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[VIDEO] Kristen on enews about #SnowStew Swath Set Pic

Kristen featured in Enews for her Snow White swath set pics.


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Kristen talks about Rob and Breaking Dawn in Glamour Interview

I know i've posted the ful scans + Kristen's interview here. But i wanted to post where she talks about Rob only:)

Here is the new/old pic of Rob, Kristen, Taylor and SM on the set of Eclipse 2009

SM: I remember when we were shooting the wedding scene in Breaking Dawn-I was losing it because we were so sleep-deprived at that point.
  • KS: Yeah, the last night...I was exhausted, and it's funny, Rob (Pattinson) was actually way more energetic than I was at the end of it.

SM: It must be hard to concentrate on your performance when you're so worried about the sound of your voice.

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Kristen on the cover of Glamour Magazine November 2011

Kristen does it again!!! She graces us with her beautiful stunning self on the cover of Glamour US November Cover Issue. Here are some amazing HQ scans of her spread + some info on what she is wearing. This girl is looking as gorgeous as ever. Let us know what you think of this amazing cover.

HQ scans of Kristen in Glamour Mag | epnebelle 


Amazing close ups of Kristen and that stunning face:) | KstewartNews

The HQ Scans have now been de-tagged thanks to RobstenLust.Com

Transcript: Glamour Interview w/ Kristen- StrictlyRobsten

It feels very good to see KRisten Stewart again. I've missed her. We're meeting at the little mews house where I'm living for the summer, about an hour outside London. Kristen seems relaxed and happy; she looks fantastic--not unusual for her--and better rested than the last time I saw her, at the end of the interminable two-movie shoot that dominated our lives for the past year. You may know me as the author of the Twilight series, but I'm also a producer of the movies, so Kristen and I have gotten to know each other very well while filming during the past three years. Now the series is close to being over, with Breaking Dawn in theaters this month and Breaking Dawn Part 2 coming out next fall.

Today she's in her usual jeans and a T-shirt, Chuck Taylors and a ponytail. Without any makeup, her skin is noticeably luminous. Her hair is dark, glossy and very long. I comment on the length, mentally counting the months since I've seen her; it's been less than four. Kristen laughs: The hair is not all hers. It's in place for her next movie, Snow White and the Huntsman.

We talk and talk, and as we speak, Kristen curls her legs under her, never entirely at rest, leaning forward when she's enthusiastic. She's animated and passionate about any project she believes in, yet she's wary of how she might be perceived. I hope that in this interview something is captured of the Kristen I know, the real girl rather than the movie star.

Stephenie Meyer: So we've finally split up after spending the last several years working together. And yet the first movie I go to do [Austenland, starring Kurt Russell], you follow me to the same studio. Are you stalking me?
  • Kristen Stewart: [Laughs] Yes, I really am. I'm trying to get into your next films.

SM: I remember when we were shooting the wedding scene in Breaking Dawn--I was losing it because we were so sleep-deprived at that point.
  • KS: Yeah, the last night… I was exhausted, and it's funny, Rob [Pattinson] was actually way more energetic than I was at the end of it.
SM: How emotional were you filming the final scenes?

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Best Movie Special...Breaking Dawn (Mag Scans)

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Sara Gadon talks about her role in Cosmopolis will be like

MTV: Can you give me a sense of Elise [in "Cosmopolis"] and how she interacts with Rob's character?

Gadon: I think it's a really interesting film, and I don't want to give away too much, but I think in a really kind of pared-down version of the film, it's about a young millionaire who loses everything in the course of a day. And I play his new wife, so I'm one of the only characters that really kind of comes in and out of the story throughout the film. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner together, and those are going to be some interesting meals.

Read the rest of the interview at MTV

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Breaking Dawn Gift Cards Now Available at Fandango

Source | via: Spunk-Ransom

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Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer (Dubbed & Subtitled in French)

Dubbed in French


Subtitled in French


Source | via: Spunk-Ransom

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New fan pic of Kristen on #SWATH set 9-28-11

Here is a new fan pic of Kristen from @Ceri3101 on the set of #SWATH Wednesday 9-28-11

Leave a comment Get Your 'Breaking Dawn' Tickets at Midnight!

Some awesome news for all your Twi-hards out there: Moviefone is selling 'Breaking Dawn' tickets -- you know, the ones that you'd practically suck blood for -- a full six weeks before the first half of the final 'Twilight' installment hits theaters. (Use this break to compose yourself.)

