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New HQ Pictures of Rob at LAX November 29

Roberto arriving in LA looking all handsome and rugged. Since he doesn't have much luggage, maybe he's just in and out of LA?

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Breaking Dawn Production Designer Richard Sherman Talks About Wedding Set and Rob and Kristen

AD: How did you choose the Bernardes + Jacobsen house for Edward and Bella’s Brazilian honeymoon?

RS: We looked at pictures and found a house we loved. But two days later we learned it was going to be blown up because it had been built illegally. The next morning I got on a plane to Brazil, hopped on a boat, and went through countless islands along the coastline south of Rio. It took us four weeks to finally find the Bernardes + Jacobsen house, which had a tropical modern interior and was located near Paraty on the coast that we liked.

AD: Basically the whole series has been building toward Bella and Edward’s wedding. What was your approach to designing such a momentous scene?

RS: The way Stephenie has written it in the book, it’s a very pretty wedding—it has the white path and the white chairs that are covered in white fabric. But Bill [Condon, the film’s director] and I thought, How can we make this truly special and unique? For the people who know the books and movies, this is the wedding of the century. So we created this very organic, whimsical, fairy tale–like atmosphere—A Midsummer Night’s Dream kind of thing—with benches and seating made of branches that came out of the ground and were covered in moss and flowers. The whole forest floor was covered in moss. The ceiling was dripping flowers.

AD: What was it like on the set?

RS: Everyone had a good time. The three main actors are all very fun to work with. Kristen is quite serious. Rob and Taylor are a little bit wild. Rob and Kristen are actually a couple in real life. When he’s with her, he’s a little more restrained. When she’s not around, like most guys when their wives or girlfriends aren’t around, he’s a little looser. Taylor’s a kid—he’s 19—so he was bouncing all over the place.

Source | Via @DrownInIt

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New Video of Rob and Ashley Leaving Brussels Fan Event

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Carolina Herrera Talks to The International Herald Tribune About Bella's Wedding Dress: "It is a huge pressure"

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2 NEW Robsten Videos

Love finding new ones!!
MTV flashback. There have been so many great moments. Can't wait till June 2012 to see what they'll do next!

Video from MiSaDalinda4ever

Cute video of the BD promo. From Kristen's POV. All her adroableness ;)

Video from Mslchoco

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New Breaking Dawn Stills



And one of Rosalie and Renesmee

kstewartfans | Via | Via

UHQ source | Via 

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Breaking Dawn Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson Talks About Edward and Bella's Costumes and Rob and Kristen

The most critical element with this movie is, of course, the wedding (*spoiler alert* though, ed note: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT TWICE ALREADY?), and this was misleading in the previews but there’s a dream sequence wedding and a real wedding. How did you delineate the two dresses from each other?
The script gave us a great opportunity to get inside Bella’s thoughts about the impending wedding. There’s a nightmare wedding and her perfect wedding. For the nightmare, we chose something that was a version of the dress that she would hate to wear. Something that’s uncomfortable and a dress Bella would be embarrassed in. It was stiff and had a boned bodice that showed a lot of bare skin which she’d be horrified by because she’s a bit of a tomboy.

There’s nothing very girly about her style so we had a huge, cumbersome, puffy skirt. We just tried to picture everything she’d find difficult to deal with and import that into a dress.

The real dress fit Bella like a second skin and I was really glad about how all that worked out. It reflects her simplicity and elegance. It’s not too girly, I thought it really hit the right note of having some vintage elements while working well for a modern woman.

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Rob is #3 on the UK's Heat Magazine's under-30 entertainer rich list

(Last year, Rob ranked #5 at the same list, with estimated 18,500,000 pounds)


"Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe on Tuesday topped a Heat Magazine list of the richest, young British entertainers, retaining his No. 1 position in the ranking of people under 30-years-old.

Robert Pattinson, lead actor of the rival fantasy film franchise "Twilight," moved up to third from fifth and leapfrogged two of Radcliffe's Potter co-stars, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, according to the celebrity magazine.

Actress Keira Knightley, who starred in several of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, remained second on the chart, while singer Adele was the highest new entry at 16.

Radcliffe, 22, who played the boy wizard in the movie adaptations of J.K. Rowling's bestselling novels, earned 51.8 million pounds over his career, according to Heat estimates. The actor's earnings for 2011 were 6.1 million pounds higher than in 2010.

