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Ian Somerhalder talks about Rob - "I think he's a pretty sexy dude"

Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon on the CW series "The Vampire Diaries," says Robert Pattinson, star of the "Twilight" films, is a "pretty sexy dude."

Somerhalder, 32, made his comments to at the recent Comic-Con International convention in San Diego, California (see video above - warning, contains questionable language).

"I don't think anybody can touch that guy," the actor said about Pattinson. "That guy has like 100 million 'Twilight' fans worldwide. I think he's a pretty sexy dude because about 100 million women say so."

Both "The Vampire Diaries" and the "Twilight" movies are based on books and the actors who portray their main characters have massive fan followings. The "Twilight" films have made more than $1.8 billion worldwide.

Pattinson, a 25-year-old British actor, plays the vampire Edward Cullen and reprises his role in the fourth installment, "Breaking Dawn," alongside Kristen Stewart, who plays his love interest, Bella Swan. The first part hits theaters on November 11.

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No K-11 for Kristen but yes for her brother Cameron

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Kristen Stewart won't appear in "K-11," her mom's directorial debut, but big brother Cameron Stewart will, Variety's Josh L. Dickey exclusively reports. It'll be the first film credit for K-Stew's older sibling, but not for his co-stars Goran Visnjic, D.B. Sweeney and Portia Doubleday. The film stars Visnjic  as a successful young record producer who wakes up after a three-day binge in a special unit of L.A. County’s Men’s Central Jail that's dedicated to vulnerable prisoners, a place ruled by a viper transsexual. (Cameron Stewart’s role wasn't disclosed). Though there was mass speculation that his kid sister of “Twilight” fame would also play a transgendered character,  she is not involved in the project, alas. Shooting started July 18 at locations in Woodland Hills and Hollywood, and has moved on to the now-closed Sybil Brand correctional facility for women in Los Angeles County.

Thanks variety for the awesome update!

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Rob and Kristen's interview with Snakkle

Snakkle |Via

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All of the 5 clips in one video!! Tashpalo

Better Quality Video (Not in order) Source |Via

This one is lighter thanks to Imtulip |Via Robsessed

Here is the song that plays on the clip | Noisettes - Sister Rosetta (Capture The Spirit)

Click to see the clips after the cut :)

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Kristen Stewart Chris Hemsworth & Charlize Theron leaving Comic Con in San Diego!

This is a video of Kristen and the Swath cast leaving Comic con! Click here & here to view pics of her arriving

PopCandiesTv | Via veronicaspuffy

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Screenslam ~Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Ashley talk about Breaking Dawn at Comic Con -

Screenslam | Via |Via 

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#SDCC Kristen And Ashley Have Very Different Ways of Wearing Jeans+Tees

Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene took to Comic-Con this past weekend in jeans and tees, but both injected their signature style into the basics, resulting in two very different looks. We break it down to show how a basic tee and skinny jeans can look radically different depending on how you style it, and give you the links to shop right now.

Kristen Stewart showed up in her signature edgy chic look, with a black bra showing underneath her sheer white Market tee ($38), ultra skinny Seven for All Mankind jeans ($210), and classic black Chuck Taylors ($40). If we wanted to dress this up just a bit without losing Kristen's tough element, we would add dangly earrings, a leather cuff, and platform ankle booties.

Click here to read the rest | Via  

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Cute Gif: Robsten: Comic-con

Adorable couple is adorable :))))))))))))))))))

"Bitchfacing'' OICCCCCCCCCCCCC lol

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Water for Elephants DVD Release Date + Pre-Order Information for Switzerland


It will be out on October 3rd, 2011

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More Comic Con vids

These two vids might not of been posted on our master post. In case you missed it click here.

Source 1 , 2 & 3

thanks veronicaspuffy

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Breaking Dawn Comic Con Panel in HD Parts 1 & 2

I feel like i've posted lots of these since Thursday, but this is really great quality. Only Parts 1 & 2 for nao!

*Update* added Part 3

Same Panel but different angel | ScreenTeamMedia |Via |Via

source | via | via 

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Chris Weitz talks about shooting New Moon/Working with Robsten & and jokes about Twitter time with fans

Weitz told Digital Spy that the amount of screaming from Twilight fans will "haunt him forever".

"I remember going to the Munich Olympic Stadium and there were 23,000 young women screaming. It wasn't for me, I was only the Ringo Starr at best of the whole quadruplet that was traveling," he said.

The director also recalled being unable to go to the bathroom during filming in a small Italian town because the location was overrun with fans of Stephenie Meyer's fantasy saga.

