Fan Tweets & pics from #SWATH wrap party

Fan BarnesGirl11 is tweeting from #SWATH wrap party going on now. Will add pics as they become available!

  • I can see fake trees, fake snow and amazing lighting.
  • And possibly one pap parked opposite, The trees have apples attached to them.
  • Two more fans here! Yay! But pouring now. Need a big sign that says FANS NOT PAPS.
  • Security have told us to move.
  • People have started arriving.
  • Pap has joined us. Less chance of anyone stopping, but excited to see arrivals anyway Can hear the music. Got pics of the entrance courtyard before they shut the gate.
  • There are wristbands, VIP wristbands and a written guest list, as far as I can see.
  • There are 2 paps. You should get pics.
  • No celebs yet. Like. I said, mostly crew.
  • Some fab outfits and people chatting outside
  • There are deff some cast here, but no one famous yet x
  • Pap says she has not left the apartment. He has a mate there. It is still early though.
  • Chris Hemsworth!
  • Kristen in jeans and converse x
  • JB was in the front of the people carrier . . . .
  • Paps got pics over the fence but they are no good . . .
  • She had about 9 people with her . . . . More deets later x
  • We called out "Kristen the fans love you" x
  • Paps have gone. Wait for KS to come out?
  • People are leaving. Film industry people start work early in the morning right?
  • Food is a noodle bar . . . . .
  • Chatting to a member of the art dept who is defs working monday and tuesday . . . .
  • Rocking it out at the #Swath wrap party- twisted 60s-esque theme- cast and crew all here and having a blast in NW10 x”
  • She is still inside. She was so gorgeous! *sighs*
  • KS is obvs having fun in there. Paps back so still a chance of pics. Do we want pics? x
  • Great #SWATH party tonight! Seen this crew work hard these last few months so it's lovely to see them celebrate and in party mode tonight! x
  • What should I say to ks when she comes out?
  • Why so late KS? Glad you are having fun x

Pictures from Kstewartfans

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