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Funny Rob WFE Interview Moments~Fan Video

Oh my adorkable, loveable.
Kristen is a very lucky girl. Perfect gentleman and hilarious!

Thanks to xEdwardAnthonyMasenx for making the video for us all to giggle at!

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PG-13 Rating for Water for Elephants

Today it was posted that Water for Elephants will get a PG-13 rating. So is this what you thought?
Were you expecting R? After reading the book, it definetely could have been R rated.
Are you disappointed? Or does it really matter? I'm just happy to see Rob in this role.
The clips are amazing!

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Now in HQ Rob & Kristen Eclipse Press Junket/Premiere Pics

Rob at Eclipse Press Junket and Premiere w/ Access Hollywood

Kristen Premiere/ Press Junket



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Rob's Bel Ami Co-Star Natalia Tena Talks About Getting Naughty With Him

Oh!! Can't wait for Bel Ami! And NOVEMBER!!!
skdf ksdkaj (noise of squeeing at the news, lol)
This seems to be the first confirmation that we may get the movie before the end of the year!
And with Breaking Dawn Part One and On the Road hitting theaters around the same time
we are sure to get Rob & Kristen overload! And we are not complaining about that!!!

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ET ~ Rob FLASHBACK~then and Now~ HQ

Our lovely Rob as Cedric!! Don't you just love him?? Hasn't changed one bit!!

Thanks ~ yolycoProductions

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*More* ~NEW Photos of Rob from WFE Press Junket







Click for even bigger and prettier:)

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New Photo of Rob at the #WFE Press Conference

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Bid on 2 tickets to the WFE Premiere in NYC and support American Humane Association

BID NOW for a pair of tickets to the star-studded world premiere of Water for Elephants!

All proceeds from the online ticket auction will go to American Humane Association's work, including our Film & TV Unit's "No Animals Were Harmed"® program. The auction is open now through 1:51:38 p.m. PDT on Monday, April 11. Starting bid for the pair of tickets* is $1,000. The premiere event is at 6:30 p.m. EDT on Sunday, April 17, at New York City's Ziegfeld Theater.

BID NOW for you and a guest to attend this fantastic world premiere event and to show your support for the "No Animals Were Harmed"® film certification.

More details HERE

Source via RPLife

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The Telegraph (UK) Robert Pattinson hails ‘beautiful’ film Water for Elephants

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ClevverTV – Water For Elephants Movie Clip “The Way Elephants Flirt” Official (HD)

clevveTv Via Spunk-Ransom

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ClevverTv – Water For Elephants Movie Clip “Our Salvation” Official (HD)

clevverTv Via Spunk-Ransom

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Clevver TV – Robert Pattinson Talks ‘Breaking Dawn’ Love Scene:

clevverTv Via spunk-Ransom

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Rob's Interview with LaStampa (Translated)

"How circus changes life”- Interview to Robert Pattinson by Lorenzo Soria for La

It is said that the train passes once, a metaphor to suggest that we must take the fly when there are opportunities offered by life and these could not recur again.

Jacob Jankowski gets on a train from a traveling circus and so hebegins an adventure that will change his life. There he will know Marlena, the star of the circus, radiant in her beauty when she performs with the white horses, and Rosie, an impressive as sweet and friendly elephant.

In a nutshell, this is the plot of Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen’s bestseller, now a movie directed by Francis Lawrence. For the millions of fans of the Twilight series, this is also the film starring Robert Pattinson, who finished filming the last two films in the series, and he intends to leave the golden cage of vampire dangerous as it is fascinating to find its new identity as an actor .In Water for Elephants he is just Jacob, the quasi-vet who embarks himself on an adventure that will mark his life. Marlena is Reese Witherspoon, while Christopher Waltz is August, the owner of the circus, a bit ‘as its Colonel Landa’s Inglourious Basterds, able to be softly seductive but also capable of an infinite cruelty. Rob Pattinson now has a pair of army pants, shoes untied, shirt with short sleeves , as always, seems just thrown out of bed.

Pattinson, how was to be on a set with elephants, lions and giraffes?
“It’s a bit ‘like I’ve met a lot of new interesting people, beginning with Tai, our elephant, which is a unique case of intelligence and sensitivity. Treat animals as people stretch, with respect.