"When we were shooting our final four days in Montepulciano in Italy, because it was known that we were shooting there every day, thousands and thousands more young girls would show up - until the point where the streets were jammed, we couldn't get our equipment from one location to another," he explained.

"I couldn't go to the loo because every cafe, every restaurant was just packed. So I just held it!"

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3 Amazing RK Fan made videos~ Breaking Dawn comic con

I always love this events because our lovely RK vid makers get to work to deliver some amazing work. I posted the one by Libenet here in case you missed it.


HoneyBuzy Jess you know i always love your work. One of my faves of course. Love you :)


Coment on their yt accounts and subscribe/like :) These girls do amazing work <3

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Beautiful 'Snow White and The Huntsman' Fan art






And this is an official look at #SWATH's dwarfs - I don't think i posted a pic of them. What do you think??

via uchilad

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[VIDEO] Kristen arriving at Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego!

Kristen Stewart Chris Hemsworth & Charlize Theron arriving at Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego! &
In case you missed it, here are some pics of her arriving to the hotel.

*UPDATE* Another pap video of Kristen arriving and leaving the comic con

Celebrityallvideos | Kstewangel

Update- Some tagged pics from eyeprime

via  | Vid source

Thanks veronicaspuffy for the tip :)

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Rob and Kristen 'top searched celebrities'


Obviously playing a blood-sucking vampire on the big screen doesn't scare people away. Robert Pattinson ranks #8 on PeekScores of PeekYou's 10 Most Searched For Male Celebrities.


Kristen Stewart may play an outcast in 'Twilight', but KStew definitely doesn't have the same issues in real life. The actress ranks #6 on PeekScores of PeekYou's 10 Most Searched For Female Celebrities.


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NEW RK Fan Made Video by @LibenetRobsten ~ Robsten & Comic Con (2008 to 2011) - Perfect Two

New Robsten Video by Libenet~ First of i love love love the song~~ Thumbs up on it <3333 All the footage is so cute!! since the beginning. D'awwwwwwww i love it!!

"you're the apple to my pie, you're the straw to my berry, you're the smoke to my high, and you're the one i wanna marry' ~ Cuz you're the one for me, I'm the one for you. You take the both of us and we're the perfect two~ we're the perfect two!! ~Perfect song!!

'I really like babies' Does he go a day without saying he likes babies???? Kristen give this man a baby NAOOOOOOOOOOOO

Forever on repeat <3 Click to like and subscribe to her vids :)

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Cute New Video of Rob signing for fans on the Cosmopolis Set July 8th

Cute New Video of Rob signing for fans on the Cosmopolis Set July 8th! If you missed all any pics, videos from his time filming in Toronto, click here to see it all!! Tons of pics, and videos of our boy hard at work and taking time for his fans. He is so sweet :)

Video thanks to TheLeafchick

Via | ToR

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New Fan pics + Fan encounter of fan who met Rob, Kristen and Taylor



About 50 fans were given the amazing opportunity to meet Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Bill Condon at Comic Con 2011 and I was one of them. We were told that no cameras or cell phones were allowed to be out in the room, or else we would have our badges taken away so we took no chances. About 5-10 fans were let in at a time and I was in the second group. I thought I would freak out but amazingly enough I stay calm and I think that’s all due to Taylor. When it was my turn I was up and he gave me his flashing smile and said “Hey, how’s it going!” So naturally if someone is not going to be nervous with me, i’m not going to be nervous with them. I said hi and told him I have had to wait many years to meet him and the time has finally come! So he wrote on my poster “Nice finally meeting you” and said it was great to meet me! He was sweet beyond words! So then Rob was next and my calmness was still there (oddly enough) so he said “hey” and gave me that half smirk and head nod I said the first thing that popped to mind “Hey, when are you finally going to buzz all that hair off” (or something to that effect) and he laughed and told me that he actually likes it’s it likes it and wants to keep his hair like that for a while, all while laughing it off. I (still giggling) thanked him and walked to Kristen were I completely shut down for some reason. She seems very shy but she was very sweet and smiled and thanked me for coming. Finally I got to meet the man behind the amazingness (I told him this too!) Bill Condon and I said that I have been enjoying talking to his partner Jack on Twitter. He got all excited and said “You know Jack! That’s great!” I cannot thank Summit and Comic Con enough for giving me this amazing opportunity!!

Check out more pics here

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Rob Pic of the Day

Silly Rob! Is there ever an event where he doesn't make a face to make us all laugh?


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Kristen Pic of the Day

Remember when Kristen dropped her popcorn and she became even more adorable and normal, remember??

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Robsten Pic of the Day

Rob and Kristen, ALWAYS the people's choice.


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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Make You Feel My Love'

This song, my the older look to video. Old film style.

Video from CaliNative70

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