Casey Labow Talks About Kristen: "I was super in awe of Kristen"

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When you’re working with people like Lee Pace, Michael Sheen, Elizabeth Reaser and obviously Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, what do you take away from them?

Casey LaBow: Everybody is so normal and so comforting and you’re all sort of in the trenches together, so to speak. It was a lot of long, hard days of shooting and it can be taxing. Certainly Michael handled things with such grace. And Liz who has obviously done the three movies before this, so her perspective or her way of handling things was so like water off a ducks back. It was inspiring.
I was super in awe of Kristen. She is severely talented and professional and committed and cared a lot about what was happening. I think she did a 10-month shoot and she worked like 6-days a week? I gotta hand it to her. And she’s so young!

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How long were you actually on the set?

Casey LaBow: "Seven months. And I got a long stick - I mean Kristen [Stewart], I've got to hand it to that girl. She was like 10 months, six days a week. That's a lot of work."

Complete interview at Source | Via: Robstenation

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