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ET Teaser - Water for Elephants BTS


Source/ Source/ RobPattzNews

Screencaps thanks to TwilightPoison/ via

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New Fan made video: robert & kristen - 'center of attention' by keeparmin1

In case you cant view it here is the vimeo video:)


Beautiful video i was waiting for one  from her love her videos:)

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New 'Bel Ami' Release Date for Switzerland

The release date for 'Bel Ami' for the French speaking part of Switzerland has been moved from May 18th, 2011 to June 29th, 2011.

There's still no release date set for the German or Italian speaking part.

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'WFE' Movie Tie in book collection displayed

Algonquin Books is sponsoring a sweepstakes for retail booksellers which inlcudes a trip for two to the world premiere of Water for Elephants, starring Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson, and Christoph Waltz! Details HERE

The movie tie-in edition will be released March 1st. You can Pre-Order here

via/ via Pattinsonstew

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Rob & Andrew in an old issue of People

scan - People USA 31. Jan .2011

Thanks to my lovely Gossip-dance

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New Project for Kristen alongside Julianne Moore called 'The Devil's Pool?

"The Devil's Pool, from director James Lapine starring Julianne Moore and Kristen Stewart, and "A Green and Quiet River," from Alain Choquart with Peter Sarsgaard and Naomie Harris, were just two of the projects proposed at this year's co-production market sponsored by the European Film Market"

I wonder if this is the new name for 'Backwoods'? But that was being directed by Moore's husband. Hmmm, I'm a curious cat now! It appears Kristen is on serious high demand and while this makes me smile I wish we could some confirmation or something (or anything at this point).

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New Pic of RK at wedding!! Can we say cute?

Better version thanks to Patronuska

Can we say cuteness overload??

Source / via / via

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New/Old Pic of Rob and Sam Bradley in Vancouver back in April 2010

Source via RPLife

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New Old HQ Outtakes of Rob from Japan Courtesy of RP Life

Robert Pattison Japan HQ
Look at all of this Yumminess!! OMG!! I love Rob in blue!!
Robert Pattison Japan HQ
Robert Pattison Japan HQ
Robert Pattison Japan HQ
Robert Pattison Japan HQ
Robert Pattison Japan HQ
Robert Pattison Japan HQ
Robert Pattison Japan HQ

You can thank RPLife for these gorgeous HQ Pics!! We love you Setje!!

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Breaking Dawn Filming Update. . .

NessieMackenzie Tweets: 

Breaking Dawn filming to wrap in Baton Rouge this Thursday. Filming resumes mid week next week in Vancouver & surrounding areas! via @TTOBR

Image via: LaSagaRobsten

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Rob Pic Of The Day Extreme Hotness


Can someone please pick me up from the floor?
I have gone weak at the knees from all the HOTNESS

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Kristen Pic Of The Day Gorgeous One


Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous

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Swan house set in Vancouver exterior decorated for Christmas

Charlie and Bella's house set in Vancouver is now fully completed and decorated for the holidays on the exterior. Seems that Bella is bringing Renesmee to Charlie's house for Christmas fairly soon. According to sources there is no signs posted for road closures at the set, but the house has been decorated with Christmas lights and a green garland decorates the door. The 12 foot chain link fence has been removed but a yellow caution tape runs the perimeter of the property. A large no trespassing sign is nailed to a post. There is also a Truck cab laid out beside the house. The house if finally completed and ready for the production trucks.

Remember when Bill Condon gave us this Christmas gift...

Now we have the exterior shots to match thanks to Newsflic.

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Robsten Pic Of The Day Adorable Vanity Fair Gif


So Cute


thanks To bellacherrybomb

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Robsten Video Of The Day You Make Me Smile Like The Sun

Love Love Love Robsten Soooooooooo Much

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