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Jake Scott Talks About WTTR and Kristen in an Interview with The Scotsman

Restrained where Plunkett was flashy and kinetic, heartfelt where Plunkett was hollow, and character-driven where Plunkett was all about the plot, the film stars James Gandolfini as a grief-stricken husband whose listless marriage to Melissa Leo’s melancholy agoraphobe is saved by a young stripper (Kristen Stewart) he meets in New Orleans.

Stewart – who had yet to achieve global stardom in Twilight when Scott was advised during a drunken night out in San Francisco to check her out by Sean Penn, who had just directed her in Into the Wild – is the film’s biggest revelation.

“I met her the next day and she’s very twitchy,” laughs Scott. “But I knew immediately that she was the girl.” Her performance will shock and delight Twihards: slutty, fragile, bruised, foul-mouthed and real, her character, Mallory, could hardly be less Bella-like.

On set, Scott had three different acting styles to contend with. While the Method actor Gandolfini – “I adore him,” says the filmmaker. “He’s f***ed up. He hates himself, I think, as an actor. But he is amazing” – was very script-oriented, the more instinctive Stewart “wouldn’t follow her lines, ever. You’d have to say, ‘Kristen, the scene’s about this. Not about that.’” Meanwhile, Leo was “like a fine character actress who brings so much experience and so much knowledge and grace and kindness.”

Scott laughs. “So Jim would be punching walls. Melissa would be, ‘Oh, don’t worry about Jim.’ And Kristen would be, like, twitching in the corner. It was a madhouse.”

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Rob and Kristen Interview with MegaStar Cineplex Vietnam

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Kristen Interview with Hola TV (Youtube)

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New Rob and Kristen Interview with NBC Miami

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New Video from London BD Premiere

Kristen doing a happy dance when a fan gave her a shirt. So cute. @ 1:23 mark

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AMAZING NEW Kristen Video 'What Makes You Beautiful' from a Fave! @Fiorels90

Dis girl is just too much! She is amazing, beautiful and I'm so proud to be a fan of hers. And Fio catches her beauty so well. LOVE IT!

Seriously you must subscribe to her channel!! xFiorels90

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New Rob Interview From Berlin BD Premiere, Talks About Kristen

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David Cronenberg Talks Some ore About Rob: "Robert's a very underestimated actor. I think he'll blow some people away."

David Cronenberg is still promoting "A Dangerous Method" and keeps talking about Rob and "Cosmopolis"

From The LA Times

R.K.: Your next film is “Cosmopolis,” which is adapted from a Don DeLillo novel. What can you tell me about it?

D.C.: It's the story of a young billionaire played by Rob Pattinson who travels across Manhattan to get a haircut. That's the plot. Robert's a very underestimated actor. I think he'll blow some people away.

From Living in Cinema

JT: In addition to budgetary reasons, do you prefer shooting in one or two takes for creative reasons as well?

DC: I did the same with A Dangerous Method and the same with my latest movie Cosmopolis. One or two takes…if you’re working properly with your actor and your actor is properly prepared, you don’t need more than that. The idea of doing ninety-nine takes like David Fincher is supposed to have done…it’s a completely different way of filmmaking.

JT: Cosmopolis is slated for next year, which is a return to screenwriting for you and features a stellar cast. What can you tell us about it, in particular Robert Pattinson, who seems a unique choice for a Cronenberg leading man?

DC: I think he’s kind of parallel to [Knightley] really. I think he’s a very underrated actor who’s really good. And so he proved to be. I think he’s fantastic in the movie… He’s really great. You can ask Paul Giamatti who’s said that publicly, because he does a big scene with him. Cosmopolis is based on a novel by Don DeLillo. It couldn’t be more different from A Dangerous Method, except that it to has a lot of dialogue. But it’s a very different kind of dialogue. You’ll have to wait and see.

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Rob Talks About SWATH: "It’s great. Amazing.”

