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New/Old Fan Pics Kristen in Paris

Hotel Crillon November 2009
(The post says 2010, but they were filming in Brazil then so I think it was a typo)

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ClevverTv: Robsten Return To Vancouver For "Breaking Dawn" Shoot

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New Pic of the Cullen House

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Kristens Vogue Cover Story Brings 'Publicity' to BR

LOUISIANAENT: "Twilight" Wraps Baton Rouge Filming

After four months of shooting, local filming of "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" parts one and two wrapped last week. The movie is the highest-profile project to film in Baton Rouge and brought new national attention to the area.
"The impact from this is remarkable beyond the dollars spent," says Amy Mitchell-Smith, executive director of the Baton Rouge Film Commission. "Twilight is a pop cultural phenomenon, and this really got the Baton Rouge brand out to the world."
Mitchell-Smith says the city benefited from publicity, such as star Kristen Stewart talking about staying in Baton Rouge in a recent Vogue magazine cover story.
Just how much did 'Twilight' bring to the area? Read more here...

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Is it Possible for Rob to Get an Oscar for Water for Elephants?

METROWNY: Early reports that are leaking out from the lucky few who have gotten sneak peaks of the still unfinished Water for Elephants are saying that it has the opportunity to become one of the best films of the year and that Robert Pattinson gives one heck of performance.

Is it possible that Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and the movie itself could be up for a few Academy Awards next year?

Let's not forget that the movie already has one Academy Award winner already on the cast. Christoph Waltz won Best Supporting Actor at last year's Awards for his role in Inglourious Basterds.

In a lot of serious acting circles, Robert Pattinson doesn't get the same respect that his Twilight fans give him. It's not hard to understand why. Fantasy films are not considered Oscar material, so until Pattinson proves that he can successfully play a character other than Edward Cullen he will never get serious consideration for any significant awards.

Water for Elephants is Pattinson's chance to prove the critics wrong. An outstanding performance in a serious film with a supporting cast that already features one Oscar winner may just give Pattinson the legitimacy he needs to solidify his position among the great actors of the day and perhaps even get him some hardware to take home.

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Old Pic: Kristen Stewart 'Catch That Kid'

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All the Things I Miss....Rob

Seriously Ladies, I don't know about you but I am in some dyer need of some good Rob pics. I am sick of the crappy ones. Rio really spoiled us!! I am now like  a salivating dog waiting for my Rob bone literally. Where are the new PR Pics. I can't wait for Water for Elephants, it just can not get here fast enough. The drought is wearing on me and I really miss some good Vanity Fair shoots, Details, and GQ!! I have been pulling those magazines out to look at them. The ones I love the most of course are the ones with Rob and Kristen, I mean this is a Robsten blog!! The second most favorite are Rob and his smoking and oh yeah this thing he does with his lips!! You will see what I mean below!! I know you all see it too but I just had to put a few pics up in honor of the drought!! So where was I oh yes Roberto!! Sweet Holy Mother of all!!  When you see those gorgeous fingers holding that cigarette, it makes me want to scream!! AWWWW!! Rob finger porn, and then he pulls that cigarette to those lips and he literally looks like he loves that more than well you know.....One can only imagine. So the other night I started collecting more pics of Rob smoking and dayummm could that man get any finer! I know smoking is bad for you and its an unhealthy habit but when Rob does it he makes it look sooooooo gooood!! I mean that in all the good ways!! So Rob we love you and we want you to quit smoking but if you are going to keep doing it then please make sure Vanity Fair or GQ get some good pics as well. Thanks!!

Really!! I had to put this one first!! It is so fantastically hot!!

Alright that is the hottest one, well hold on to your panties ladies there is more!!
Well you know this face!! I miss this face that he makes!!

Do you see those lips!! Why Rob, why do you do that!! It is hot!


He did it again!! What is it with his lips!!

PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
If they still had a Marlboro Man, Rob would be mine!!

I just don't know if I should tease you ladies anymore but I will leave you with one last one. This one is my favorite!! Enjoy its pleasure and pain!! 

