Noémie Orphelin (French voice of Kristen) Talks About Kristen with Kristen Stewart France

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Noémie Orphelin is the French voice of Kristen in all the Twilight movies, but also in What Just Happened?, Jumper, Adventureland and The Runaways.

KristenStewartFrance: What do you think of Kristen and her acting?

N: About her acting: It's not easy to define because in Twilight, she plays a reserved and silent girl. I think that despite of that, she plays well, even if she has some gestures that sometimes, people don't like. When I dubbed her in The Runaways, I realized that she could play something else than a romantic young girl. But to really define her, I'll have to see another movie with her.

KristenStewartFrance: Is it harder to dub her? Because of her gestures and stuff..

N: She's one of the actresses who I feel uncomfortable with. Sometimes, she has a surprising acting that I don't really get. Her deep voice disturb me, knowing that my voice is lighter than hers. The movie with french voices is surely different but I do my best.

KristenStewartFrance: After the Twilight saga, will you keep on dubbing her?

N: I don't know yet but I will probably be called to do some tests for her next movies.

KristenStewartFrance: In which movie do you prefer Kristen?

N: I'd say The Runaways. Even if I dubbed her in like 4 movies, which is not much, I liked her in this one because it was a totally different atmosphere.

Source: Kristen Stewart France  | Via: Mel452

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