Sam Claflin Talks About Kristen in SWATH: "She looks pretty damned awesome"

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We posted part of this interview earlier where Sam talks about his musical conenction with Rob and Kristen through Marcis Foster HERE What’s Kristen’s costume like? Very princessy?
Sam: She tends to sort of not be in any princess-like costumes, which is good for her and kind of gives her that badass sort of fighting spirit, I suppose, but she looks pretty damned awesome. Thumbs up. Have you gotten any injuries on set?
Sam: No. I think I sort of tripped over a stair, which is my own fault. I can’t blame injury on that. But the other day I think Take 1 of riding a horse on to a certain scene, I fell off. I think the thought of me trying to get up again was quite difficult, so I was just laying there kind of going, “Oh-h-h.” But I remember Kristen just trying to winch me back up on to my feet, and I thought, “I’m not moving. I can’t move. I’m just going to stay here. I’m happier.”

Complete interview at Source: | Via: KstewAngel

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