Mia Maestro Mentions Rob and Kristen in an Interview: "They’re incredible. Very warm and quiet"

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Did you bond with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?

Yes, they’re incredible. Very warm and quiet. We got along great, and Rob liked to take care of my Terrier when I had to shoot.

What’s it like going from a low budget movie that came out in two theaters only like “Agua y Sal”, to a big movie like The Twilight Saga?

It’s weird, but I do enjoy working in big budget movies and small auteur movies. It’s the need of working here and there. I put the work, the people involved and the script first, so it’s nice to come to Argentina and work in movies like Agua y Sal with Alejo Taube and Rafael Spregelburd. It does something good for me after working in big bidget movies like Twilight, or Poseidon.

Via: Twilight Poison

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