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The Breaking Dawn Trailer

Amazing New Breaking Dawn Trailer is now here :))) The best trailer so far <33

HQ Trailer | Click on the links to download the trailer | 480p | 720p | 1080p

Breaking Dawn Tickets go onsale October 1, 2011!!! Woot woot!!

You better save this date. Those tickets will sell like hot cakes. Yayyyyy so excited we finally get the tickets on sale:))


To set up your fan alert email click on the image:))

3 NEW Water for Elephants stills

source | via

@KstewartNews got an exclusive interview Elias about Kristen on Marcus Foster Video

KristenStewartNews got an exclusive interview with Elias who did Kristen's make up for Marcus Foster video 'I was Broken'

Here’s what he had to say:

“The shoot itself was very intimate, not a massive team, and quite productive. We all gathered up in a studio in Kentish Town, and the lovely Mel Bles who directed the video took us through the style of it. We were going very minimalistic, black and white against a white wall, so I wanted to keep within this simplified universe and keep everything extremely clean, with a little bit of shine detail.
We wanted to keep as much of Kristen personality and soul in it as possible, and she was to show a bit of fragility and emotions in the video, so I did a look that could easily be interpreted as the girl next door, but also keep all the beautiful features of her face as perfect as possible. I used most of my very limited time on a good cleanse/tone/moisturize, a tad of concealer here and there and scrubbing some of the false dirt on her forehead and hands off (she was filming Snow White and the Huntsman at the time). A small bit of MAC Cosmetics Face and Body foundation and Haute and Naughty Lash mascara, some Eight Hour Cream on the lips, and she was all ready to go. When you’re working with this kind of face, you don’t want to go and dramatically change anything (I did really love the W magazine Cover, though… But thats another story.) A tad of highlighter on top of the cheekbones, on the cupids bow and in inner corner of the eyes was a good choice for a subtle, minimalistic and beautiful look. It was honest, beautiful, fragile and an absolute pleasure to be a part of.


Detailed description of the New Breaking Dawn trailer that will be released today- Spoilers


According to filmcons here is a very detailed description of what the New Breaking Dawn trailer will look like. Remember we will get the new trailer later on today so check back:)

Putting the info under the cut for those that do not want to be spoiled:)

Just In: New Pictures of Rob and Kristen in London

New pics of Rob and Kristen leaving a restaurant today in London. The lady walking with Rob is his UK agent Grace Clissold. I know we don't see pics of Rob and Kristen together, but so glad to see Kristen's beautiful face up close:)) Loving the hair extensions :)


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Happy Birthday Bella Marie Swan- Soon to be Mrs. Cullen :)

Happy birthday to our Bella Swan:) Let's all blow out her candles and wish her a happy birth day:)) Here is a lovely banner by Karen:) Bella through the years since Twilight:) 

Including the New Moon Parking lot scene where Edward makes his unbelievable walk and wishes his love a happy bday:)) Enjoy!! & <33

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Rob Pic of the Day

Beautiful Boy...

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Kristen Pic of the Day

I love the way she looked that night!

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Celebrating Kristen's Birthday on the set of Twilight.

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Happy Birthday Bella'

'It's time, it's time, it's time!' (In Alice's voice) Today is Bella's Birthday. This is the extended hallway scene from New Moon. Rob and Kristen are so cute in this. I bet Rob gets jealous too, lol!

Video from mcquiry

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The pictures of Rob on Sept 9th are now all in HQ


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Natalia Tena Talks About Rob and 'Bel Ami'

They met in their late teens on a photoshoot for up-and-coming British actors. Afterwards they went to the pub and got drunk. Tena was holding down two bar jobs at the time, so actor Tom Sturridge, also on the shoot, rang her boss and said she’d had an accident and wasn’t coming in. “Needless to say I got fired,” she says. They then decided to go to Berlin, but only got as far as Tena’s flat. She couldn’t find her passport. “We had this summer of being really close,” she says. “Then I remember Robert taking me out a few months later. He was like, ‘I’m just saying goodbye because I’m going to America for a few months to do some vampire thing.’ I said ‘Cool, I’ll see you when you get back.’” And she explodes into laughter. “Now he’s massive. Literally massive. He used to be like a labrador puppy, but he’s much more mature and serious now.” So no problem with the sex scene in Bel Ami, then? “Because we know each other, it was cool,” she says. “We just took the piss. I said ‘You just bang me. Can we make it like anal sex, because it looks worse?’”

Read the rest of the interview at The Herald. | via

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NEW: Water for Elephants Movie Stills



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Rob Pic of the Day

His lips looked hot in this pic!

