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Promo: Remember Me coming to SHOWTIME in April

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Kristen Stewart featured on Juicy Couture Website

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Manip or Real? : Cute Photo of Kristen holding a baby

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The 20 Most Popular People On The Internet 20 Robert Pattinson

#20 Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is 16% as popular as Justin Bieber
Trend analysis: True Harry Potter fans recognize Robert Pattinson as Cedric, but most people know him as the star of Twilight, Edward Cullen.
His search traffic on Google peaked at the end of June/July of 2010 when the third Twilight movie came out.
Note: We searched for "pattinson," which turns up almost entirely hits for Robert Pattinson.

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Rob's UK Acting Resume

Interesting facts:

Rob can do all of the following accents: American-California, American-Southern States, Belfast, Black Country, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Dublin, East European, Edinburgh, Essex, French, Geordie, German, Northern, RP, and South African!

Sports: Skilled at bowling, darts, football, pool, running, skiing, snowboarding, swimming and wind surfing.

source via spunk_ransom

Once and for all, his eye colour - blue green

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Moviefone article says Kristen Stewart has already signed on for 'Snow White and the Huntsman - True or False?

'Snow White and the Huntsman' is a little farther along casting wise, having signed Kristen Stewart and Viggo Mortensen in the respective title characters, with Charlize Theron on deck to play the Evil Queen. Rupert Sanders will be making his directorial debut on the project from a screenplay by Evan Daugherty. Shooting is to begin some time this summer, however, which puts Universal's production in second place behind Relativity Media's entry.

Read more : HERE

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Scans : Robert, WFE, Kristen featured in US Magazine & ELLE.

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Scans : Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart featured in Special Edition Magazine - Italy

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Beautiful Collage of Daddy Robwoski WFE

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Awesome 'Water for Elephants' posters collage

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HQ Water for Elephants posters!

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Gorgeous Fan Made Rob Collages

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Por Ti” Magazine Scans (Mexico)

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clevverTV – Robert Pattinson Featured In New “Water For Elephants” Poster

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On The Road Stills Provide Opportunity to Admire Kristen Stewart

“On the Road” Stills Provide Opportunity to Admire Kristen Stewart, Pre-Judge

by Dodai Stewart
The thing about turning iconic American literary work into a movie is that there’s no way the folks on screen are going to look like who readers pictured in their heads. So the new On The Road stills are jarring.

On The Road
, written by Jack Kerouac in 1951, and published by Viking Press in 1957, has been called “The novel that defined a generation.” The film version stars Garrett Hedlund as Dean Moriarty and Kristen Stewart as Marylou. (See more images here.)
Now Kristen Stewart, to her credit, does not look like a miserable vampire-loving mopey girl from Forks in these stills. She looks happy. Ready to explore America! Still, I just pictured Marylou different, somehow.

Here’s what Keroauc writes about Marylou on page two of the Penguin Books edition of On The Road (which I plucked from my bookshelf):
Marylou was a pretty blonde with immense ringlets of hair like a sea of golden tresses; she sat there on the edge of the couch with her hands hanging in her lap and her smoky blue country eyes fixed in a wide stare because she was in an evil gray New York pad that she’d heard about back West, and waiting like a longbodied emaciated Modigliani surrealist woman in a serious room. But, outside of being a sweet little girl, she was awfully dumb and capable of doing horrible things.
Okay, it’s not like you actually expect the filmmakers to cast some one who looks like a Modigliani surrealist woman. And when I first read this book, I didn’t even know what that meant, I only knew that these characters were wild wanderers from a different era. I pictured them looking like hippies, even though that’s all wrong. I thought Marylou was basically Janis from the Muppets, and I thought Dean Moriarity looked like Frank Zappa. I realize this makes no sense but I was 15 and still figuring stuff out. But books do that: The words create a blueprint and your mind colors it in. I also pictured Sal Paradise looking like Sal Mineo.
In any case, Garrett Hedlund actually lines up fairly well with Kerouac’s description of Dean:
My first impression of Dean was of a young Gene Autry — trim, thin-hipped, blue-eyed, with a real Oklahoma accent — a side-burned hero of the snowy West.
Trying to do justice to such a famous book is a really tough assignment, and no doubt some people will be furious that the “chick from Twilight” is involved. (One blogger said the main shot of Dean and Marylou, at the top of this page, looks like “a picture out of an Urban Outfitters catalog.”) But if anyone can make it work, director Walter Salles — who’s best known for another truly beautiful road picture, The Motorcycle Diaries — probably can. Fingers crossed.

