Reese Talks About Rob with Glamour UK: "He's a very grateful person"

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When she hit the big time, Reese was about the same age as her Water For Elephants co-star, Robert Pattinson, is now. "I wasn't used to people recognising me on the street so I guess I can relate a little bit to what goes on with Rob. I've has a pretty trippy life," she laughs.

As she and R-Pattz publicisied their film last year, she admits that even she was "taken aback" by his humility and charm, in the face of hundreds of waiting Twi-hards. "At the London premiere, people slept out in sleeping bags and they were crying and sobbing, but he takes the time to say hello to everybody and sign autographs." Rob surprised the film's cast and crew, too. "I think everybdy was looking at him [expecting] to see, 'Ugh, this guy's some spoiled-rotten brat...' and he wasn't. He was incredibly gracious, smart and actually shy and introverted. He's a very grateful person."

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