Breaking Dawn Sex Scene and Rob World's Sexiest Man are among Glamour UK's 'Biggest Celeb Stories of 2011'

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Breaking Dawn sex scene
After watching them barely kiss for three films, Breaking Dawn was when we finally got to see Bella and Edward have – whisper it – sex! There was Robert Pattinson’s naked chest, pillow-biting and lots of hormones, but we couldn’t help but wonder what the original R-Rated version had been like.

R-Pattz is World’s Sexiest Man
Another year, another Sexiest Man triumph for Robert Pattinson. After 40,000 votes were cast, the Twilight star emerged (yet again) as the clear winner for the third year running. Swoon.

Source: 1|2 | Via: Spunk-Ransom | LasagaRobsten

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