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Possible Rob Sighting Today


This was just tweeted not too long ago by Danielle Shaw.

From Danni_Shaw

Someone just ran into RPattz in LA. Lucky bitch. He signed a receipt for her and she texted and said "he is the sweetest guy in the whole freaking world oh my god Stef he was so sweet. Why isn't he marrying me he was freaking sweet. He is seriously so sweet"

I can't tell if this is true or not, considering I haven't really been keeping up the past few days. But what I've gotten so far is that Rob left Toronto July 15, there were some possible sightings of Rob and Kristen in NYC, and now in LA. I hope that's pretty much right! So take this however you like. I mean, I'm sure the girl saw him and met him. It only makes sense. Considering how flustered that text message is... ~RobstenSparks

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More HQ Untagged Pictures of Kristen from July 1st + Zip File


Photobucket Photobucket

Click for 30 + More pics & Zip File to download automatically!!

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'Twilight' Makes Next Movie's 9 Coolest Comic Con Moments

'Twilight' Mania
Hard to believe it's been less than three years since "Twilight" first hit the big screen. But fans at Comic-Con in 2008 got a sneak preview not just of the movie, but of the phenomenon itself. The first-ever "Twilight" panel quickly became the hottest ticket in town and when the stars took the stage, we all found out why, as hysterical Twihards regaled their idols with cheers, screams and swooning throughout. By the end it was clear that "Twilight" was going to change pop culture -- and Comic-Con itself -- forever.

Click to read the rest here |Via 

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Fan Made RK Video ~ Kiss the Rain by @CSI_Robsten

Well another great RK Video. From CSI_Robsten. Lovely song and of course lovely couple. Need more?? Just watch <33

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New Photo Of Robert Pattinson At Private Airport In Toronto from July 15th


My mom works at a private airport in Toronto where a lot of celebrities fly in and out of. She called me last night letting me know that a “Robert Douglas Pattinson, an actor from the UK” would be coming through the avitat today. After my telling her that it was probably my boyfriend Rob coming through, I told her that she better get a picture for me! She and her coworkers joked around over the phone a little bit – laughing at how I told them that Rob is the only person in the world that I am allowed to cheat on my real boyfriend with (he gets to sleep with Eva Mendez) and then my mom finally discovered that he would be flying out before she even got into work today. However, I got a call from my mom this afternoon and a picture from one of my mom’s coworkers eventually followed. This is a picture of Rob heading out of a private Toronto airport July 15/11.

Thanks to Vanessa at breakingdawnmovie

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UPdated~~ Rob and Kristen spotted at a Vintage store shopping!!

Morning Shippers. Could Rob and Kristen be back in Cali now?? That is if in fact they were in NYC at all.

iguana-Vintage-Clothing face book sighting!

They are located sherman oaks California!! Hobos back at full ninja force, shopping vintage. That's what im talking about. Hopefully we will see something new on Rob/Kristen!! Any thoughts on what they might have bought?? Here is the link for the store

UPDate from the Iguana Vintage Clothing


Thanks victoria1985 for the tip
Via Robsessed

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Great Article about 'On The Road' ~ 4,000 Miles in a '49 Hudson: On The Road

Francis Ford Coppola has owned the movie rights to Jack Kerouac's seminal novel On The Road for decades. And frankly most of us who love the book and Kerouac's legacy and have been discussing the possibility of a movie for years took great solace from the fact that the movie was in the caring hands of Francis Coppola. He just seemed to be the kind of guy who would either make the movie "right" or he wouldn't make it at all.
Numerous scripts have been written over the years, one by Barry Gifford, one by Russell Banks, one even by Coppola's own son Roman. None made the cut. The problem seemed to be exactly how you translate the story of On The Road to film.


One issue was the way Francis Coppola wanted to make the film. Rumor had it Coppola wanted unknown actors playing the two main characters Dean Moriarity and Sal Paradise (Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac in real life). The studios wanted Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell -- or some other bankable name depending on the decade. Coppola wanted black and white and the studios wanted color. Nobody seemed to know which way it was going to go and for thirty years the movie simply never got made.
And then along came Motorcycle Diaries. Screenwriter Jose Riviera was nominated for an Academy Award. Walter Salles, the Brazilian Director, won accolades as well. Francis Coppola was impressed and figured he may have found his team. After all, Motorcycle Diaries is about a couple of guys running around South America on a '39 Norton motorcycle. On The Road is about a couple of guys running around North America in a '49 Hudson. Hmmm.....