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Rob and Kristen scan: Bunte Germany

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More Info on Rob Working On A Photoshoot on Sunday

From - Read full article at the source

Bayou Boeuf teen’s catch helps to feed ‘Twilight’ crew

After cleaning the fish with the help of Bryan Kraemer and Derrick Usea, who drive boats for the swamp tour, ZZ cooked his catch and served at the restaurant for special guests — the crew working on “Twilight” film series star Robert Pattinson’s photo shoot.

“Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’s” stars are staying in New Orleans and filming interior scenes in Baton The movie is set to be released in two parts this year and next.

Tregle was nonchalant about the excitement surrounding the film star’s appearance, which caused a stir in the neighborhood, especially among teen girls.

“We’re used to having celebrities here at Zam’s,” she said.

And from Facebook

Well "Edward" took pictures on my grandpas porch shed on Sunday!!! I didn't know he would be there, but seen pictures.. It felt good to see someone in a movie on grounds where I grew up!!!! My aunt and cousin met and took pics with him!!! They are so lucky!!!

Via victoria1985/ RPLife

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Beautiful Breaking Dawn Edward and Bella Fan art




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2 New Amazing Kristen Wallpapers #VogueStew


Click for full size!

This are made by our lovely karen!! Truly love her work:) 

Please credit Karenxan and Robsten Dreams if you re post:) 

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New/Old Fan Video of Rob at Cannes

Source / via

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Video: Robert Pattinson Mentioned on 90210! (LQ)

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

@RobPattzNews / via

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Kerouac's Biographer : He Would Be "Very Pleased" With Kristen Stewart & Garrett Hedlund in #OTR

Don't look now, but Beat novelist Jack Kerouac's seminal masterpiece 'On the Road' is about to get the tween treatment. The film adaptation draws on a fresh-faced cast, including 'Tron: Legacy' star Garrett Hedlund, newcomer Sam Riley and Bella Swan herself, Kristen Stewart, a teeny-bopper trifecta sure to draw hordes of 'Twilight' fans. The first production still (above) from the hotly anticipated film was recently released and has Kerouac fans around the world talking.

While some have questioned the casting choices, others think director Walter Salles was spot-on in picking Stewart, Hedlund and Riley to play Kerouac's iconic characters. "Well, the irony of it all is that Marylou [Stewart's character] was about 17 in 'On the Road,' and Kristen Stewart kind of looks like what I imagine she looked like," says Dennis McNally, Grateful Dead historian and author of 'Desolation Angel,' the definitive Kerouac biography. "I met Salles, the filmmaker. He was doing a lot of advance research. And while 'On the Road' as a film project always seemed jinxed to me -- ['Godfather' director Francis Ford] Coppola's been trying to make it since the 1970s -- I wish him well."

Salles' project, which was filmed around the world, from Arizona, California and Louisiana to Argentina, Canada and Mexico, has yet to secure a U.S. distributor but is expected to be released later this year.

Read more: popeater thanks KstewAngel 
via gossip-dance

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Portraits Of Rachelle Lefevre On The International Film Festival In Toronto

Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

Posting this because she is beautiful and because i love her and shes beautiful and she was the best Victoria!!! <33

padabee/ via

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New/Old Video: Kristen Writing Autographs Outside The 'Today Show'

epnebelle/ via 

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"Water for Elefhants" Poster in Fox Office

I want this poster so much<33

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New/old pic of Kristen with Melissa Leo


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Rob Pic of The Day Heavenly Gorgeous



That is all

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Kristen Pic Of The Day Stunning


Gah Those Legs


Dead all over!!


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Robsten Pic Of The day Adorable Gif


So Adorable

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Robsten Video Of The Day You make all my dreams come true

Rob and kristen are sooooooooo amazing
I love them sooooooooo MUCH

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