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NextMovie – The 1st Annual ‘Twilight’ Academy Awards

The Academy Awards have to attract young viewers to remain the biggest awards show. That’s why they expanded the Best Picture category to 10 nominees, allowing more populist films to be included.

They’ve also started a huge social networking push, announcing recently that the ceremony will be streaming live online, and named the unlikely young duo of Anne Hathaway and James Franco as co-hosts.

This is all costing the Academy a pretty penny, during a time when movie ticket sales are down. However, all they really need to attract younger viewers is “The Twilight Saga.”

I am not suggesting that the prestigious awards show should tarnish its reputation by including “Twilight” nominees in undeserved categories. Most reasonable Twi-Hards are willing to admit Robert Pattinson’s performance as Edward doesn’t quite match up to Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech” or James Franco in “127 Hours.”

What I am suggesting, simply, is they add some categories where “Twilight” will be a lock.

Young folks love vampires and wizards and supernatural storylines. However, with the current Academy’s taste and categories, those films are rarely nominated outside of snoozefest categories like Best Makeup or Best Visual Effects (no offense, makeup people and visual effect dudes). The Academy has added categories in the past like Best Animated Feature Film. Why not a few more?

In a selfless effort to help the film industry, I am listing suggestions for new categories and what movies and actors would have been nominated had the awards been included this year. Members of the Academy should note that these not only allow “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” to be nominated multiple times, but also other popular movies like “Paranormal Activity 2″ and “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1.”

Most of my suggestions are fairly self-explanatory. Obviously, to be considered for Best Supernatural Feature Film, there would have to be supernatural elements in the movie. Others may not seem as clear-cut.

Best Performance In A Supernatural Redemption Role is where a supernatural character does something wrong, but makes up for it by doing something right. Jasper Hale almost ate Bella, and then protected her by training the Cullens and the wolf pack to fight newborn vampires.

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HD Video: “Eclipse” Included in Oscar Musical Spoof

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Is that Rob's Bonnet the one Kristen has in her bag?

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Amy Adams Talks Kristen and OTR to MTV's Josh Horowitz at the Oscars

I haven’t seen anything,” she told MTV News. “I haven’t even seen a photograph. But I’m really, really excited.

So are we, especially considering the lineup of actors she’s working with, including “Twilight” sweetheart Kristen Stewart: “My whole part involves Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund, Sam [Riley] and Viggo Mortensen.”

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MTV's Josh Horowitz Promises Non-Oscar Twilight Surprise

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*Video* Reese Witherspoon talks About Water for Elephants and Robert Pattinson at The Academy Awards


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New Pics Kristen Arriving Back in Vancouver

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Old / New Photos: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Comic Con 2008.

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Rob as Edward: Gorgeous Screencaps Enhanced

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New Pictures of Kristen at LAX Airport 2/27

 So all of the alleged sightings were right?? Wonder where our Rob is? Our baby girl is so cute!! I missed her:)

Justjared| socialitelife

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Account of the fan that saw the Pattinsons


"I was coming out of a shop this afternoon (less than an hour ago actually!) and just as I was walking out I caught the side profile of this older couple. For some reason they looked vaguely familiar (it was his Dad's strong profile that did it, lol)- and then I realized it was Robert Pattinson's PARENTS!

Hahaha- I am heartily and thoroughly MORTIFIED to say that I snapped a quick photo of them as I window shopped behind them for a block (thinking it would be welcomed by everyone on the blog here- even though my camera is crap)... and then they soon turned into a Keihl's where I just couldn't resist and ducked in too (feeling like such a weirdo, I can't even tell you. I was like- ooh, lip balm, well of COURSE i need lip balm!) Hahaha, I promise you I just wanted to hear whether or not they had the English accent, then I knew it would be without a doubt his folks. Plus- how often do you get to listen in briefly on the Pattinson family, right? ;)

So I went to sincerely try out lip balms while his Mom and Dad just happened to walk up close behind me and ask the counter clerk if they had anything soothing since she happened to have a cold. Something was said about how long they were in town and the answer was 'just 3 days'. And so they had a bit more of a chat, paid for something and went to the door. Then outside they ended up turning back and walking back in the direction I also needed to go (which was home) and so I ended up (this time innocently enough! lol) behind them again for a block or two.

His parents by the way- seem to be totally in love- his Dad had his arm gently resting against his wife's waist the majority of the time they were walking outside, and I easily got the impression in the shop that he dotes on his wife with a huge amount of warmth and affection. (he does seem like a sweet Dad to have!).I also got the impression that she is the one who wears the pants in the family- l bol, but in a polite "I'm a women, of course I should be treated as a queen" kind of a way and duh! I think she's got that right. ;) And they were of course, both very polite. (They're English lol)

So anyways- sorry for rambling- that's my rPatz-ish spotting of the day! The city can hardly expect to see any glimpse of the son, so seeing the parents was sweet and thrilling enough. I hope the weather behaves for the rest of their time here! (Right now freezing and shockingly sunny- mountains look gorgeous rising up behind the city with their snow.) Heather"

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Rumor: Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Kiss, Go "Nuts" on Dance Floor

