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Awesome fan pics from RobKris13

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Pics and Tweets: VanessaInPinks:

  • Robs here he's starting at the beginning of line!!
  • He looks so tired poor guy. He let us take 2 pics each with him!
  • asked him if he had In-N-Out yet since he's been in L.A. lol he said "No actually not yet."

  • Rob just arrived with Dean & went directly inside after a quick smile & wave to the waiting fans out back :))
  • Today I met Robert Pattinson!! He was even more sweet & kind & generous and beautiful then I ever dreamed!! #heaven
  • He is taking his time greeting each & every fan!! Probably 200+ people here!! #JimmyKimmel Rob is amazing!!! <3

  • Rob is amazing!!!! Soooooo giving!
  • He retook my pic with him himself bc first one didn't come out!!!!

From abeitotzz/
  • Rob signed my glamour mag and he said he's sorry Kristen wasn't here #
  • Rob went around every fucking person so nice.Asked him about bel Ami he said february and he's not doing snl sorry guys. Vid later ahbeivids
  • He even wrote sorry on the mag
  • He said she's comin tomorrow. It's all on the video later lol YouTube/ahbeivids
  • I told him he should write that "he's English"
  • The mag :)
  • will post vid later. He was great everyone was chill it was quiet except for after 15mins a kid got tackled for running to him I think

Posting spoilers from inside the show under the cut!! It airs until next Wednesday!!

From KStewsSmirk

  • He said that during filming the sex scene he felt that he was being held back by a chain ...
  • Talked about probing and thrusting and how fans want to see thrusting in the movie
  • Damn his interview was first so I can't remember in specifics what he said lol
  • He talked about nipples, the tip, thrusting, chains, getting stoned...
  • Oh and he did some butt modeling that his mom never knew about His pparents were so cute lol when they talked about Rob hand modeling his mom gave like a WTF look....because wasn't true lol
  • His facial expression when he said he wanted the Guy in Stockholm to just "let him" do his thing...was amazing
  • Yeah it was a bit awkward ~~sreaming for Rob when his parents were there...and him talking about sex...I die lol
  •  The butt modeling was a total joke he made because his mom can't refute of course its not real lol
  • That's the quote about butt modeling,obviously a joke
    • There was lip biting shots and camera zooming into his fingers...'
    • Rob said that they wanted him to do no thrusting and he felt that he was being held back by chains to let just the tip in...
    • That's as close as I can get to remembering that comment

From Chimies:
  • Rob thinks his shirt may have been racist, Kristen was to blame for a possible R rating, & he got "stoned" in Sweden.
  • And by stoned it was about someone attacking him with rocks.
  • To his mom: "I did do some butt modeling that you don't know about and that you can't refute!" her reaction was so cute!
From Krystih
  • Rob literally said "just put the tip in" bwahahaha! So much word vomit!!The hair was beautiful!! 
  • He wore a suit jacket with a band tshirt. Talked about his pants falling down! Squeeeling like a fan girl at that comment.
Even more from RobPattzNews
SPOILERS AHEAD: Kimmel show taping details. Show received more than 930,000 requests to see Rob. Parents were in the audience. Rob talked about clothes he was wearing (racist t-shirt), being a hand model when he was a kid (which his mom denied) then he sais he actually WAS a butt model. Rob also talked about the rated R sex scenes on BD. Jimmy said film was erotic and Rob said it was even more *before it was cut* talked thrusting scenes, animatronic baby (that looked like a "cancerous owl") - mentioned "the tip" in there. Also talked about the baby wigs they had to use on a real baby lol

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