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Scans: Robert Pattinson in Cioè (Italy)

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New Welcome To The Riley's Videos- Now Available On dvd and Blu Ray

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[Video] Reelz Channel: Kristen Can’t wait to become a Vampire

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VIDEOS: Sara Gruen talk Water For Elephants 'Couldn't be happier with the film'

Thanks so much to Water4ElephantsMovie

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Kristen Stewart is one of's Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2011

Kristen who was at #21 last year is now at #90.

See AskMen's full feature on her, including a video here.
via RLC

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New Kristen "Welcome to the Rileys" Interview

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Kristen #2 on AfterEllen's Hot 100 of 2010


2. Kristen Stewart
Whether you are a Twi-hard who went to see New Moon on opening night or a music fan that got all revved up over her role as Joan Jett in The Runaways, it was clear to us all year that the 20-year-old we affectionally refer to as KStew is one of our favorite new actors.

Kristen is not your typical starlet, which is probably why queer women appreciate her so much. She'd rather go to a music festival like Coachella or stay home with her cat — as she recently told Oprah — than walk the red carpet, and that is OK by us.

With upcoming projects like the transexual prison love story, K-11 co-starring Nikki Reed, an adaption of On the Road and, of course, Eclipse, we can't wait to see more of Kristen doing what she does best — acting.

After Ellen | via: RKDaily | via RobstenLustCom 

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The Cast Participating on A 'Making Of' Documentary for "Breaking Dawn"

 NessieMackenzie tweets of news regarding a Breaking Dawn 'Making Of' Documentary:

via sister site RobstenLustCom

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Miss Bella Swan's House in Vancouver (New Pics)



Our Fellow twilight fan site germantwilighters got some new pics of the Swan's house. Looks like new huh?? She also said the house was very easy to find, no tight security. she just saw a guy sitting in a car and everyone was allowed to take pictures. Hmm very interesting!!
thank you shalakoo for the mail and pics:)

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Melissa Leo talks working with Kristen in WTTR

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GossipCop: Kristen Stewart ‘Snow White’ Rumors – The Latest

For days, rumors have flown about which young actresswill play the title role inSnow White and the Huntsman.
Kristen Stewart is most frequently discussed for the fairy tale role, but now Selena Gomez has become part of the speculation, thanks to certain outlets.
So where does the production actuallystand?
Here’s what we know.
A source familiar with the Snow Whiteproject confirms to Gossip Cop that Stewart is “someone of interest” and currently on the studio’s list.
(Not surprising.)
As for Gomez, however, we’re told her name has not been in the mix at all, and that rumors about her auditioning for the role are inaccurate.
There have been no negotiations with anyone yet.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt talks about a Rob again "I'm gonna get him to sit on my lap"

Starts at 2:34. She mentions Rob again in the end of the video

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT has landed her dream job - she has been hired to cover the red carpet at the final TWILIGHT movie premiere for TV show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD.

The die hard fan revealed she has yet to meet Twilight hero Robert Pattinson after he snubbed her at a photo signing, and now TV bosses have stepped in to make her wish come true.

Appearing on Access Hollywood Live on Tuesday (01Feb11), the actress told host Billy Bush, "I actually waited in line to take a picture of him (Pattinson) after the very first premiere for, like, an hour and 15 minutes and, as I got up to take my picture, they were like, 'Robert, are you tired?' He's like, 'Yes', and he left."

But then Bush offered her the job of a lifetime, asking Hewitt if she'd be interested in reporting on the red carpet at the next Twilight premiere.

Thrilled Hewitt screamed and said, "Are you kidding? Really...? Oh my God... This is amazing... I'm gonna get (vampire) teeth... I'm gonna get him (Pattinson) to sit on my lap."

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Belin Film Festival's Complete Programme is up - 'Bel Ami' not listed

The complete programme for the Berlin Film Festival was released today and Bel Ami is officially not part of it.

Protagonis Pictures released their the EFM 2011 (integrated into the Berlinale) line-up and the only screenings listed are for "Tyrannosaur", "Horrid Henry The Movie 3D Promo" and "Submarine".

ETA: List of the screening schedule

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Tom Strurridge says it was a great experience working with Kristen

According to ErinADarling

who tweeted the following said Tom had a great experience working with the talented young cast, including our girl Kristen:)

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Video: Kristen Stewart's Electrical Hollywood Reel

Click here to watch it 

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Scan + Translation of French Mag - Expected Release Date for On the Road is December 7, 2011

In a letter Marlon Brando at the end 1950s, Jack Kerouac said “pray for a film to be made “of his novel, On The Road.