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Kristen Pic of the Day


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Robsten Pic of the Day

'It's always been him'

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Love You Like a Love Song'

Looking back at all the Comic Cons. I love this year's the best. Rob and Kristen were so cute. Love when he talks about her watching the cooking channel!

Video from LittleGirlMolly

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New/Old Pictures of Rob & Kristen back in August of 2010-

I decided to take a nap and wake up to cute cuddling RK pics at 'the wedding' they attended last year. Cute Robsten is cute:))) *

*update 9-12 at 9:13am* Added more pics- they are under the cut!!


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Marcus Forster Video - Directed by Mel Bless and Produced by Tom Sturridge


From Mel Bles Blog

  • Shot my first music video for singer songwriter Marcus Foster at Polydor.
  • Thank yous to Kristen Stewart, Sylvia Farago, Tom Sturridge and Spring Film London!
  • Went exclusive on MSN this week. The 2nd most views of any music video on their site this year - in the first 24hrs...

Via KstewAngel

Elizabeth Reaser talks about Rob and Kristen - "They are like family to me'

HollywoodLife spoke with Ashley’s Twilight co-star Elizabeth Reaser at Time Warner’s Beyond 9/11 Photo Exhibit on Sept 8 and she opened up about how similar she thinks Ashley and some of Twilight stars are to their respective characters!

“I adore Rob and Kristen. They are like family to me,” Elizabeth says. “They are both very shy and very sweet. Kristen is just a little sweetheart and I love her. And Rob is the same guy I met four years ago.”

Source | Via Kstewagel

Never forget 9-11

Today is a very hard and sad for United States. I am not a born citizen but i have come to love this country like if it's mine. I was shocked when i learned of what was going on that day. I was merely 15 years old and in class while everything was happening.

I couldn't believe that there were people so evil spirited who would do such thing like that. My heart goes out to all those that lost family members, friends and colleagues in this day 10 years ago.

Remember to love the ones right next to you. Cherish every moment with them. Because you never know when it will be your last. I love you all. Have a blessed day. ~Alma

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Full Cutlass Movie with Kristen Stewart- Short but adorable

I have never watched the full version of this 13 minute movie but here it is. Watch it now before it gets taken down.

Source | ViaMel452

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Rob Pic of the Day

Rob as Tyler, always makes me sad. I know this was a fictional story but I'm always reminded of that awful attack. Never Forget the lives lost that day.

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Kristen Pic of the Day

Fabgirl, looking fab ;)

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Love this pic from New Moon filming

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Suddenly'

Kristen couldn't help it. The pull was too strong. 'Suddenly' she realized Rob was it for her. And we are all so thankful she did!

Video from hotserbiangirl

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2 #SWATH set videos

Still not much other than trees, but for those interested in seeing more trees. I think it will look great once it's finished. :)

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Rob Drawing, Fanmade Artwork from @viktoriamottl

Our sweet, lovely Robsten Dreams reader and supporter made us this awesome pic of Rob, looking like James Dean. Thanks so much for sharing viktoriamottl!!

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Robsten sighting in London from Tonight

This was too much an hour ago. I am now just getting home and posting about it. Appearantly Rob and Kristen were seen around the same time by 3 different people having dinner. Did we get pictures? Errrr no!! But still smiling at the thought of Rob and Kristen spending every moment she is not working together. I really love hearing about it although we have not seen a single cuddling RK pic. Oh well patience is a virtue:))

*UPDATE* one more person saw Rob and Kristen at same restaurant:)

Read this girls tweets about them! She is so funny. She wanted her skittles people! lol  They are under the cut:)

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New Rob pics from last night 9-11-11

Same night he was seen taking a pic with this fan alot of people are tweeting and is that Kristen's backpack he is carrying?? I am sure he is taking the papazz for her. That's why we love him <333

More pics of rob + one (old) pic of Kristen with the same back pack under the cut

Update- Added 3 HQ pics

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LOVEFiLM Tweets: Twilight fans! We'll have the exclusive new trailer for Breaking Dawn - Part 1 next week. All info & a sneak peek here:

At 00:01am GMT Tuesday 13th September / 4pm PST 12th September LOVEFiLM will unveil the exclusive to watch new trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1.

Twitter: LOVEFilm

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Argentina Gets A Release Date for SWATH!


Summary Translation via GoogleTranslate

In a change to the classic fairy tale story, the change of carrying Snow White into the woods and kill her, becomes her protector and mentor in the quest to overthrow the evil Queen.

SWATH will be released in Argentina on May 31, 2012.

Source: via Twilight News En Espanol via DiarioTwilight
Via SWATHfansite

Possible body double for kristen in #SWATH

gintarebeinor tweeted yesterday about possibly being Kristen's body double in 'Snow White and The Huntsman'



New Water for Elephants Stills on Promo Material


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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