Adorable New Rob and Kristen Pic + info from Saturday night!!!

New Picture of Rob and Kristen at friends party the night of Saturday Feb 19, 2012.

New *blurry* pic of Rob and Kristen hanging out with friends. This was apparently on Saturday night around 4 a.m (Adorable partying hobos) Look at the way they are just so cute and adoring together. So sweet and just being normal. Kristen seems to be smoking a cig and Rob looks very damn good on that pic. He hides alot under those suits and jackets. Cute couple is cute. That is all. Happy Monday- Tuesday loves :3
Cropped and slightly clearer thanks to @karenxan
"This is fucking nuts! I'm actually partying with Scout Compton Taylor, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Christopher Mintz."

Our lovely Dee at LiveLoveKstew found more info/deets about that night. Rob and Kristen possibly went to their friends 'themed party' and apparently stayed there for a very long time. Notice Rob had barely touched down from his Bel Ami promo that night. You can see those pics here

The caption of the facebook pic says 2:41 am, earlier that same night, Kristen's friend Scouty posted a pic of her with the caption on her instagram.
Her boyfriend posted another pic as well with the following caption.
  • “Dirty dancing party for my beautiful birthday girl @poutyscouty”
{Notice how Scouty has on the same kind of shorts that Kristen has. Themed party?}

Last but not least, here is what Kristen was weraring that day. You know for those that love her style, and we know we all do :P
You can find the shirt online here and the shorts here.

Thank you so much LiveloveKstew for the tip and info. You're awesome!! :)

Source | Via: _oneheartbeat | Bigger via victoria1985

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