Ryan O'Neal from Sleeping At Last Talks about 'Turning Page', Song's Placement and Writing from Edward's Perspective

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Q: Did you know the story of Breaking Dawn when you wrote ‘Turning Page?’

Ryan O'Neal: Right before I wrote "Turning Page," I watched all three movies back to back, followed by a bit of research on what was to come in Breaking Dawn. So, yes, I did know the primary events that were going to take place. I knew that Edward and Bella were about to be married, which would of course lead to the Honeymoon. So, I decided to write a love song!

Q: What did you think when you first heard it coupled with the ‘First Time’ scene?

Ryan O'Neal: I was ecstatic! I was just so so excited to see where they used it in the film! The folks behind Twilight do a very good job a keeping details secret, so I wasn't entirely sure where the song would be used in the final edit of the film. And I just couldn't believe that the instrumental version played during Bella walking down the aisle, and then the full version during their love scene! I was so blown away seeing and hearing it all at the premiere for the very first time! It was an incredible experience. The scenes were so beautifully crafted and I just couldn't be more thrilled that my music gets to play a part.

Q: You’ve said before that you wrote this song from Edward’s perspective. What was it like to step into that character’s mind?

Ryan O'Neal: After watching the movies, and appreciating Edward's character, I decided that the song should be sung from his point of view. It was really fun and inspiring to write from that perspective - to be immersed in the Twilight story and write what I imagine the characters might be feeling. In every topic or perspective I write from, I try very hard to write it as personally as possible - so I definitely wrote "Turning Page" with my own experiences in mind as well.

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