Jack Morrissey Answers Twitter Questions Regarding Breaking Dawn Part 2

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Will the scene with Denali's mother and newborn baby vamp be in Part 2?
  • Jack: You mean the immortal child ;-D
Should we try to talk to Jackson about getting 100 monkeys on the BD2 soundtrack?
  • Jack: Good luck!
What was the funniest thing that happened during the recording of BD2?
  • Jack: I couldn't tell you - I was only there for a day of it.
BD2 Trailer at Comic-Con? And Bill and Robsten? WB- And you, PLEASE! :P And @erikodom!
  • Jack: Way too soon to tell for any of it.
Will the songs from the BD Target clip be on the soundtrack?
  • Jack: I think you only heard one song, no? And I suspect that one song will be, yes.
In Target preview Bella's eyes are not red nor reddish. What gives? Is it pre-colorization? Bella hides RED eyes.
  • Jack: Sometimes she wears contacts in the movie, but that was probably pre-coloring. (JM)
  • @twilidiot At that point in the book, Bella's eyes are described as no longer bright red.
  • Jack: Thanks, Gretchen. What she said!!!
Are they working on the soundtrack now? And can fans make suggestions?
  • Jack: They are starting to work on it, but honestly I wouldn't spend a lot of time obsessing over it.
There are a lot of vamps with gifts in pt 2, some more difficult than others. How is Bill going to approach it?
  • Jack: Through the use of VISUAL EFFECTS! ;-D
What is the current and target running time for BD2?
  • Jack: Well there's no target per se, and there's not much point in announcing the runtime of a work-in-progress.
Tell Bill to listen to "Come In Closer" by Blue October. Fits BD2.
  • Jack: If its already been released....
The altercation between Emmett and Bella will be in the movie? It's so funny in the books.
  • Jack: Which altercation? I love answering questions with questions! #evasivemaneuvers
How do you feel about the Lionsgate idea of more films?
  • Jack: ...so long as they're based on more novels, right?
When are we gonna see a soundtrack list?
  • Jack: Not for months and months and months.
The Logo that will appear at the beginning of BD2 will be Lionsgate or Summit?
  • Jack: A bit early to know but certainly at least Summit, like always.
Will Charlie be told Bella died?
  • Jack: Well did she?
Is BD2 finished?
  • Jack: Shnope!
Why are there 2 identical books on the shelf in the Target BD2 clip?
  • Jack: Obsess much? What are they?
Will Edward play "Esme's Favorite song" on the piano?
  • Jack: Shnope.
Will we see Bella give Renesmee the locket with the inscription on it in BD2?
  • Jack: What do you think? What's the inscription say?
Do you know anything about the BD2 soundtrack? Can we hope for Muse, Paramore, Linkin Park and Rob to be on it?
  • Jack: Way too soon to tell. It's March!!!
Will Jacob show Charlie his wolf?
  • Jack: (So to speak.)
Do you know why the BD DVD isn't being released until the middle of the year in some countries?
  • Jack: I don't - various foreign distributors and their release schedules.
plz tell me there's plenty of @noel_fisher @GuriWeinberg Romanian banter in BD2!
  • Jack: Yeeeep!
How kickass are my Demetri and Felix gonna be?
  • Jack: Pretty kickass. And with better costumes.
Have you or Bill heard of 50 Shades of Gray? Thoughts about it starting as Twilight Fanfic? I assume Steph M. is aware?
  • Jack: 1. We've heard of it. 2. We have no thoughts of our own. 3. We have no idea as to what, if anything, SM thinks.
Why doesn't Bella sparkle in the trailer?
  • Jack: She's inside.
  • Jack: "Those people are crazy."
Will we see Edward teach Bella how to hunt?
  • Jack: Have you seen the teaser trailer?
Is it true "My Immortal" by Evanesence will be playing when Bella comes back to life?
  • Jack: NO.
Any chance of BD2 in 3D?
  • Jack: Shnope, no chance.
Will NY have a BD2 Premiere? I think it should just to be fair.
  • Jack: It's March it's March it's March.
Will you see SWATH? What do you think of the Cosmopolis trailer?
  • Jack: 1. Yes. 2. A giant rat?
When are we gonna see the Target clip?
  • Jack: That's not that hard to find, is it?
Will there be a Twilight collection DVD with bloopers deleted scenes and tons of goodies? :D
  • Jack: Only time will tell!
@PattinsonUK: Jack, any news on more trailers, stills etc for BD2?
  • Jack: When do you think?
@PattinsonUK Probably Comic Con but we're being asked if there's anything before that so thought I'd ask :)
  • Jack: Hmmm, maybe.
@PattinsonUK: LMAO that's cryptic. So nothing before Comic Con then??
  • Jack: That's as far as I go.
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