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New Amazing Colab Video by @HoneyBuzy @Fiorels90 Angels in the Room

Well the title says it all. Amazing new Collab video from my two favorite video makers of all time. Love, love, love it.

We all have made great friends through Rob and Kristen. I love all my twitter lovelies and of course i love you all for showing your support to this blog. Rob and Kristen are what brought alot of us together and for that i am thankful:)

Jess and Fio, omg girls i have no words. You guys are amazing, but i say that all the time. You must tire of me saying that over and over. But i mean every bit of it:) Thank you for making me smile with your amazing work. I thank Rob and Kristen for crossing our paths and for knowing you girls both. I absolutely love you both!! Again great, beautiful job <333

If you havent already subscribed to their channels, do it now please:)

HoneyBuzy & xFiorels90

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Billy Burk talks to @TwilightLexicon about meeting Kristen

Lexicon - Have you met with Kristen Stewart? How does that
father/daughter relationship on screen influence your relationship off

Billy - Well here’s a “funny” story. I met her for the first time on the plane up to
Portland. I tapped her on the shoulder and said “ Hi. I’m your dad”. She thought I
was a stalker. Despite that, since then I think we’ve gotten along pretty well. I
think she’s an extremely rare talent.

Thanks Twilight Lexicon~ YOu can read the entire interview here

Via KstewAngel | TodoTwiSaga

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It's that time again. Pre-order your 'Breaking Dawn Part1' Illustrated Movie Companion

Seems the cover is not final of course, but you can now pre order it. It will be released on Dec 13th 2011!!


Click here to pre order today!! 

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Rob Pic of the Day~Is This Thing On?

Rob you never need a megaphone to get out attention. You could whisper and we'd be straining our ears to hear you. But you still look super cute with the megaphone anyway.


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Kristen Pic of the Day~Scream

Looked amazing!! Wonder if the power of Kristen attending last year will open another invite for this year? And hopefully this time she'll bring along Rob.

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Robsten Pic of the Day~Lost

Lost in each other's eyes...lost in love...lost in their own little bubble.


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Robsten Vid of the Day~"I Desperately Need You" @ruthhannahx

Check out more videos from Unforgivenrose's channel!

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New/Old Fan Pictures with Rob and Charlie Bewley

Never seen this, now i was not a fan around this time so they could be old.

*Update* _ They are old, but seem this are larger and better tagged. Click for bigger image! 


charliegallery | Via Gossip-dance 


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New/Old Kristen 'In the Land of Women' Portrait

Cutey Blonde Stew!! Just gorgeous!!


kstewartbr | fiercebitchstew

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Amazing Edward and Bella Fan art~ FromTwilight to Dawn

Saw these on tumblr the other day. I think they are awesome. I only have one problem with the Edward one. Is it me, or does the NM Edward looks nothing like Robert Pattinson? Please tell me im not the only one.... IF i am wrong, then i seriously need to consider start to wear glasses or something. If not then what the fuck is up with that NM Edward.


Still amazing from purpleandpretty | via

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Tons of Fan Videos of Rob at the "Water for Elephants' NYC Premiere

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UK Breaking Dawn Film Premiere November 18th

November 18th they say. Now That's the day the film releases here. Wonder when our premiere day will be. Hmmmm very interesting.  Will keep ya updated on this news.

Markmeets via Robsteners

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From Director Bill Condon: What we can expect from the BD Clip shown at Comic Con


From Entertainment Weekly article:

Bill Condon has never been to Comic-Con, nor has he ever seen for himself what can happen when Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner get in a room with thousands of screaming fans. “It sounds insane! It sounds exciting,” he laughs. Comic-Con-bound Twihards can expect some never-before-seen clips form the highly anticipated penultimate chapter of The Twilight Saga—“I’m trying to figure out that now,” says Condon. “It’s a bit of a challenge ‘cause we don’t want to give away the wedding dress, and some of the other big action scenes have wolves that won't be ready in time”—in addition to a Q&A with the stars and the director.