 Oh I am sorry is Rob smoking with someone, yes he is!! Do you think I could put up a post with out Kristen in it? More to come stay tuned!!

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Christie Burke Cast as Teenage Renesmee

Christie will get to make out with Taylor Lautner in a flash-forward to Jacob and Renesmee living happily ever after???
No one is sure if this will be a Bella flash forward or when Jacob first imprints on her.

What do you think?? She's stunning! And I can't believe how much she looks like Mackenzie, Kristen and Rob! WOW, great job with casting this movie!

Read more at TwiCrackAddict


Lee MacDougall mentions Rob & Kristen in an Interview

Rob and Kristen Mentions at 4:06

Lee, once there was this old rumor that your song FILFTLT was written by or for your friend, Robert Pattinson. Meanwhile, we all know that it's your song. Does it make you mind that fans use the song to present Robert and Kristen?
LMD: No, I do not mind at all. This is what it is in the music. If you have a song on the radio, you hear him referring to you, to your partner, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, are you establish a relationship. Through your experience, it becomes your song. The artist brings out a song and people connect their own experiences with it. This is really great and very cute! The two are a great couple and I think it's great that my song accompanied their relationship.
Do you think that Robert Pattinson is one of your concerts in the U.S. or Canada?
LMD: I do not know. I hope. Perhaps it comes from. I do not know what he will do. I think he's in Vancouver and I play in Vancouver. But I'll have to ask. Hopefully! Fingers crossed!

Have you read the Twilight books or seen the movies?
LMD: The books did not I read. I have the first Film seen. I really had to make time. I spent a year not seen the film and thought it's kind of rude to have not seen it yet. To be a good friend, I sat down and looked at him and he was good, really surprised me! His accent was really good. It was really unusual, so one tends not to. Kristen was also very good. She is a really great actress!

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?
LMD: Jacob is the one with the six-pack, right? Team Edward!

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Still no release date for “Bel Ami”

It started filming a year ago. The wrap party happened last April. So, why isn’t there confirmation on a release date for “Bel Ami”?

The distribution company, the UK-based Optimum Releasing, issued a non-committal press release late last year. It named August 2011 as the date for the UK release, but immediately qualified the date with a “TBC” (To Be Confirmed”). Since that time, there has been nothing from any official source to indicate the timing of the release of the film. Consequently, it has been listed as being in post-production for months.

The delay comes as a disappointment to many Robert Pattinson fans, who are feverish to see the star in more non-Twilight roles. Though the Brit is not the biggest star acting in the film (Oscar nominees Uma Thurman and Kristen Scott Thomas co-star, as does Golden Globe nominee Christina Ricci), he is currently one of Hollywood’s hottest, outranking his co-stars on the IMDB StarMeter by several hundred or more points.

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Welcome To The Rileys French DVD Cover

The French DVD of Welcome To The Rileys will hit the shelves on June 14th in France. In the meantime, The cover has been revealed by the French distributor,  

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Kristen Stewart featured in swedish commercial for the Oscars

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Old 'Little Ashes' BTS Pictures Now Untagged

Rob-Pattitude| via RPLife

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Untagged -New picture of Rob and Kristen at Wedding from August

Oh Close UP!!!

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Rob and Kristen Wins at iVillage Awards

Man You'd Trade Your Husband For

Of course, you love your man dearly -- but 58% of you say that if you ever met the sexy Robert Pattinson in person, he'd be the biggest threat to your mate! As a brooding vampire, Twilight star R-Pattz has a dark, romantic intensity. But when he ditches the pale skin and loosens up a bit, the actor is even hotter. K-Stew is one lucky lady!

The British actor won with 58% of the votes.

Here's how the other nominees measured up:
Johnny Depp: 24%
Jake Gyllenhaal: 14%
Denzel Washington: 3%

Sexiest Onscreen Chemistry

This sizzling star duo knows how to work a bedroom scene, and a whopping 69% of you agreed that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have the sexiest onscreen chemistry. Their Bella and Edward are red-hot in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse -- and they don't even have sex. We can't wait for them to really heat things up in Breaking Dawn!
Kristen & Rob won with 69% of the votes.

