It's our 2 Year Anniversary!!! Celebrate with us :)))

Suzy (@RobstenFlame) has been hard at work! THANK YOU SUZY!! Hope you enjoy this little video.

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Well it's another year. Lots of fun and exciting things have happened in these last 2 years. First of all may I say... WOW!!! I honestly had no idea we would last this long. Let me also say that I had no idea we would come this far...

When I first started this blog, it was because I wanted my 'own' Robsten place that I could call my home. A place where I could blog about my favorite hollywood couple. I love them and look up to them for the people that they are. For being so genuine in their work, in their everyday life and in their personal lives. I am so proud to be one of the many in this fandom. Like I said, its our home.

But enough about me. I want to thank my girls Ingeyla, {girl you are amazing with your faster than madman skills at updating} Casey, { Your pics and vids of the day make my day} Karen, {You are amazing at what you do. We are truly so lucky to have you} Ruby, {What would i do with out you? I love you, thank you for all the support since day one} and Lena, {well baby you are our new baby, but I love the spice you put into your work, I <3 you}. And well, Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this blog. I really couldn't do all this without you.

And thank you!!! Our readers, without you we would not be here, Trust me :) So thank you, for each and every sweet comment, each RT on twitter. Just thank you for everything. Thank you so much. I really love you all so much.

Last but not least here are the girls :) ily <3 :)

Ingeyla aka @IngiTeamRobsten
I was never really a fandom active person before Twilight. I read the books after watching the movies and totally fell in love with it. So much so, that I went online to look it up, found the fansites and got into the whole thing. Then came the Rob and Kristen obsession. I remember really falling in love with Rob and all his amazing adorkableness (lol) after watching his interviews. Kristen really impressed me as Bella from the beginning and, just like with Rob, I looked up her interviews and found out how brilliant, badass and awesome she really is. I also remember wanting them to get together because they were sooooooo cute, gorgeous and beautiful together. Then noticing every little detail just to find out if they are together or not, being so invested that we almost became creepy (lol). This fandom has been so amazing in all these years and I have loved being a part of this every second. When I got the chance to start blogging for Robsten Dreams I was so excited. First of all, I had never blogged before and second of all, I got to do this for Rob and Kristen. Being with RD has been awesomeness from day 1 because everyone here has been supportive in everything and it's really like a family here. I cherish every sleepless night and busy day of the premieres, events or just plain candid pictures that we blog about. From all the little RK moments to the major BFD ones, it all makes doing this worth it. Thanks Alma for letting me be a part of this and thanks Ruby, Karen, Casey and Lena for being a great support. I love you all!

Casey aka @TwiRK_World 
When Alma asked me to join Robsten Dreams I was so excited to be part of the team! I got into the fandom later than most (right after New Moon was released) and it was watching Twilight that got me hooked. Rob & Kristen’s chemistry was perfection. Getting to share my love for them with all the girls at Robsten Dreams and all of our followers has been so much fun! I get to post the pictures and video of the day and it’s so exciting to find a rare one, share a favorite or have a fun theme. I love watching the videos that make me laugh or cry. I’ve loved fangirling with all of you and can’t wait to see what Rob and Kristen will do next to make us squeal!! Thanks to the ladies that keep us ‘posted’; Ingi and Lena, Ruby for her BTS work, Karen for her beautiful graphics and to ‘the linchpin of the whole thing’ Alma J

Karen aka @Karenxan
Happy anniversary Robsten Dreams
happy anniversary to all of us here at this blog.
I'm so happy to share this moment with all of you
'cause we all have been through a lot. lack of sleep. by comments of haters. etc.
but still we continue with our work for the great love we have for Rob and Kristen.
I love Rob & Kristen. both. so much
they are my inspiration.
just to see them in love
simple as that. pure love.
Kristen is so badass and flawless and authentic <3 and Rob is so funny and georgous and adorbs <3 I love them !!!!! and one of reason why I love them so much it's cause they get me to meet all my RD girls!!!

Lena aka @Lena Bortolucci
I'm kind of new as a staffer on Robsten Dreams, but this is not my first time blogging, I've had my share of good and bad experiences working on fansites. But what can I say about Robsten Dreams? Well, sometimes people visit a blog, updated with all the news and pics, and they don't even know what goes on 'backstage'. So I'm gonna give you some exclusive inside info about this staff... CRAZY PEOPLE! LOL Each one of the girls do a different 'job', so it's a cool dinamic. It feels like a big family, even if we don't talk that much sometimes. I guess, in the end, we feel like a big family working together to get this done. Ingeyla, a posting machine, became one of my best friends. Alma, a dedicated administrator, deserves all the congratulations for creating Robsten Dreams two years ago. Karen, Casey, Ruby and all the other beautiful ladies I'm happy to work with. I guess anyone who knows the blogging world can talk about how hard it gets sometimes, but, if you have a good team, you can keep going with your heads up no matter what. I'm a big fan of Robert and Kristen, I admire them so much, so it's all worth it in the end. We have fun and we love what we do.

ALSO~~~The ladies at Robsten Dreams would like to take a moment to thank our amazing gal Alma! We love you doll! We couldn't let the day go unnoticed so we had to give you a couple of surprises, hope you don't mind ;)

Karen made sure to spoil us with a new layout but also made 3 new wallpapers AND this for you :) All of us gorgeous ladies from Robsten Dreams!


We love you Alma thanks for everything you do and for allowing us a home to have our 'Robsten Dreams'

~Ingi, Lena, Karen, Ruby and Casey :D


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