Rob and Kristen sighting at Oscar Parties and Chateau Marmont

Matt Donnelly and JuicyCouture both have spotted Rob and Kristen at Oscar weekend party :) Can we hope for a Oscar appearance from them?? Probably not, but we'll update with any more news. Hopefully some pics will come out?? Stay tuned :3

[UPDATE] OMG Taryn @taryder just tweeted that Rob and Kristen are in fact there!! I really hope she gets us a good PDA pic <3333

[UPDATE/ 2:01 am]  Taryn being the sweetest & :33 Hope she got a pic with them or something :)) 

[UPDATE: 2:14 am] These guys are going to kill us with all these updates and no pictures!!!! Stay with me... 

[Update: 3: 29am] Expect pics tomorrow {or later on today lol }

They went to Chateau Marmont for dinner

 My waiter is waitering the twilight couple Robert and Kristen at the Chateau. I told him I'm a fan of the movie. 

[Update at 4: 16 am] They are now at Chateau Marmont having dinner- Remember its 2:17am in LA {late night snack} :P]

[Update: 4:24 am, those two are adorable <3333]

All tweets via @Alice_InTwiliand, and @Vonch

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