Here's how the other nominees measured up:
Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhaal in Love and Other Drugs: 21%
Julia Roberts & Javier Bardem in Eat Pray Love: 6%
Julianne Moore & Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right: 4%

Hottest 'Eclipse Hunk'

Whether you prefer werewolves or vampires, the latest Twilight flick provided plenty of otherworldly man candy. But 62% of you say that Robert Pattinson is the mythical guy that most caught your eye. Lovesick vampire Edward Cullen is known for his sexy, brooding stare -- and we're happy to stare right back!
Pattinson won with 62% of the votes.

Here's how the other nominees measured up:
Taylor Lautner: 26%
Kellan Lutz: 8%
Xavier Samuel: 4%

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Video: Tomstu mentions his road trip with the britpack

It must have been bad?

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The Film Stage: OTR and WFE two Most-Anticipated Films of 2011

On The Road (Walter Salles)
Synopsis: A young man sets out to travel the roads and railways of America.
Why You Should See It: Here’s hoping Walter Salles’ next is more ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ than ‘Dark Water,’ the how-did-this-finally-get-made adaptation of the Jack Kerouac road novel. With Francis Ford Coppola producing and a young, talented cast (Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst) leading the way, this could make Beat-wannabes dreams come true. – Dan M.


Water for Elephants (Francis Lawrence)
Synopsis: A veterinary student abandons his studies after his parents are killed and joins a traveling circus as their vet.Why You Should See It: Based on the best-selling novel, this film boosts an impressive cast including Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz. The trailer looks stunning, and with Waltz in the intriguing role of August Rosenbluth, it’s hopeful that the story will be equally pleasing. – Kristen C.

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Lainey Gossip tells which Scenes will be Filmed in Vancouver!

As for what they’ll be doing here on the West Coast, I can tell you exclusively that filming includes – in no particular order:

* Bella’s new vampire hunting (woods)
* teaching the hybrid child about hunting (woods)
* some sh-t in pretend-Alaska (Need to find the Denali houses!)
* something about Romanian vampires
* something about a movie theatre and Edward’s flashback (we have found this set before!)
* Bella kicking Jacob’s ass
* Jacob training baby wolves (this all sounds so ridiculous to write, is it as ridiculous to read?)
* Bella practising her mind techniques
* the father-son “baseball” conversation between Carlisle and Edward (click here for a refresher)
* the wedding (yes, the wedding)
* a happy future family scene when the kid is all grown up
* and the final scene of the saga which is, unless they change it in editing, the two lovers in the meadow.

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Marcus Foster Talks About Robert Pattinson In A New Inteview

Marcus Foster talks about Robert Pattinson in a interview with TLOBF

Is that how you also got a song in one of the Twilight films?

That was a different thing. That just came about as an accident. I just happen to be friends, well best friends, with the guy who is in the films.

Like who – Robert Pattinson?

Yes, he just took one the songs and ended up, yeah, putting it in the film.

Er, backtrack please. You are best friends with Robert Pattinson? As in, teen-idol, Robert Pattinson? You kept that quiet, that’s a pretty big deal.

It is not a big deal for me, because he always used to play and sing my songs for years and years and years.

Read the rest of the interview here

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Rob Pic Of The Day

So Hot Want To Touch The Hiney

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Kristen Pic Of The Day

Kristen i love your smile

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Robsten Pic Of The Day

Adorable Much?
So Freaking CUTE
Cuteness Overload

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Rob Goes Retro and Channels Eddie Van Halen Circa 1984

Rob had a new jacket as he was snapped vigorously by photographers at the airport in Vancouver today. Eclipse Saga did some digging and as it turns out, 1980′s rock star, Eddie Van Halen once wore the same jacket back in 1984 during Van Halen’s tour.


Source, Source and Source

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