Fans will no doubt have plenty of questions: Breaking Dawn delves into much darker (and weirder) territory than previous outings including Bella and Edward’s wedding followed by a night of passion (cue flying feathers!) that results in Bella’s pregnancy with a half-vampire baby—not to mention a fantastically gruesome birth. Says Condon, “What I’m really looking forward to is the experience of [screening the clips] with people who care so deeply about this.”

Scan MelbieToast
Transcript StrictlyRobsten
Via Kstewangel

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Rumors: Kristen may have done the 'W' photoshoot today? + RK sighting??

So i am sitting in mah rocking chair jk my regular chair and its oh just 3:39am awake like a Cullen because well i take after them. Anyways back to biz. Could Kristen have done the 'W' Magazine photo shoot today?? Well According to Kristen's (NYC)  Make up artist @Beau_Nelson he did make up for 'someone' for that cover today.

Could it be Kristen's?? If so i wonder if all the RK sightings are true?? Could Rob have flown into NYC rather than LA?? Quite possible since RK have proven to be the best ninja couple of all time.

Now alot of people are suggesting an RK shoot. Hmmm i don't think 'W; would be all to pleased to have Rob in their magazine but thats just me. lol

Now unto the Rumored RK sightings. Where do i start. Well i guess from the beginning where

Face Book User posts
Wow Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are nice people to run Into!
While Running through the Bryant park to get to a store I was so intent to get there that i ran into this couple and knocked them over full body smash:: Oh hell I am sorry back and forth and I realize I know these kids.. They look familiar.. Then i got it as the boy started to laugh i recognized his voice and said Oh i know who you are!! your that boy from Twilight and you were the kid in Harry Potter who gets killed! and your the girl Bella! cool.. What are you doing here? (As if they have no right to be anywhere but on my tv or movie screen)... Robert " i was in for the premiere and we are having some fun in NYC.. " Cool great .. Have fun Love your movies.. Bye.. And lots of laughing "Nice way to meet people running them over!"

Lots of nahs on this sighting. IDK what to think either... Rob talking to a fan and answering questions sounds less than probable. But if he did, who says he was just saying something out of the blue to guide her away?

 So in comes the second Rob sighting of today. I say Rob because the kid didn't seem to recognize Kristen..

Another FB Account:

The only good thing about this sightings is that Kristen might have really done the W Photo shoots that HL Has been claiming. If its true i may start to like them. Maybe. Although they are a bunch of bs'rs idont even know.

And of course that Rob and Kristen are together again. So remember to take it with a grain of salt. All is bs until proven other wise!! I feel like private investigator or something.  Gosh its now 4:14am! Human has to sleep!!

Thank you RKbubbles & Stupid69Lamb for the screencaps and extensive undercover work!! LOL

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Scriptwriter & Producer of 'Snow White and the Huntsman' talk about how the project came to be!


When little known screenwriter Evan Daugherty came up with the idea to tell the story of Snow White from the Huntsman’s point of view, he had no idea that a few years later he’d be sitting at Roth Films in Santa Monica on the other end of a deal worth $3.2 million.

The story of how Daugherty got his spec script into the hands of producer Palak Patel, who helped develop the script into a four quadrant tenpole movie and sparked a bidding war with the studios, became one of the most lucrative spec sales in recent history. Script sat down with the screenwriter and producer to hear how they made it happen in a marketplace that seems impossible.

Click here to listen to interview!!

BTW in case you didn't know Palak Patel recently produced Alice In Wonderland and Knight And Day at Roth Films and is in preproduction on a "Wizard of Oz" prequel.

Fan poster by Karenxan

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More RK Mag Snapshots from OK Philippiness


Photobucket Photobucket

Thanks Frances for sending in:)

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Rob Pic of the Day~Thumbs Up

Rob also gave us a thumbs up at the MTV Awards that night. Maybe I'm stuck in a little Robsten bubble myself but I don't notice a lot of celebs giving a thumbs up, just the cute hobos. I approve.

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Kristen Pic of the Day~Thumbs Up

I love when they give the thumbs up, so cute. Here's Kristen's latest pic of a thumbs up. And her bright smile is so adorable!

