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New Pictures of Rob Arriving in Toronto 9-27-11

The ever so Hot and scruffy Rob lands in Toronto Canada today... Possibly to do some re shoots for Cosmopolis Movie.

E talk  is supposed to let us know the 411 on why he is there tomorrow.

etalk can report Robert Pattinson is back in Toronto. Exclusive video and details on the show tomorrow.

Stay tuned we shall get you the good stuff tomorrow!!  For now enjoy the prettiness that is Rob on the move. Gosh i missed him being on the move. Now Rob make a bigger move possibly - over the pond after you finish here ok? :)


And the cute that is Robsten sharing continues. Here is a pic of Kristen holding that same back back in July in LA. 

Thanks SheevaC for the tip:) & @AmazedByRobsten for the cute edit pic:)

Thanks Mr. Willw & PattinsonLife for the HQ Pics /Via RPLife | ETalk

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OTR Trailer to grace us with its precence in the coming weeks??

via [info]ontheroadfilm | Via 

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Guri Weinberg (Stefan in Breaking Dawn) mentions Rob in his blog

I am quitting smoking. I use the verb in it's present tense because I still don't feel entirely comfortable using the past tense. I have fallen off the non-smoking wagon so many times in my life that it may ALWAYS seem like a process. For anyone contemplating smoking - just slap yourself for me. Detoxing when you stop is just ridiculously uncomfortable.

And, you know, you miss it. More accurately, you miss the social aspects.

On Breaking Dawn, I would generally find Rob Pattinson already smoking when I'd go outside to sneak a few puffs in. We would generally start chatting about whatever, he'd get fired up about whatever we were discussing and he would then generally finish his cigarette and ask for one of mine. He'd light another one and we'd keep talking. Then I'd light another one. We would chain smoke if there was a long enough break on set. I hate to say that's how we got to know each other but that's how we got to know each other. As shooting went on, I was smoking a LOT. Getting sick, looking tired, yada, yada, yada. So, I started my daily rant that my wife is ALL too familiar with through many attempts to quit - " I gotta stop smoking".

Rob looks at me and says, "You know, I heard that if you quit before you're 30 you're in the clear, health-wise."

Since I am passed 30, that doesn't seem too good.

"Hey, Rob. I'm over 30."

He just looks at me totally non-plussed. "I know."

Silence. I'm waiting for the "but"…it's not coming.

"Well, aren't you just a ray of sunshine. Do me a favor - Go f*** yourself."

He's laughing hard now. He keeps trying to talk but he's laughing too hard. Feigning intense indignation, I get up to go to my room.

"Listen, man. I gotta go. Costco has a sale on caskets right now and obviously it's a matter of minutes AT MY AGE."

Now, he's having trouble breathing, he's laughing so hard. But, I'm still thinking…man…I have been smoking for way too long.

source |via 

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Jimmy Fallon makes a Robert Pattinson impersonation at the EMMY's red carpet

At 0:50


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First pic of Kristen in #SnowStew Costume!! Amazing!!

Yay!! Today is so exciting!! First we get to see Kristen all cuddly with a puppy and now we get to see her in full Snow White costume along side Chris Hemsworth!! Tons of goodies on this post. Pics + Tweets from the awesome @HerdingClouds

  • The first shot I managed of Kristen in costume. Just before she leads the cavalry charge! Hope you like it! :o)

More set pics of the set + awesome tweets from our friend @HerdingClouds

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Adorable NEW pictures of Kristen on the set of 'Snow White and The Huntsman'

gahhhh i cant belive how cute she looks. I can't with how adorable she looks with that puppy too!!! @Ceri3101 just tweeted some amazing new pics of Stewy on set. Hoping to get some SnowStew in costume pics soon:)))

  • Just saw Kristen Stewart.. Will put some pics up when I'm home :D

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Bill Condon's partner @Jack_Morrissey answers tons of questions about Breaking Dawn, Rob and Kristen

What is Bill’s favorite part of BD1?

  • A favorite moment of his is when Bella becomes pregnant.

The film Twilight had blue lighting. Do the BD films have a signature color?
  • Signature colors are something Catherine Hardwicke does. For example, check out “Red Riding Hood.” Also, we have too many locations for one color. You’ll notice the marketing materials-posters, calendar, trading cards--have the colors of dawn breaking.

Were the wedding rings added post production?
  • No, they were not. As Bill mentioned at Comic Con, the fans spoke out when the first Rio stills were released and they did not see wedding rings. Originally, Stephanie Meyer did not have wedding rings as part of the plan to stay consistent with Edwardian customs. The decision to go without rings was reconsidered after fan feedback. Since the bit that was shot without rings was brief, it was unnecessary to go back and add rings.

Why did the character’s hair change for Breaking Dawn?
  • Here's the thing about the haircuts and/or wigs: as Bill said at Comic-Con, he felt like BD was about growing up for most of the characters, or certainly moving beyond high school, so the hair choices are about that. You may like this one but not that but that was the intention and the hair and makeup artists are all extremely talented. And Bill knows his way around this stuff from DREAMGIRLS, which was all wigs all the time. There was thought and design behind all of it, but as with everything in both parts of BD, that doesn't mean you have to agree with the thought or design, or like it. That's just movies. A team of the best people you can get all work hard with a director, and those choices and decisions get filmed and edited anyway.

Vampires are having an OUTDOOR wedding? Was Team BD worried about the sparking?
  • Lots of care was devoted to making sure that no one on THAT SIDE of the aisle would be seen sparkling by the bride's side!
  • The wedding was the very last sequence shot by the main unit and there was a whole weather concern with it because, as an outdoor TWILIGHT vampire wedding, they couldn't shoot in rain, nor with any real direct sunlight. In the end, the weather was perfect for those final shoot days.

Are the Breaking Dawn films coming out in 3D?
  • The decision was made early on not to film either chapter in BD 3D.

How does the director go about which songs appear under which scenes in a movie? Also, how does one determine where the orchestral score is placed?

  • Every single movie happens uniquely--you kind of have to know someone who worked on. or close to any specific movie in order to know how it all happened and came together. And, for these two BD movies, you do!
  • For PART I movie--in broad terms--Bill received CDs with submitted songs. He and his team listened to each song a number of times and then take only the songs they like and try them under certain scenes. Once a song feels like a great fit with a scene musically, and sometimes even lyrically, the producers (including Stephenie) watch/listen, as did the music supervisor and studio execs, and approve.
  • When scoring the film, first the director, the editor, and their team try a temporary score cue over this scene, or a song under that scene, until they get the movie roughly where they want it to be musically. Then the composer and director "spot" the movie in a spotting session, where they talk through all of the score cues needed, what and how they need to be, and when they need to start and finish. Once agreed upon, the composer goes off and composes.

Can you get us a premier in our city/certain actors to show up?
  • Sorry, those decisions are in the hands of other people. We have no control over that at all.

Q & A Session from last night

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The Cute Jackson Rathbone talks Breaking Dawn and working with Bill Condon

You know i could not resist posting this. Thank you KstewAngel for the find:) He talks sweetness about Bill Condon and also talks about his upcoming projects:))

*sigh* I am in cloud nine seeing him so close to this cam:)

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Rob Pic of the Day

It seems so long ago. That sexy smirk has stayed the same.

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Kristen Pic of the Day


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Robsten Pic of the Day

I'm still not sure what's going on in this picture, but I love it!

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