[Videos] Breaking Dawn Part 1 UK Premiere

We will be adding all the video interview + red carpet posing videos here!! Keep refreshing this page as is being updated constantly:) Check out all our Pics on this post here!

Videos of Rob Kristen and Taylor's Entrance From The Stream thanks to Spunk-Ransom

Posing and Signing Autographs

Signing Autographs

Red Carpet Interviews

Rob Talks to Magic fm

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Rob and Krsiten Talk to Xpose Irish Tv


Rob and Kristen Talk to MyBliss


Rob Talks to Look Magazine


Kristen Talks to MSN UK
<a href='http://video.uk.msn.com/?mkt=en-gb&from=null&vid=cbb6e728-1243-4130-84aa-19ad58f68bc6&src=FLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='MSN Exclusive: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 red carpet' >Video: MSN Exclusive: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 red carpet</a>
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Kristen Talks to SugarScape


Rob and Kristen Talk to AP


Kristen and Rob Talk to Huffington Post


Rob Talks to Grazia


Rob Talks to Showbiz411


Rob and Kristen Talk to Lovefilm


Kristen Talks to Pop Sugar

Rob and Kristen Talk to HeyUGuys


Cast talks to the UK Telegraph

Rob Talks to The Telegraph

"You start to realise how many wrinkles you are getting when you have to put on white make-up everyday," said Pattinson.

Kristen Talks to The Telegraph

"Usually if there is any question about a scene, you go back to the bible and you flip through and find it.

"In this case, this scene is imagined between chapters. So we had to do the sexiest, sex scene ever imagine by anybody, it was kind of daunting."

Rob and Kristen Talk to Sky News

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Kristen Talks to Showbiz 411


Rob Talks to Absolute Radio


Kristen Talks to Digital Spy

"It's the longest period of my life that I remember as a whole, more so than high school or anything like that," Stewart said.

"I'm happy to walk away from it as well because I don't feel like it's going anywhere. Everyone's going, 'Are you sad?' I'm probably going to have to talk about it for the rest of my life, but luckily I really do enjoy the memory."

Rob Talks to Glamour UK
"It's pretty easy, especially when it's a little baby.

"...Every guy reacts the same [way]. They just think they're going to break it. We were working with a three-week-old baby, so it was kind of terrifying.

"Yes, I can definitely see myself becoming a father in the future."


Kristen Talks to Glamour UK

“I get asked all time how I could get behind a character that is so submissive. Like the sacrificial lamb.

“I think it is the most valiant thing to give yourself to someone, and he really gives himself to her. But I think that the fact that they’re so die-hard invested [in each other]. It’s rare.”

Rob and Kristen Talk to BBC News

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Rob Talks to Sky News

Rob Talks to ITV


Rob Talks to OK Mag


Getty Images talks to the cast

Marie Claire talks to the BD Cast

OK Coverage

OK! - Robert pattinson and Taylor Lautner on MUZU.TV

Fan Videos




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