“ What does it mean to you circus? You went there as a child?
“I went there once when I was seven. My sister told me and scared me a clown had died and only when I was 19 years she told me that it was not true. I did not come back to circus anymore, but I find the idea of ​ the circus very charming, it is an environment that transports you to another world. “

At the end of the year will hit the theaters “Twilight” movie number four.” Someone says that under the direction of Bill Condon his vampire will become more dangerous.
“There will be more anger. But so goes the book and Condon was not afraid to take that path.

What do you do to recharge?
“I work hard since four years now and I start to think that my batteries are being a bit ‘low. I am very happy with my life, but I would have more control over my work. I would like more time to write and more time at all, do not have this feeling of being on the run. “

Are you thinking of writing a screenplay?
“Considering the scripts I read and movies I’ve ever seen, I often wonder about what is the criterion that make some scripts to be produced into movies. Sometimes I write down ideas when I have free time, I hope to write something.

In the meantime, you can not move freely without the onslaught of fans.
“It happens more in America than when I go back to London, where fans are more respectful. Generally are Americans and Italians fans that asked me to stop when I walk. I can not walk through Times Square, but my life has not changed much, if not for the fact that I work a lot. And yes, I try to preserve my privacy, but I’m not so shy and reserved as many think about me “

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An Early THANKS from Summit!

Tweet via: Twilight
Image via: LaSagaRobsten

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Exclusive! Twitter Time with BDKreviews!

My own experience of tweeting  with bdkreviews!

I graciously asked his permission if it would be cool for him to do a blog post regarding the statements that he said. 
And he said: sure! no problem!

It all started when I tweeted him this: @ love your interview! :)) great job! and lucky you! :))

He tweeted back a simple Thank You to me.. 

I tried my luck again..hahaha. 
By tweeting this: @ you're certainly most welcome! :)) can I ask, what's it like to interview them? :))

And I'm not really expecting for a tweet back. And at this point, I'm not sure if he's going to tweet back to me because most people doesn't tweet back to you once they've replied to you on the first tweet.  So with that, I just carried on with what I'm doing then suddenly
a tweet appeared!

bdkreviews: @AmandaNicolette I was his first of the day and i walked in and he was chewing gum and said, I should probably spit this out...haha
bdkreviews: @AmandaNicolette he's just a normal dude who happens to be very talented and an amazing actor!

Then it seems like, that we're just tweeting..normally. HAHA

Me: @ what about reese witherspoon? what's it like to interview her? :))
bdkreviews: @AmandaNicolette i'm in love with her! she's always very talkative and very funny - she always makes you feel comfortable in the interview
Me: @ the fans would also love to ask..what's Christoph like on an interview? :))
bdkreviews: @AmandaNicolette he's very very very serious and very very very funny at the same time - I just love how open he can be - very nice guy

Wow. What an experience, conducting an interview via Twitter. :)) Haha. 
Super cool! 

Twitter Account: bdkreviews

If you haven't seen the interview yet, well here it is! :)

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BD Set Video: Near Shannon Falls in Squamish B.C..

Thanks to Newsflic

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VIDEO: Flashback of Rob's first interview with ET (2005)

source via Spunk-Ransom

Before Robert Pattinson was romancing Reese Witherspoon in 'Water for Elephants' or the mysterious Edward Cullen in 'Twilight,' he played a pivotal role in two 'Harry Potter' movies.

Robert played Quiddich captain and Triwizard Tournament contender Cedric Diggory in 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' and 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,' the latter in which he comes to an untimely end at the hands of Voldemort. When asked by ET in 2005 about his thoughts of becoming a teen idol, he laughed, "I think about it all the time! No, I don't -- it's impossible to think what it's going to be like, because I've never been hugely popular or anything in my life, so it's going to be weird. I hope I get a bit of an ego afterwards!"

Source / via: RPLife

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WFE Press Junket: Robert Pattinson talks his affinity for animals and his nerves with releasing films

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Artisan News: Rob and Reese Interview

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2 New Water For Elephants TV Spots (with New Scenes)

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Water for Elephants Part 2 Press Junket

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Updated More New Water for Elephants Stills

Thanks again to @RPLife


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