Knightley's earnings totalled 30.9 million pounds, ahead of Pattinson on 24.9 million, Watson on 23.9 million and Grint on 21.7 million.

Adele, whose second album "21" is set to be the biggest selling album in the world this year, entered the list at No. 16 with a fortune of 7.7 million pounds.

Three stars dropped out of this year's list -- opera star Katherine Jenkins and model Kelly Brook both exceeded the 30-year-old threshhold and singer Amy Winehouse, ranked 15th last year, died in July.

Source | Via | Thanks ohmy50shades for the scan

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Bear listed by People Magazine on Best of 2011 gallery (new star pets)

(Famous mutt is famous.. lol)

ROBERT PATTINSON   photo | Robert Pattinson

The Twilight heartthrob saved his new pup Bear from euthanasia at an animal shelter earlier this year, and hasn't stopped showing him just how charmed celebrity life really is.

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Two new Rob interviews from Stockholm

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New picture of Kristen in London (11/29)


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New Pictures of Rob in London Today (Nov 29)

shesgotthemoves| Via RPLife

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New Rob interview with szonline: Departure from the Twilight World

His early career as Cedric Digorry in the fourth "Harry Potter" movie has long since forgotten, because for millions of fans around the world, Robert Pattinson is just still the charming vampire Edward - and perhaps the biggest heartthrob of the cinema under the sun. Three years after "Twilight - Bis (s) to the dawn" and a few other movies like "Remember Me" or "Water for Elephants," the Briton the immortal lovers, is now playing in "Breaking Dawn - Bis (s) at the end of the night 1 ". It is the fourth and penultimate time the final, already wacky, Finale will follow in November 2012. In an interview Robert Pattinson looks despite his mere 25 years of fairly mellow and cool.

Mr. Pattinson, five films and one long to play the same role - that is a challenge?

The most difficult thing about the "Twilight" movies for me was always, be careful that you had not to repeat itself. Especially when Edward, because the figure is changing so, unlike some of the Bella, not really. He is no more, he does not sweat, he does not cry, he makes himself never dirty. Not so simple that you can not always look the same since.

But is not "Breaking Dawn Part 1" placed special difficulties? After all, there is a wedding and honeymoon.

Yes, it was definitely a new experience, because for the first time Edward and thereby makes everything that follows, by a certain change. I was honestly easier than ever to slip into his skin. It felt more natural, somehow he got a bit more human.

Also because of the much-discussed sex scene?

Sure. While rotating the scene was actually quite straightforward, very easy.Our director Bill Condon has made sure that no one had to feel uncomfortable. Strange was only the pressure of expectation, because we really felt we had under observation before we had begun to turn at all. And even though there was actually a thing that will make most people more or less the same.

Were you on the last day of shooting happy to Edward behind?

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New #SWATH set pics - No Kristen

ETA: Ok so pics are appearantly not new. But leaving because our prince is looking mighty fine:)


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More New Pictures of Rob in London 11/28/11

Thanks to Pattinsonlife| RPLife

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Amazing Speed drawing of Kristen Stewart by @SRcullen13

WOW this is so great!! The fact that she drew this from scratch and looks so alike? I'm impressed. Thank you Sher for sharing your art work. Its amazing :)

Subscribe to her channel here

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Small glimpse of Robert Pattinson presenting at the Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards

At 1:04

Source | Via | Via

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Rob Pic of the Day

GAH!!! That man! That hair!! That suit!!!

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Forever loving when Kristen supports others, and ya gotta love Chris!

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Our concert loving couple need another date night...yes? Oh look how smiley they are.

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'We Found Love'

I love the cover of this song! And the editing on this video is so pretty! And yes, this couple did find love, so, so happy they did!!

Video from VampirBells

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3 NEW Robsten Vids + A Kristen Video

The first two videos all about Rob and Kristen getting married. Makes me super sappy!! I hope someday they do actually go through with it and maybe, just maybe we'll get that 'golden child(ren)' too!

Thanks libenet for another beautiful video!!

Their love is a fairytale from IM1LuckyWoman

And another adorable TwiCon video from icecreamwithsurprise, oh the looks between them!!

Cute video of our sweet gal! Video from VampirBells

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Rob and Kristen Twitter Christmas Avis

Christmas is just around the corner and since we all love to dress up our Rob and Kristen avis, we have some amazing and cute christmas avis for you made by our very own @karenxan. She has done some amazing work so feel free to use them!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

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