That's right: you can put away the sleeping bag and tent because there's no need to camp out in front of a theater for weeks to reserve a seat for the fall's most anticipated film. All you need to do is come back to Moviefone at 12:00 a.m. on Oct. 1 (tomorrow!) for your chance to score the first 'Breaking Dawn' tickets.

Until then, watch the 'Breaking Dawn' trailer another million times and start counting the days.

'Breaking Dawn' hits theaters on Nov. 18.

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Poster (France)

| via: LaSagaRobsten

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New Water for Elephants Movie Still

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Robert Pattinson confirmed for UK Breaking Dawn Premiere Nov 16th

TwilightSagaUK just announced the premiere of Breaking Dawn which will take place on Nov 16th! Rob, Taylor and Bill are confirmed to attend.

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David Cronenberg talks about Robert Pattinson's fans and says he is really sweet to them

David Cronenberg talks about Robert Pattinson and his legion of fans. And says he is really sweet to them. They were never a problem on set.

towards the end of the video:)

It is really sweet to see his coworkers talks marvels about Rob and his fandom. Happy camper right now:)

Thanks 08darky for the better quality vid | Via RPLife

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Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene to promote Breaking Dawn in ParisOct 23-24

So It's Rob and Ashley who will promote Breaking Dawn in France this coming October

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Robert will be in Paris for a few days before the French release of Breaking Dawn part 1. He's succeeding Taylor who was in town to promote his movie, Abduction.

Translation of the official press release

"For the release of Breaking Dawn Part 1, Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene will be in Paris on October 23rd and 24th, to promote the movie.
While we wait for the USA worldwide premiere in November, SND (French distributors of the movies), decided to organise a big event to suprise French fans.

Sunday, October 23rd, around 500 fans will have the chance to meet Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene and ak them the questions of their choice. This meet and greet will be free and will take place at Gaumont Capucines.
We will send more details on this event next week, as well as how to get tickets."

SND being the French distributors of the Twilight movies, this new is more than legit :')

source | RPLife

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New pictures of Rob leaving a post-production studio in Toronto 9-29-11

Here is Rob leaving a post - production studio in Toronto! Doing the ADR for Cosmopolis i pressume :)

*UPDATE* Added HQ untagged pics!

More under the cut

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The Twilight Cast talks about scenes in Breaking Dawn

Kiowa Gordon talks about the wedding :)

around 1:52 talks about the wedding scene:)

Peter talks about his fave scenes in Breaking Dawn and more:)

Sources 1| 2| 3

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Jack Morrissey talks more about Breaking Dawn and cute Edward and Bella moments

Jack, how will BD1 end? Will we see red eyes? Vamp Bella? Renesmee?

  • You don't really want to me to give away the ending, do you?

Does Bill have any plans to slip a little something at the end of the BD1 credits? Perhaps a glimpse of BD2?
  • Hope springs eternal!

Rob is going to speak Portuguese in the film, right?
  • Yes.

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Peter gives Kristen medical advice ;)

The two stars appear alongside each other in the Twilight series of films. Peter’s character Carlisle Cullen is a doctor, and he admits Kristen once got fact and fiction muddled when they were on set.

She spilled something on her belly and a had a little burn so I looked at it for her and I told her to put some kind of salve on it and I was telling how to treat it so that it wouldn’t scar or anything. It was funny,” he laughed.
Shooting has wrapped on the film franchise now, with the penultimate instalment Breaking Dawn – Part 1 hitting screens in November.
Peter has mixed feelings about wrapping the movies. While it’s fun to move on to other things, he’s going to miss spending time with his on-screen family including Edward Pattinson.
“[I’ll miss] where the whole Cullen family is together,” he told the American edition of OK! magazine. “I think there is something magical about all of us being dressed up in costumes and doing those scenes. I will miss that because that I know, even if I work with the other actors again, it will be different. There is something really interesting about having all of us together in a room.”


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New Pic of Kristen from the set of #SWATH 9-28-11

If you missed pics from this day click here & here! If you have yet to see our massive post from set pics from yesterday, please do click here!! All these pics are amazing. Can't wait to finally see this movie on the big screen!!

As always thanks to the amazing girls at Kstewartfans for all their great work at getting these pics for us:)

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[VIDEO] New Fan video of Rob at the London WFE Premiere

Love watching this video while listening to Katy Perry! Good combination :)

Source | Via | Via

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New/Old Rob pic from the 2011 Golden Globes



Apparently it's from this scans from PattiStewBoneCity | PattinsonWorld

Thanks Robsessed for the find:)

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Rob Pic of the Day

This man is killing me!

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Love the freckles and expression on her face! Such a beautiful girl!

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