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Breaking Dawn Premier Coverage by Access Hollywood and ET Insider

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New Picture of @MsShaunRobinson with Rob, Kristen and Papa Stew on the Red Capet

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Two New Rob Interviews from Stockholm Press Junket

YT thanks to @iam_vogue

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Hundreds of New Gorgeous HQ Pictures of Rob and Kristen at the LA Premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 1

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New Kristen, Rob and Taylor Interview with Telever

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New Kristen BD Press Conference Picture from Film Ink

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New Kristen Interview with Heart Radio Music - She Confirms She Will Be Attentding the UK Premiere

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Part 2 of Rob, Kristen and Taylor Interview with

Part 1 was posted here

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New Pictures of Kristen from BD LA Press Conference

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New Breaking Dawn: Part 1 TV Spot "3 Days"

No new scenes

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Kristen Offered the Role of Kei in AKIRA

Has Jaume Collet-Sera's Akira found its female lead?

Twitch was the first to bring word of Gary Oldman, Helena Bonham Carter and Garrett Hedlund being offered parts in the Warner Brothers backed US adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo's classic manga and now we have learned that Kristen Stewart has been offered the part of Kei, a young medium who becomes the love interest for Kaneda - the role already offered to Hedlund.

Stewart is a choice that makes sense on most levels - she's certainly talented and has name recognition far above most in her generation - but also concerning in that none of the Twilight cast, Stewart included, have been able to find any sort of success outside of that franchise with Twilight fans not caring what any of them do elsewhere and everyone else generally staying away because of the Twilight stigma. Could this break the trend if Stewart accepts? Possibly - that it's more of a support role than a lead will help - but it's a somewhat risky move.

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Kristen Confirms She is Learning to Play the Trumpet!

When we caught wind of Robert Pattinson boasting about Kristen Stewart‘s secret trumpet playing skills in an interview, we were baffled. Was Rob just joking around, as he’s known to do? Or was he being serious in reporting that his girlfriend knows how to toot her own (literal) horn? Well, we took to Twitter before the Breaking Dawn black-carpet premiere, and you guys encouraged us to ask Kristen about the mysterious horn rumor going round the Web and so — duh, duh, duh — we did! And guess what: Kristen is indeed learning how to play the trumpet!

The actress, decked out in J. Mendel, said that she was inspired to learn the instrument after filming On the Road and hasn’t put it down since. “I love it,” she told us. “And I just wanted to start playing … I picked it up quickly.” Kristen paused, before adding, “Rob can’t do it.” Ah, how we love the way this couple teases each other in interviews! Watch the entire clip above.


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More New Pictures of Rob from BD LA Press Conference

Pattinsonlife | Via

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FLASHBACK to Eclipse~'Funniest Kristen Interview Ever??'

I think I've never laughed so hard than watching this interview. And although Kristen's cringing a tad bit she's a total sport about it!


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FLASHBACK to Eclipse~The Premiere in LA

Last night was epicness!!! Was it better than last year? Did it make you all warm and fuzzy inside?? Check out last year's interviews from the 'black' carpet...
Interviews galore at the Eclipse Premiere. Here are some faves...

Official Twilight Film

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FLASHBACK to Eclipse~The Trailers

Flashback to the trailers of Eclipse. I remember getting chills watching the first time.

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FLASHBACK to Eclipse~'BTS, Making of Eclipse'

Here are the Eclipse BTS and Making of the movie. Best part of the BTS is Rob, training and dancing during the fightscene. *dies laughing*

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FLASHBACK to Eclipse~'Deleted/Extended Scenes'

Here are some of the deleted and extended scenes from Eclipse. Honestly I only would have wanted the window scene. And to totally change the parking lot scene because I hate that, HATE IT!


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FLASHBACK to Eclipse~'Favorite Scenes'

Eclipse in theaters tonight and Breaking Dawn Thursday night (Friday am). So 'let's get lost' take a look back at our favorite scenes of Eclipse...
Meadow Scene

This is my favorite poem, love Kristen reading it. And there is so much hotness between Rob and Kristen in this scene, love it! source

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Carolina Herrera Talks To Pop Sugar and E Online About the Wedding Dress and Mentions Kristen

“I worked on that dress for like six months going back and forth,” Herrera said. “I still have all the sketches and everything because it was so special.”

But she is nervous.

“There’s so much expectations,” said Herrera, I hope [the fans] like it.”

Herrera didn’t have to research too much to come up with the right look. “It was a combination of things,” she explained. “I got inspiration from the book and descriptions from Stephenie Meyer. You had to really take in consideration the whole story—which was this innocent girl with the first true love of her life. It had to be magical.”

The fourth installment of the Twilight movie franchise hits close to the fashionista’s home. “I have four daughters and 12 grandchildren,” Herrera smiled. “They are all waiting for the movie.”

