Charlize Theron talks about #SWATH & Kristen with Ryan Secrest

She starts talking about swath at 2:03 and Kristen at 3:36

Actress Charlize Theron called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Friday to chat about being a new mom, her new movie “Snow White and the Huntsman,” and the fierce walk she uses in the Dior commercials.

On Co-Star Kristin Stewart:
“I think she’s incredible and she’s been an actress that I’ve been watching for awhile, and she didn’t disappoint. She’s amazing, absolutely just a joy to work with,” Charlize says.

On Playing The Evil Queen in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’:
“I was watching television one night and ‘The Shining‘ came on and I was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s is, she’s Jack Nicholson in The Shining.’ She’s locked in her hotel castle going slowly crazy. Not at all am I going to take credit that that’s the performance I gave, but it was definitely very inspiring for me.”

On Being a New Mom:
“It’s been amazing, the amount of emails and congratulations. Everyone’s just been so lovely, so it’s been really nice,” she says. “I didn’t think I would be a fan of the swaddling, but the swaddling is pretty amazing. It looks a bit like a straight jacket, but for some reason they just love it.”

On Dior Commercials
We have all seen Charlize in the Dior commercials, and her fierce walk leaves most of us feeling a bit inferior. So, Ryan wondered how long did it take to master that walk? “I am available for classes, I won’t even charge you. We have to get you the right shoes first. Then we will master the walk and it might include a see through dress, it helps,” Charlize said. Check out the commercial, and listen to the full interview below.

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