[VIDEOS] The Breaking Dawn cast talks about Rob and Kristen at BD Part 1 Premiere

Stephanie talks to Josh/MTV about filming Breaking Dawn and being in Bella's wedding

"With the wedding, I worked pretty closely with [screenwriter] Melissa [Rosenberg]," Meyer said. "We talked about it, how it needed to be like a really beautiful traditional ceremony, nothing outlandish, just simple and old-fashioned and romantic, and then [director] Bill [Condon] brought in the vision of what it should look like, and the production designer just made such a gorgeous midsummer night's dream for us. And then the final element was Kristen [Stewart] in the wedding dress. She was so gorgeous, she was unbelievable."

Taylor talks to Josh/MTV about working with Rob and Kristen again

"If I did a film again with them, I'd like to do a comedy. A super, super funny movie," Lautner said. "I think they're funny, especially when they're together. Our relationships together are quite hilarious, so it would be a funny movie, for sure."

Mackenzie talks to Josh/MTV about how it was working with Rob and Kristen on set :) {She talks about her resemblance to them and about the 'swear jar' lol}

Mackenzie talks about Rob and Kristen to HollyscoopTV and Accesshollywood

No Twi cast but Carolina Herrera talks to Popsugar about doing Bella's wedding dress and about Kristen


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