The Breaking Dawn premiere black carpet was crazy, and it got especially nuts when the big stars came through. Time gets tight with the actors talking to press and fans, so often they group reporters together for interviews. “Two questions!” we were told as Rob Pattinson saddled up in front of us. A lady to the right of me jumped in first. “Rob, the fans! This is crazy, right?” she asked, which almost caused me to have a tantrum. The poor dude’s answered that 987654321 since 2008, why not throw us all a bone and ask something interesting? Ever the gentleman, Rob gave a very gracious answer, and then I pounced, asking him about Wyck Godfrey‘s admission that they were working together. You can see Rob’s answer above. I then asked another question because I’m feisty like that. “Have you seen the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer?” I shouted as he was whisked away. “Yeah,” he said with a serious, supportive smile. “It’s great. Amazing.”

An opinion with which we totally agree.

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New HQ Pictures of Kristen from SWATH Set

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New Rob Interview with Singapore's Today

I don't get the allure of Robert Pattinson. 

You heard me. And in possible danger of being mauled by almost every member of the female species, I admit that I've never understood the mass hysteria surrounding good ol' R-Putz, I mean, R-Pattz.

Sure, that Pattinson plays Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies might have something to do with it. 

Truth be told, when the British actor was cast as Cullen, the 17 million-or-so fans of the Twilight books duly erupted with the kind of hatred usually reserved for animal abusers or hipsters. They all thought Pattinson was way too ugly to be Mr Perfectly Undead. Cullen, by the way, is described as "the most beautiful creature who has ever been born" by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer.

The laugh's on them, of course. Pattinson, 25, is the king of that ridiculously popular and successful film franchise - the first three films have already grossed over US$1.8 billion (S$2.34 billion) worldwide.

Pattinson has gone from being a Harry Potter supporting actor (remember Cedric Diggory - the one who died in The Goblet Of Fire?) into one of the sought-after men on the planet. 

The hysteria he causes wherever he goes is often compared with Beatlemania or er, Bieber fever. Time magazine listed him as one of 100 Most influential People In The World; Forbes magazine said he was the 50th most powerful celebrity in the world; Vanity Fair dubbed him "the most handsome man in the world".

However, none of that had any impact on me - until I sat down for a chat with the man himself at Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, that is. He was, of course, promoting Breaking Dawn - Part 1, the first of the two-part finale to The Twillight Saga film series.

Scruffy, with a baseball cap worn backwards, dirty fingernails and unkempt stubble, I wondered where the Byronic hero girls scream at and cry over was. The guy was actually wearing a ratty white T-shirt with big gaping holes!

And not in a trendy way. But that's exactly when I finally got why the world was going rah-rah over R-Pattz. He's personable, easy-going and constantly snickering, and is the polar opposite of the sullen Twilight hero.

He crunches ice while listening to questions and then laughs when he realises cannot answer because he's gobbled one too many cubes. He laughs all the time and unguardedly touches my arm when he's making a point.

And one can see how in love he is with Kristen Stewart (who plays Pattinson's onscreen love, Bella.)

His funniest moment making Breaking Dawn is the fact that Taylor Lautner, who plays werewolf Jacob, has a relationship with a seven-year-old girl, Renesmee (the half human-half vampire daughter of Edward and Bella).

"I thought that was very funny! Haha! I don't think I have ever laughed so much than at the scenes of them together," he said, with a twinkle in his eye. A wickedly funny ice-cruncher with a devil-may-care attitude? 

I get you now, R-Pattz.

How different is prepping for Edward compared to the last three times?
I guess the hardest thing about the Twilight movies every single time is thinking how not to repeat yourself. Especially when you're playing the same character and especially when it's so specific that your image never changes. (Edward) never sweats. He never cries. He never gets dirty. His hair never changes ... it's very difficult not to look exactly the same all the time (smiles). As more movies go by, it's harder and harder to think of it. But I guess this one is specifically different because, he actually changes for a second. It's a slightly different part and it actually became easier to prepare for it. I felt that it was more natural ...

