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2 New/Old Fan Videos from “Twilight” Fan Event in Munich

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Rob on the cover of Vanity Fair

Cropped for better view:)

Holy cheeze Neeps. Rob in a white shirt NOMMMMM NOMMM!!! Rob holding an alligator on the cover of VF!!! Call 911 i die i die!!!

So what do you all think of the VF Cover?? Be honest!! There's alot of mixed reviews. 

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ClevverTv: Breaking Dawn Casting Update: Teenage "Renesmee" found?

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ClevverTv: Twilight Gets Auto-Tuned At 2011 Oscars

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Rob on the set of Breaking Dawn last Wednesday (Feb 23) -

pattinsonlife| via

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Rob and Kristen shopping at an American Vintage Store

Hey loves, alma here:) Im sorry i havent been on all day today:( I worked all night last night so i slept pretty much all morning. hehe anyways im back at work and well its been such a slow day apparently. So im posting this little something that @RPattzTillDeath sent me, i dont know how reliable this is or if the store is just name dropping Rob and Kristen for publicity, which is the case 99.99% if the time.

Anyway... Take it with a grain of salt. If not skip to the next post which is oh so yummy!!! Can't wait untill we see the New Vanity Fair... Im sure it will be lots of UNFESS!! Especially this set of pics..... Robert Pattinson - VF BTS 2011 

Can we say NOM NOM NOM?!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can see more of those pics here

Source| via by babes @RPattzTillDeath

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Video: In Honor of Rob's New Vanity Fair Cover!! Just a Tease!!

I don't know about you ladies but Thursday can't get here fast enough!! I can not wait for Amish Rob!! I know Annie will do a fabulous job! He never disappoints! I know my expectations will be beyond be met!! I thought I would post this in honor of his new cover coming out this week!! Ironically, Kristen was on the March cover last year!! I love all this Rob and Kristen attention!

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What Happened When Rob Met Tai (AKA Rosie in WFE) For the First Time?


Thanks to Tink from ROBsessedBlog, who visited Tai & got a few details! 

While visiting Tai, I got a few details about Rob and Tai: 

* The stars of Water for Elephants were brought out to meet Tai as a persuasive tactic to get them to sign on to the film. 

* Rob came out to meet her and was quite taken. We got an idea of this meeting from the Details article

* He was over her, under her, beside her, like a little kid. Very excited. Wore a hoodie, sunglasses, and sported a beard. The ranch crew didn't know who he was so there was no fangirling going on but said he was really nice. 

* The trainer said Rob got elephant rides and Tai lifted him in the air with her trunk. When he was leaving, he was on the phone talking about how thrilled he was. 

* The trainer said Tai would likely recognize Rob again due to the amount of time he spent with her. 

He must be so cute to watch when having fun. :)

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New/Old Fan Photos of Kristen Stewart


There's Rob, in the background. :)

source / via / via

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Reveals the duration of the new trailer of 'Water for Elephants'

The twitter @ ProjectionList has released the last several trailers near extrenar and among them is the new trailer for Water for Elephants with Robert Pattinson, which is expected to go this week. The trailer will run 2:20 minutes! ^ ^ 

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Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen on the Set of Breaking Dawn!

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Shekhar Kapur wants Kristen for Paani

India’s tryst with Hollywood promises to get bigger. Twilight beauty Kristen Stewart, for instance, continues to rank high on filmmaker Shekhar Kapur’s wishlist for his ambitious film, Paani. 

The Elizabeth director has just wrapped up the final draft of the script and is all set to approach Kristen to star in his film.“I have just finished the eighth draft of Paani’s script. I’m going to send the script to Kristen,” says Kapur. “I have had a conversation with her about the film but I have no idea whether she’ll accept the offer or not.”

Last year, there were reports that Kristen was already part of Paani. Her representative had clarified, “…She is not set to star in this film.” Kapur too had said, “…People are jumping to conclusions.” 

Besides Kristen, Hrithik Roshan was also believed to be playing the male lead. But Kapur clarifies that the casting process is yet to start. “I do have certain actors in mind but I shouldn’t go on record about the cast until everything is finalised,” he says, adding the film has a lavish budget.

“Paani isn’t a small film. After all, it is a $35 million venture. And I’m not going through the standard studio procedure for production. My film will be an independently-funded project. All such things, obviously, take time,” says Kapur, adding that his film will go on the floors as soon as the cast is in place.