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart threw their hands in the air like they didn't care all night long at a Friday/Saturday pre-Oscar bash at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.
The costars and real-life loves "were dancing the whole time," a fellow reveler tells "They definitely kissed a few times." (Stewart wore a black dress for the bash.)
Pattinson, 24, and Stewart, 20, were far from the only celebs getting their dance on to DJ Jesse Marco's mix of 80s, classic hip hop and pop:Hayden Panettiere and Miley Cyrus (dancing to her own "Party in the USA"!) were spotted on the dance floor, whcih was also flooded with stunning models. Stars like Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, Ryan Gosling and Natalie Portman also stopped by.
The highlight for Pattinson and Stewart? When a certain Jay-Z/Alicia Keys Big Apple classic came on around 1 a.m. "They went nuts for Empire State of Mind!" the witness tells Us.

very interesting.... and we already know Rob and Kristen can get down... 

source| image | gifs 

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Short Video of Kristen Going Through Argentina's Airport

This video was taken during the filming of On the Road. 

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Catherine Hardwicke talks about casting Rob as Edward

Like the late John Hughes, who discovered the teenage actors who became the Brat Pack, Hardwicke has created many of this generation’s tween idols. Evan Rachel Wood (Thirteen), Emile Hirsch (Lords of Dogtown), Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner (Twilight) all got their big breaks in a Hardwicke film. She dishes about them like an older sister; how Hirsch was too lazy to do sit-ups and drew abs on his stomach with mascara or why Pattinson had to pluck his eyebrows. “They were a bit bushy,” she says. “We needed to see some eyes!”

For Twilight, Hardwicke had trouble finding an actor otherworldly enough to play vampire Edward Cullen. Then she got a call about a guy in London. “I looked at a couple pictures and was like, ‘I’m not sure,’?” Hardwicke says. “He had been fired from his last job, he was unemployed, he was in debt.” Pattinson flew to Los Angeles on his own dime to read with Stewart. “I have footage of their first meeting at my dining-room table,” Hardwicke says. “Kristen was like, ‘It’s got to be Rob!’ She felt connected to him from the first moment. “That electricity, or love at first sight, or whatever it is.” “You’ve got to realize that Kristen is 17 years old,” she told him. “She’s underage. You’ve got to focus, dude, or you’re going to be arrested. I made him swear on a stack of Bibles.” Hardwicke gave him the part, but he had to make a promise.

When Hardwicke auditioned Evan Rachel Wood for Thirteen, she had her get into her bed with Nikki Reed. That’s also where Pattinson kissed Stewart for the first time in his Twilight screen test. “That bed made Pattinson who he is right now,” says Reed. Asked about her lair, Hardwicke laughs. “MTV came and did an episode in my house filming the bed. It’s legendary,” she says, flashing a wide—dare we say wolfish—grin.

Read the rest of the interview at Newsweek

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Rob Pic Of The Day

Rob you look very very comfy
May I Join you?
*wishful Thinking*

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Kristen Pic Of The Day

Absolutely Beautiful

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Robsten Pic Of The Day

True Love

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Robsten Video Of The Day


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Old/New Pictures of Rob and Kristen with Tom and friends

Apparently these are from 2010!! Rob was doing the Remember Me premier and press Junket in New York!! He's wearing that same white shirt he wore for all those press junket interviews.

During the time when Rob, Kristen, and their friends were in NYC for the 'Remember Me' Premiere
With Stephanie Ritz and Grace Clissold, Rob and Tom's UK agent.
Rob, Kristen and Tom arrived in NYC Feb27th and the 3 all left March 2nd, Kristen flew home to LA, the besties back to London (Rob to resume Bel Ami filming)
NYgrubstreet "While most of Hollywood's elite are gearing up for the Oscars, many stars were still out and about in New York. Twilight's hottest couple ditched their shy reps and made big news by getting cozy at Tribeca's Locanda Verde."

Peoplemag AT A FEBRUARY DINNER in New York City, Robert Pattinson, 24, and Kristen Stewart, 20-or Robsten, as they have come to be known-joined a group of friends at the Italian eatery Locanda Verde, a casual hot spot in Tribeca. "Nobody could take their eyes off them," says one witness. "A few waiters had to stand in front of the couple and act as human shields. When Beyoncé and Jay-Z were sitting there, people didn't make such a fuss!" But the makeshift wall couldn't hide the fact that "they were a really happy couple," says the onlooker, noting the duo were "sitting very close to each other and whispering. They seemed to be having a good time together.

article via Robsessed 

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German Fans: Win a Chance to meet Robert Pattinson

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Old/New Photo: Kristen Stewart and Cast from The Cake Eaters

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Clever TV Talks To Elle & Blair About "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn".

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Old/New Robert Pattinson Interview Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire

I have Never seen this interview before
So Cute Rob

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Old/New Kristen Stewart at The Runaways Premiere Sundance

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New Breaking Dawn Set - Cullen's Back Yard Fight Training

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Photo Collage: Kristen Stewart "Barefoot Stew

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Scans Robert Pattinson featured in UK's latest Sky Movie Magazine


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ClevverMovies: 2011 Saturn Awards Nominations Recap (Eclipse)

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Cute Water For Elephants Wallpapers

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Old Photos: Kristen Stewart 'Remember Me' Premiere. (HQ)

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