Was filming your last scene all tears or all whoops of joy that it was over?
I remember I had to go for the international press tour for Water For Elephants the next day and we were on a night shoot. So two hours later, I had to go home and pack, and then go out again! That was my last day and that was really exciting! (Laughs) But Kristen and I did another "last day", in the Caribbean when we had to do one or two additional shots - part of the honeymoon stuff. Now that was amazing! That felt like a really good farewell. Because it was just me, Kristen, and the crew - just spending all night on the beach. And then the sun started coming up and everybody had cocktails ... that was a really nice way to say goodbye to the series.

Did you nick anything off set for remembrance?
Well, as the series went on, I started getting them to order more clothes for the character that I liked. And so I got a bunch of jeans and stuff. (Laughs) 

What was it like to shoot the honeymoon scene?
We shot all the exterior stuff in Brazil and in the Caribbean as well. And that was really easy and fun. We were just messing around. It was the first time that Edward and Bella could actually be a normal couple instead of just hanging out. Then we shot all the sex scenes and stuff back in Baton Rouge and it was fun but it was a strange thing. Especially when you know that so many people are anticipating what you're doing. And especially when there are only so many things you can do ... as a human being. Hahaha! So that was kind of odd. But Bill (Condon the director) made it a nice situation. It was easy.

How about your shirtless scene? Did you enjoy it?
It was one of the most traumatic experiences in my life! I don't like my photo taken for one thing, so as soon as you get your shirt off and knowing that everyone is going to be saying things like, "does he have a six pack" ... I don't want to be judged in those terms anyway. So that's why I have tried to avoid it in all the other movies, because I don't care (what) people think. I've avoided playing someone else's game. I don't want to play.

After spending so much time filming together, tell me a quirk about Kristen that no one else knows. 
Kristen is really good at the trumpet. I didn't realise no one knew that. I always thought she talked about it but I only realised yesterday she never told anyone. And she learned how to play it on the set of Breaking Dawn! She's a natural.

What about Taylor?
The workout regime that he has? It's pretty crazy. He works out right up to the moment when someone says "Action"! It's insane. (Laughs) He would be standing with his trainer right till just before and his trainer would be pulling his arms apart! Literally, about 10 seconds before (his scenes). I don't understand how he has the concentration to do that. I can't even have people saying anything to me (when we're shooting). Ever! At any point during the day! (Laughs)

Are you coping better with the crazy Twi-mania?
Yeah I guess so, you just come to accept some things. But it's so utterly unnatural. It'll always be on the sidelines of my life and I've kind of compartmentalised it. For the first couple of movies ... with people going crazy and stuff, I was very much there, and I really know what that felt like. It's crazy! I remember then, we did a mall tour for the first movie; I had to go to bed afterwards. It was exhausting. So now I got a sort of alter ego where I can deal with huge crowds and stuff. If you go acknowledging all your insecurities and all the other problems in your life when you're dealing with whole crowds, you'd go totally crazy.

But how do you feel right now that it's all over?
I feel a little bit relieved. But at the same time, in-between these movies, it was strange, because you really could have played anything. You could have played an old woman or something, and no one would really care because you had another Twilight movie coming out. So it just gets forgotten about! (Laughs) Whereas now, in order to stay at the level in the industry where I'm at, I have to have big movies coming out, so you have to think about that a bit more.

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Rob, Kristen and Taylor in US Weekly

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David Cronenberg Talks About Rob with Movie Web

"I have no control over that, obviously. All I know is, as with Keira, I thought that Robert was very underrated. I mean, Keira has done more work than Robert has, but in England, they're always on her for whatever weird English class reasons. I'm not sure what that is. I always thought she was a substantial actress, and I had no doubt that she could really ace this role. I felt the same about Rob. The fate of the movie, though, who knows. I certainly think this. I don't think that any director who's looking to see what Rob can do, will not be able to see how terrific he is by looking at Cosmopolis. Even if the movie isn't a success at the box office, creatively, as far as I'm concerned, it is a success, and for Rob, it totally is. He's brilliant in the movie, he's fabulous. If nothing else, it will be a great demo film for Rob, for any other director who's looking for a great actor."

