The film, from the director of A History of Violence and Crash (the superior one with car fucking and crashing and fucking), looks insane, violent, magnificent, and in the evocative words of White Goodman, “Reaaaaal, freakah naughty”. Based on the Don DeLelillo novel of the same name, Cosmopolis largely takes place in a limo (so it’s like The Lincoln Lawyer, only there is that massive rat and not a massive douche) as Pattinson’s uber rich character monitors the financial markets and his worsening state whilst seeking out a haircut from his father’s barber. Naturally his excursion is waylaid by a Presidential motorcade, protesting anarchists (what else do anarchists do save for have a shop at Hot Topic?), and a rapper’s funeral (which is the opposite of a Rapper’s Delight). There is also a stalker and car urination.

From DIY:

The first trailer for David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis has emerged and it looks like the director has returned to his reassuringly disturbing ways.

The French-subtitled teaser is decidedly Not Safe For Work, but offers a glimpse into the dark, twisted adaptation of Don DeLillo's novel.

Robert Pattinson is set to give the performance of his career as young billionaire Eric Packer, who has a very eventful day.

From Den of Geek:

I suspect Robert Pattinson’s legion of fans weren’t expecting him to make something quite as extreme as this. After he was propelled to fame by the teen phenomenon, Twilight, Pattinson dipped his toe into more adult waters with the period circus drama Water For Elephants. But Cosmopolis sees him in far darker territory, with the trailer below containing scenes of graphic violence, nudity, strange creatures, self-harm with a gun, and lots of general hedonism – and remarkably, the promo’s only 30 seconds long.

Following the psychological spanking drama A Dangerous Method, director David Cronenberg appears to be on much more familiar territory here. Cosmopolis, adapted from the novel of the same name by Dom DeLillo, looks like a return to the kind of assaultive filmmaking we’d associate with Cronenberg, and we’ve little doubt that it’ll be quite superb.

From Gather:

Hold the iPhone, the front page, and hold the baby. Robert Pattinson just rocked up - in a limo, naturally - in the very first Cosmopolis teaser. And for once the usual adjectives "highly anticipated" don't really cut it. Announced yesterday via the film's official French Facebook, Pattinson fans around the world held their collective breath as they waited for the big debut. And the result? Welcome to film noir - David Cronenberg style.

The footage itself comes in at just under 30 seconds. Almost immediately, viewers are plunged inside a dense black background while the Cosmopolis logo rolls across the screen. Within two seconds, the disembodied voice of Pattinson - sounding every inch like the world-weary billionaire Don DeLillo envisioned, can be heard saying - "I'm looking for more," then "aim and fire. Come on, do it, flick the switch." Then, an image.

Patricia Mckenzie, aka Kendra Hays, bodyguard and sometime booty call to Pattinson's Eric Packer, standing splendidly nude, smiles as she points a taser at a similarly nude Pattinson lying on a rumpled bed. The scene becomes clearer still, when Pattinson looks up at McKenzie and dares her to "show me something I don't know."

Is this the film's subtext? A young man with everything, ostensibly in search of a haircut, but also in search of something new, something he can't control or own. Is this the emotional tone Pattinson will bring to the larger story of Don DeLillo's part surreal/part thriller urban oddity? DeLillo's novel follows Packer's descent into the underbelly of Manhattan over the course of 24 hours - much of them spent in a limo - in the company of various colorful or dangerous characters.

Watching it, many will be struck by the hardcore tone of the scenes, as well as Pattinson's relaxed but very present "presence" in them. Past criticisms from some critics that Pattinson's previous roles revealed only reactive or passive performances should - on the basis of what's been revealed today - certainly be put on mute while Cosmopolis builds to release.

Even in these first, brief snapshots, watching Pattinson inhabit the Cosmopolis universe, the world of Forks and the Cullens never seemed more distant or irrelevant. And when one considers the Breaking Dawn - Part 2 teaser was released only yesterday, it says something quite startling about Pattinson's believability and immersion in the role of Eric Packer, that all you want to do after the teaser ends - is watch it again and again.

Not bad for 30 seconds. Not bad at all.

From Twitch Film:

The first teaser for the adaptation of Don Delillo's novel has arrived online and it's full of all the kink fans have come to expect from Cronenberg. It also puts to rest any worries about the casting of Robert Pattinson, who seems to fit into this world perfectly.

From Up and Comers:

The first teaser trailer for David Cronenberg‘s adaptation of Don Delillo’s “Cosmopolis” has been released today and there’s kink, crime and nudity; it would seem that Robert Pattinson sure is trying to break away from Edward Cullen.

As the British actor looks to shed his Twilight image, and the famed director aims to gain back some of the critical acclaim that rumours would suggest he has recently lost, we see Pattinson’s Eric Packer shoot himself in the hand, have sex in a limosine and ask us darkly to “show me something I don’t know”.

Actually, it looks like Pattinson is showing us something we don’t know.

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