If Kristen accepts the role, she will play a stunning wealthy girl who will romance the male lead. It’s believed that the futuristic Paani is about a lower-class Mumbai rebel who stealthily visits the more elite part of the city where a beautiful girl crosses his path, and they fall in love.

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Stunt rehearsals at Bella Swan's House - Surrey B.C.

We were so lucky on our On Location Tours Vancouver Tour on Friday February 25.  Not only did we find a new filming location near Port Moody, we came across some stunt filming.  It was our lucky day and my guests were thrilled with the luck we had to see some special Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn secrets.
Here is a stunt man being hoisted up to Bella's window.  He then jumps down to the mats below.  Two other stunt guys wrestle on the mats. 
The stunt co-ordinator was working with the crane operator and the other people controlling the speed on the stunt man jumping from the window.
Seeing the stunt and knowing what was going to take place at this location in a few weeks was pretty exciting.


@OLTV Tweets: Check this video out -- Stunt at Swan House Pt 1.wmv… via @youtube

Source / via @OLTV 
Thanks! :) 

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Rob Pic Of The Day

Clean up Aisle 3 ASAP


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Kristen Pic Of The Day


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Robsten Pic Of The Day

Love Love Love This Photoshoot
one of my faves
Robsten UNF

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Robsten Video Of The Day



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NextMovie – The 1st Annual ‘Twilight’ Academy Awards

The Academy Awards have to attract young viewers to remain the biggest awards show. That’s why they expanded the Best Picture category to 10 nominees, allowing more populist films to be included.

They’ve also started a huge social networking push, announcing recently that the ceremony will be streaming live online, and named the unlikely young duo of Anne Hathaway and James Franco as co-hosts.

This is all costing the Academy a pretty penny, during a time when movie ticket sales are down. However, all they really need to attract younger viewers is “The Twilight Saga.”

I am not suggesting that the prestigious awards show should tarnish its reputation by including “Twilight” nominees in undeserved categories. Most reasonable Twi-Hards are willing to admit Robert Pattinson’s performance as Edward doesn’t quite match up to Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech” or James Franco in “127 Hours.”

What I am suggesting, simply, is they add some categories where “Twilight” will be a lock.

Young folks love vampires and wizards and supernatural storylines. However, with the current Academy’s taste and categories, those films are rarely nominated outside of snoozefest categories like Best Makeup or Best Visual Effects (no offense, makeup people and visual effect dudes). The Academy has added categories in the past like Best Animated Feature Film. Why not a few more?

In a selfless effort to help the film industry, I am listing suggestions for new categories and what movies and actors would have been nominated had the awards been included this year. Members of the Academy should note that these not only allow “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” to be nominated multiple times, but also other popular movies like “Paranormal Activity 2″ and “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1.”

Most of my suggestions are fairly self-explanatory. Obviously, to be considered for Best Supernatural Feature Film, there would have to be supernatural elements in the movie. Others may not seem as clear-cut.

Best Performance In A Supernatural Redemption Role is where a supernatural character does something wrong, but makes up for it by doing something right. Jasper Hale almost ate Bella, and then protected her by training the Cullens and the wolf pack to fight newborn vampires.

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HD Video: “Eclipse” Included in Oscar Musical Spoof

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Is that Rob's Bonnet the one Kristen has in her bag?

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Amy Adams Talks Kristen and OTR to MTV's Josh Horowitz at the Oscars

I haven’t seen anything,” she told MTV News. “I haven’t even seen a photograph. But I’m really, really excited.

So are we, especially considering the lineup of actors she’s working with, including “Twilight” sweetheart Kristen Stewart: “My whole part involves Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund, Sam [Riley] and Viggo Mortensen.”

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MTV's Josh Horowitz Promises Non-Oscar Twilight Surprise

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*Video* Reese Witherspoon talks About Water for Elephants and Robert Pattinson at The Academy Awards


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New Pics Kristen Arriving Back in Vancouver

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Old / New Photos: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Comic Con 2008.

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Rob as Edward: Gorgeous Screencaps Enhanced

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New Pictures of Kristen at LAX Airport 2/27

 So all of the alleged sightings were right?? Wonder where our Rob is? Our baby girl is so cute!! I missed her:)

Justjared| socialitelife

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