Source | Via | Popsugar

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New Kristen Interview with Sky Italy - Talks About Her Private Life, The Wedding and More

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Grouchy Boy Talks About Cosmopolis and Mentions Rob

1)How it was to be directed by Cronenberg?
Working with Cronenberg was amazing, he is a Canadian Icon and a great filmaker! I felt like I was working with a member of my family. I was blessed to have worked with a genius!

2) Did you feel confortable playing Kosmo Thomas? You and your character have something in common?? Tell us about him?
I play a record producer and one of my artists played by real life rapper K’NAAN has died.I had to then break the bad news to our mutual friend Eric played by Robert PATTINSON. I can relate to Kosmo cause I was in the music buisness for many years.I started off as a rapper/producer and after I got the acting bug!!I felt comfortable playing Kosmo.

3) How it was to work with actors like Robert Pattinson, Paul Giamatti and Juliette Binoche?
I thought Robert Pattinson was a great to work with on set. I thought he handled himself like a pro! He would show up to work with a big smile and ready work.I think Robert will surprise a lot of people when this movie comes into theaters.

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Bill Condon Talks About Rob, Kristen and the Sex Scenes

“I think I probably would have liked to show a little more,” Bill told us exclusively at the premiere of the flick held at the Nokia Theater yesterday. “But I think it’s very romantic the way it is.”

Oh and as for how Billy thought the twosome handled the honeymoon pressure:

“They’re so cool and they’re so comfortable with each other,” he gushed about his starring twosome. “I think they understand that there were big expectations, but we talked about it for so long and really put it into pieces, ‘cause it’s the water, in the bed, then the next day and all that stuff. So it took a lot of pressure off of that one moment.

“When you write it could be interpreted any which way, it depends on which part of the camera picks up what. I certainly left room for as much to happen as needed,”
 writer Melissa Rosenberg told us about penning the bed-breakin’ biz. “But I have to say, it’s perhaps not R-rated, but it’s pretty risquĂ©.

Read the rest of the article here  | Via | Via

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New Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Bill Interview with Movie Tickets

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Mia Maestro Talks About Rob and Kristen and Kristen and Rob Talk About Honeymoon Scenes

We caught up with Mia Maestro, who plays one of the vamps lucky enough to attend Bella and Edward’s big-screen wedding, at the Breaking Dawn premiere held tonight at the Nokia Theatre and asked her what kind of pressure she thought Rob and Kristen were under to perform in the post-I-Do honeymoon scene

“They’re a couple in real life,” Mia so casually commented. “So I think it’s easier when you have to do things like that with someone that you’re comfortable with.”

Oh, and as for the honeymoon sexytime pressure, K.Stew filled us in on her point of view:

“You really do reconsider your sexy face,” Kristen—who looked fabulous in a blue and black gown—giggled when we asked her. “You’re like ‘Whoa, everyone’s really heavily awaiting this.’”

But Kris was happy to forget the fans when it came time to roll cameras:

“Didn’t really think about it, to be honest,” Kristen—who seemed totally comfortable despite the fans freaking out—continued. “The last way you want to remember something you’ve been building to for years is just actor-y, weird choices and neurotic weirdness. I remember things for the genuine experience, and that’s rare.”

As for Rob? His only concern was his six-pack.

“Pressure only in that I had to be in shape for the first time in this whole series,” Rob, who wore a navy blue Gucci tux, told us.

Rob, we’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: You looked great. And we’re sure your GF Kristen agrees.

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Wyck Godfrey Talks About Working on New Projects with Rob

We’ve been obsessed with finding out more about Robert Pattinson‘s screenwriting ambitions, which he vaguely alluded to in an interview with Vanity Fair earlier this year. On last night’s Breaking Dawn red carpet we made it our personal mission to find out more, and producer Wyck Godfrey spilled the beans. He told us that he is currently working “on a couple things” with Rob at the moment. “He has great creative instincts,” said Wyck. Awww! When we asked if they were developing one of Rob’s screenplays together, he replied, “It’s a book that he’s interested in.”

Aha! Rob told Vanity Fair that there was a Lillian Hellman story he was playing around with adapting. Could this be it? “I’m not telling you!” Wyck laughed as he dashed away. Hm – that sounds like a bit of a giveaway to us! We then asked Rob about his writing. “Yeah,” he said, “I’m doing a bit of that. I’m doing a bit of everything.”

Sounds like Wyck and Rob have some interesting things in the works. Fans, would like to see Rob’s written work come to life on the big screen? We sure would! And with Kristen Stewart looking to line up her next project, maybe there’s an opportunity for her to work with her boyfriend again. Hey, we can dream!

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New Rob Interview wtih Heart Radio UK


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New Pictures of Kristen and Rob heading to after party

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