Edward and Bella's honeymoon bed for sale!

Fans who love “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” can buy a platform bed that looks just like the one in the movie at MASHstudios, a design studio and furniture maker in Los Angeles.
It happens “a lot.”

Someone walks into s’Wonderful Interiors, the quirky furniture and fabric store Dennis Floyd owns with partner Terence Bartholomew in Fort Wayne’s Covington Plaza, and names a movie or TV show.

A couple of times a week, she says, a group of women will come into the store and have their pictures taken by – or on – a bed flanked by a cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen, the heartthrob vampire from the “Twilight” saga.

MASHstudios has sold more than a few of these platform beds.

That’s because the bed is practically a dead ringer for the one in the movie in which Edward claims his Bella – a bed that, minus the special effects, was also created by the studio’s furniture makers.
“It’s the exact same bed,” Magbee says. “Actually, the bed in the movie was a custom version because we built one with a headboard.”

The movie’s set designers liked the bed, she says, for its dominating presence – it’s a solidly rectangular platform with tall, square posts for holding a canopy to create a romantic otherworld on the mattress.
People who have bought the $4,400 bed – and the shop has sold “several” – have liked not just the design but the association with the movie, Magbee says.

“They want that fantasy element. … It’s a conversation starter,” Magbee says of the bed. “People think if Hollywood stylists chose it, it must be a cool piece. It becomes the ‘it’ bed.”

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