Jack Morrisey answers BD1 and BD2 questions.

Jack Morrissey (Bill condon's partner) answer more questions regarding BD1 and BD2. Thanks to the ladies at TeamJack for always putting these q&a together :)

what does Alice say at the reception. "Aversion" or "Virgin" of fashion?
Jack's answer: AVERSION
I really want @100MonkeysMusic on the BD part 2 soundtrack! Is it possible? It would be AWESOME!
Jack's Answer: Hope Springs Eternal!
Why wasn't there a voice over on Bella on how she was feeling as if the movie were on her point of view like the previous movies?
Jack's Answer: I couldn't say, honestly. Just an artistic choice, I guess.
Can you explain what the credits scene was all about?
Jack's Answer: That's the single best frame in that entire movie. ;-P What didn't you understand about the epilogue?
Follow up: Who wrote the letter and what does Aro want from them?

Jack's Answer: I think Carlisle wrote it and I won't answer your second question. Guess away - you have a whole year to figure it out!
'Turning Page' really needs to be submitted for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards this year. It's as good if not BETTER then the rest of stuff out there!
Jack's Answer: I think a few songs could/should be submitted, including "Turning Page", but we'll see!
What do you think of people saying BD is causing seizures?
Jack's Answer: Well it seems to have done so at least twice. This happens every now and then with movies and tv shows -- Pokemon anyone?
What was Kristen was really drinking in the blood drinking scene?
Jack's Answer: It was the usual Karo food syrup, but without the toxic red dye #5.
A better, less toxic coloring agent was used.
I was wondering why Bill decided to start BD1 with Edna St Vincent Millay’s poem and not the preface?
Jack's Answer: i think I know why, but type the preface out, wouldja? Don't make me go find Bill's copy!
Now that Bella married Edward and is a vampire, will she have any accessories with the Cullen crest?
Jack's Answer: Too soon for that answer!
How many Edward & Bella scenes have been deleted?
Jack's Answer: I have no idea.
Are there more scenes between Edward & Tanya at the wedding?
Jack's Answer: No.
Why does Bella have her engagement ring and not her wedding ring during the "bathroom scene"?
Jack's Answer: I have no idea. The ring obsession.
Hey! I wanna know if the scenes with Bella and J.Jenks would be in BD-2?
Jack's Answer: Yup!
Will you give me something about what we are gonna see in the BD2 sneak peek? pretty please with cherries on top? Jack the great?
Jack's Answer: Bella and Edward.

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