A half-century later, the Brazillian filmmaker Walter Salles who has just built
dream of the writer.

When Walter Salles (Motorcycle Diaries) stopped at the end of 2009 MK2 with the scenario on
Road packaged in an envelope Kraft, it makes some time adaptation Kerouac’s novel film seeking direction. Precisely since Francis Ford Coppola bought the rights the book in the 1960s. Convinced by the passion Venues for the winding route and three jazzy beatniks, MK2 endorses the project, as finally launched.
Sam Riley (Control) will play Sal Paradise, Kristen Stewart (Twilight) will play Marylou, blond Garrett Hedlund
(Tron Legacy) will play the legendary Dean Moriarty.
The trio is soon completed by Viggo Mortensen the role of William S. Burroughs and Kirsten Dunst in that ofean’s second wife. In early summer, the troupe flew to Canada, first step in a shooting Homeric who will Snow in Patagonia bayous of Louisiana, cotton fields of Arizona to the deserts of Mexico, for completed on the hills
San Francisco. Co-producer Charles Gillibert, barely income of these six intense months, evokes “a film that found his breath because is moving constantly”, As beatniks.
Expected release December 7, 2011

The Trois Couleurs Febuary issue can be downloaded here
thanks to mrhedlund | @maxiekat | @kstewangel|gossip-dance

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Kristen and Rob in Vanity Fair's Hollywood Top 40 Earners of 2010

Kristen is #13  Photobucket

Rob is  #15

source | RPLife| via

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The Biggest Box-Office Battles of the Year: Who Will Win? - Breaking Dawn Mention

November 18

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part One

VERDICT: Consider this a more lopsided version of the Hangover/Kung Fu Pandamatchup. Breaking Dawn will be the clear winner here — it's got all the things this franchise has been building to, including a wedding, sex, and a bloodthirsty vampire baby — but it's skewing more adult than the past three Twilight movies, giving Happy Feet 2 (whose 2006 predecessor grossed a little under $200 million) room to breathe.

click Here to see the rest

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New Welcome to the Rileys Clip! "Want a Room

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Kristen Stewart's Name is On the Cover of Vanity Fair!

Click on the picture to make it bigger

Kristen's name is on left bottom corner

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James Frain Talks about Robert Pattinson in their up and coming project....

James will be playing the role of Rosie's caretaker according to IMDB......

BRITISH actor James Frain, who has arrived in True Blood's Bon Temps as bloodsucking baddie Franklin Mott, says he wants to swap vampire tips with Twilight's Robert Pattinson.

Frain appears alongside Pattinson in the upcoming film adaptation of circus tale Water For Elephants.
But he regrets that they didn't get chance to talk about their more toothy roles.

Frain says: "I did have scenes with Robert in Water for Elephants but I'm sorry to say we didn't swap vampire stories. I wish we had, people can't believe there's going to be a scene in the movie with a Twilight vampire talking to a True Blood vampire and that we didn't spend our time chatting about that.
"I wish I'd got vampire tips from him, I wish I'd gone, 'Oi, Bob mate, any tips?'" he says, in a mock British accent.

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Kristen & Jessica Biel up for the role of Lois Lane....

As well as being rumoured to play Snow White, Twilight star Kristen Stewart is apparently taking on Jessica Biel for the role of Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman reboot.
Following the announcement that
Tudors star, Henry Cavill, has been cast as the man of steel in the uhhh... Man of Steel Warner Bros. are now casting around for their female lead, with Stewart and Biel (Blade: Trinity) on the top if their list, with Rachel McAdams ( movie,Sherlock Holmes), Malin Ackerman (Watchmen) and Dianna Agron (Glee) also up for consideration.
Man of Steel is shaping up to be an interesting return for Clark Kent's alter-ego, following Bryan Singer's disappointing Superman Returns back in 2006. Christopher Nolan is onboard and eager to push the franchise towards darker territory, in the mould of his ultra-successful Batman movie, The Dark Knight.

His brother, Jonathan, is scripting the movie with
Batman Begins co-writer, David S. Goyer, whilst slow-motion fanatic, Zack Snyder, has been hired to direct (after Guillermo del Toro, Darren Aronofsky and Tony Scott were all rumoured to be up for the job).

Cavill, meanwhile, will be celebrating his good fortune, having once been dubbed 'the unluckiest man in Hollywood' by Empire magazine, for losing out on Batman, James Bond and the
Superman Returns title role.