The filmmaker also talked about shooting both Cosmopolis and A Dangerous Method back-to-back.
"It was a wonderful shoot, as was A Dangerous Method, actually. They were both very beautiful shoots, even though they were both quite different in tone, which, for me, is delightful, because, to do two movies, back-to-back, they are both so different. The one similarity is that they're both very dialogue-heavy. That was kind of interesting, but they have very different dialogue."

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More cute HQ Kristen pics from Press Conference

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Picture of Kristen from #SWATH set now untagged

We posted a tagged version of this picture here along with some other ones. This untagged one is from USMagazine. So i guess they should have lots more... Let us wait;)



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New Breaking Dawn Movie Stills from People Magazine


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Rob, Kristen and Taylor's interview with Sky Movies


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Rob and Kristen interviews with Empire Online


Twilight has turned her from indie darling into a star, almost despite herself, but as the end of the series approaches Kristen Stewart seems to be more relaxed and comfortable with the response to the saga, and positively confident about the two-part finale. We talked to her recently to learn more about Bella's wedding, the fans and what she's working on next...
How do you feel about Breaking Dawn being a two-part film?I really like it! It’s such a different speed; it’s very very close to the experience of reading the book. I think we were lucky enough to have so much time to spend on every bit of the book. I don’t feel that anything is left out, whereas I watched all the movies before and felt a little sad about certain parts that weren’t in and we don’t really feel that way this time, it’s cool.
Is it still weird to see yourself on the big screen?Yeah, it always is the first time you watch it. You keep this list of, like, checks and balances and… it’s like you have to make sure everything is in. You also have the chance of working with people like Bill [Condon] who really love doing what they do and are willing to talk everything through. And if you feel something should be changed, if you feel something you did on set is missing he’s always willing to go on in and look at it.

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David Cronenberg talks about casting Rob in Cosmopolis

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Rob, Kristen and Taylors' interview with Alicia Malone

Twilight: Breaking Dawn interviews from Alicia Malone on Vimeo.

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New Snow White and The Huntsman Movie Ad in NZ Website


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New HQ's of Robert Pattinson, Taylor and Bill Condon at Berlin Press Conference

Pattinsonlife | Via

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Rob, Kristen and Taylor interview with Mark at the Movies

Rob at 6:30 - talk about making stuff up for fans and journalists

Kristen at 7:27- She talks about the birth scene.

srpro.112011matmbdctintvws by officialspunkransom

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New Pics of Kristen arriving to her apartment November 21st


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Bella's Wedding Dress Replicas already on sale in selected stores

The white sheath wedding dress with a lace-embellished back was custom-made for actress Kristen Stewart by New York fashion designer Herrera, who said she was “flattered” when asked to create the gown and felt the pressured to deliver something that would please “Twilight” fans.

“I wanted to create a magical moment that they had at the wedding,” Herrera told Reuters at the movie’s red carpet premiere last week.

“She’s an innocent girl that is finding her first true love, so there is romance, there is magic, there is everything together,” Herrera said.

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Rob and Kristen's Interview with Kerri-Anne (Australia)

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The Ellen Show Contest Winners at Breaking Dawn LA Premiere

Rob and Kristen at 1:30

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New Rob Interview from the Paris Press Junket

Click on the screencap to watch

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Rob, Kristen and Taylor's interview with HotTopic

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Rob Pic of the Day

OMG, Headmaster's Holiday at Taft School. OMG, I LOVE YOU ROB!!

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Kristen Pic of the Day

How adorable is she?

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Well although promo is over we get to look back at moments like this :)

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Robsten Vid of the Day~NEW 'Bloodstained Heart'

Is promo time really over?? *sobs* At least we'll get beautiful fanvids like this one from patty13Mai

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