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Robsten Pic of the Day~Love in Motion

I love this pic in motion. Its so cute of both of them. Kristen looks like she's ready for a rock concert. Rob looks like he's ready for karate lessons. Cute R/K are cute!

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Robsten Vid of the Day~"You're On To Me And All Over Me" from @girlnamediandra

Yesterday we got a special treat from diandravideos, Check out her NEW video "I Think I Wanna Marry You." and below is one of my favorites. I love this version of 'Gravity' Make sure when you check out her channel~ diandravideos you subscribe!!

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Vote for Edward and Bella~ Most Epic Couple

Ron and Hermione are winning against Edward and Bella!! We know who is more epic but lets VOte!!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Click HERE to vote!!

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'Snow White and the Huntsman' Poster from Rhythm and Hues

From talesfromgrimmwood

I stumbled upon this poster from Rhythm & Hues Studios, who will be overseeing the visual effects on Snow White and the Huntsman.


In a twist to the fairy tale, the Huntsman (played by Chris Hemsworth) ordered to take Snow White (Kristen Stewart) into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen (Charlize Theron).

Directed by Rupert Sanders, with Todd Shifflett, VFX supervisor, overseeing the work by R&H.

Update: Such poster is not official, according to Palak Patel (Swath Producer) He tweeted about it but has since deleted his tweet!!
Thanks loik13 via Kstewangel

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Rob and Kristen in US Weekly mag~ Secret set visits and Rob's New Hair 'do

Click to make larger!!
Photobucket Photobucket


Christopher Mintz `Plasse likes Twilight because of 'Robert Pattinson'


Scan thanks to Gossipgyal

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Adorable Jacob and Marlena Gifs

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Vote 'Breaking Dawn' for Scream Awards Most Anticipated Movie of 2011

Click picture to vote for Breaking Dawn as Most Anticipated Movie of 2011. A category picked by the fans! And check back soon for when they announce more categories. Remember Kristen won best fantasy actress last year!?! The awards will air sometime in October.

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Kristen Stewart def posed for photoshoot today!! Err i think! LOL

Mario Saverino face books that Kristen is at a client's house for a photo shoot. Now, i think he is being funny about the Bella part, because i don't think Kristen is doing a Bella Photo shoot. Unless of course im completely wrong. Gahhh i wish we had official news. But for now this is what we know. Kristen defientely did a photoshoot today. We know that from this status and the one i posted earlier here which magazine the photo shoot is for is still uncertain. Laters <33

Source |Via |Via

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Rob Pic of the Day~Cool in Blue

Don't think we didn't notice that little peek of tummy there Rob, great job at killing us all!


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Kristen Pic of the Day~Gorgeous

Gorgeous, perfect, Kristen ;)

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Robsten Pic of the Day~Beautiful

Can this couple be any more beautiful?

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Robsten Vid of the Day~'Cute!' from @MeBeCorny

The video lives up to its name, definitely cute! I love the intro in the beginning and the using the 'How to Be' clips with the music. Only one thing bad about it, I wanted it to keep going. Loved it!!

check out more from bedwardANDniley

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SCANS: Rob and Kristen in OK Philippines


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Thanks Channette for sending us these:)

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Own JettStew's Leather Bracelet!

This black leather cuff is inspired by the one worned by Kristen Steward playing Joan Jett in the movie The Runaways along side Dakota Fanning playing Cherie Currie.

  • color finish - black.
  • 100% genuine leather.
  • *sizes - small (6 1/2" wrist or smaller), large (6 3/4" wrist or bigger)
  • width - 3"
  • hand crafted in Los Angeles, CA.

Click here to order!!!

urbanwrist| Twilightish 

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Stylist @SallyLyndley tweets about working with Kristen today. Could it be for the infamous "photo shoot?"

Stylis and fashion lover @SallyLyndley tweets to us today about working with Kristen Stewart. We know Kristen is doing a photo shoot for a 'major magazine' soon. I wonder if this was it?? And if so, which magazine?? Def interesting:)

Of course we'll be keeping you up to date with everything about this 'so called' major photo shoot!! We're very excited :)

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New/Old Fan Pictures of Rob on the 'NYC Water for Elephants' Premiere



ThinkingofRob | Via

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