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Universal goes these days to find and capture the best actress to play Snow White. 's famous film studios are making a movie in which bad the story would be Charlize Theron and the deck is Viggo Mortensen for the role of hunter. Find the protagonist not being so easy. Although all the pools points to Kristen Stewart to play the sweet girl, the heroine of Twilight is not the only candidate. On the page MARV also speak of Felicity Jones and Riley Keough as potential candidates. On other sites also know the name of Selena Gomez . The characteristics of the Disney girl makes it an ideal candidate.What do you like best of all? Aid director Rupert Sanders in his choice.

Vote for Kristen if you think that she's the perfect actress to play Snow White!
Click this link to vote!

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Rob Pic Of The Day Smoking Hot

Smokin HOT

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FLASH BACK Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Stephanie Meyer MovieFone Interview

One of my favourite interviews-
Robsten are so funny and so damn cute
Rob's Sexy Face
Love Love Love It

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Kristen Pic Of The Day Adorable

Absolutely Adorable


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Robsten Pic Of The Day Eclipse Hot Gif

Hitch That Leg Take that shirt off
 My Favourite scene
can watch over n over n over again

Thanks to pattypattz1

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Robsten Video Of The Day Hungry Eyes

Rob and Kristen's eyes are only for each other

Hungry eyes

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Kristen's Name Attached to Another Project

So it seems as if Kristen's name is attached to another popular project at the moment.  Now I am really confused here to what is going on. First off I am not sure who Gregory Little is at this point but according to, several actresses has either expressed interest in playing Lane, or have been rumored to have read for the role, today's latest rumor via Gregory Littley, a Branding Consultant and Creative director who specializes in social media, has Twlight's Kristen Stewart in the mix. I guess we will have to wait and see if either of the two projects come through at the moment. Kristen still had American Girl and K-11 in her future.

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Has Little Renesmee Met the American Nomads Today?

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New Rob Pics Breaking Dawn Set

Why Hello there Mr Cullen, You are looking ever so sexy as always..
And where is your lovely wife??



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Robert Pattinson Behind the Scenes of The Summer House

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Robert Pattinson thinks Kristen Stewart does it well

Play the role of a vampire that is.
In the final instalment of the Twilight Saga, Stewart’s character Bella Swan is finally given her wish and transformed into a vampire after marrying Pattinson’s character Edward Cullen.
Pattinson told MTV: ‘It’s like she wanted to do it the entire time.
‘It’s really funny, it’s like a completely different environment on set when she’s a vampire and when she’s not. I think she’s going to do it really well.’

Their co-star Peter Facinelli, who plays Carlisle Cullen, also spoke about how ‘fantastic’ Kristen looked with her new vampire makeover.
‘She’s doing really well. She looks fantastic,’ he said.
‘For some reason, once they put those contact lenses in, [she looks] very statuesque.’
Shooting is currently taking place for both parts of Breaking Dawn, with the first movie due for release on November 18th this year and the second in November 2012.

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Sticky Post: Robsten Fans We Need Your Help....

 I love this pic!! 
Anyways, We are still in need of any scans or articles that you might have outside the US.  As you know we are always looking for good things to share with the fellow Robsten Fans!! If you have any scans to share please email us at  If you also have any stories to share about a fan encounter we would love to post with a picture of course.  You will of course be sourced for all of the information that you share!! Thanks for your help!! I don't know what we would do without our followers, Thanks for making us who we are and making this so fun!!

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CTV (Canada) – Most Desirable Celebrity Husband

3. Robert Pattinson

Click here To see the Rest

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Video: Jack Kerouac Reciting Some of On the Road


I know some of you might think this is a little lame but really if you have read the book than you will appreciate it. I've never seen this before and this is Jack Kerouac reciting some of his book, On The Road, Kristen's next film coming out.  She has already filmed with Garrett Hedlund, playing the lead as Dean Moriarty.  I think it will be great!! When he recites the book, his voice is almost like I am imagined when reading it, very weird.

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Kristen Stewart's “Eclipse” Dress: Buy it, Now!

Kristen Stewart wore this Oscar de la Renta Evening Dress at a photo call for “Eclipse” in Stockholm, Sweden (June 21, 2010).

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New/Old Photo Of Kristen

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@WFE Director Tweets about Score

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2 new HQ pics of Robert Pattinson from the Golden Globes


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Date of Breaking Dawn Premiere in LA and Will UK Have a Premiere with All Cast?

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