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Philippine Star:
How was it doing Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 (filmed as one) compared to the first three movies?Kristen: I think the primary difference in playing Bella was that she’s got a clear feeling now than before was sort of baseless. I mean, in the first three movies she’s somewhat worried even if she was so sure that this love was gonna work out but it was based on nothing. She was in a very, very dangerous situation all the time. In this movie, I get to play someone who has lots of things going on around her and she’s excited about them.

The wedding scene is fabulous. You’re a very beautiful bride. How did you feel during the shooting of that scene?
Kristen: Uhm, it was one situation that you force yourself to experience, you know, because it is so important to people and myself included, like building up for four years to a moment that not only mean something to me but to everyone else. If you don’t dare having take the ride, you’re gonna regret it. I didn’t have to think about other than trust it.

The Twilight Saga is coming to an end soon. You and the other stars have, I’m sure, become like one happy family. How do you feel about it?Kristen: Yeah. It’s a unique experience to finish a film and not be worried that you’re not gonna hold on to the relationships. I mean, ours is pretty solid. And I’d love to work with everyone again individually. We have had good experiences with everyone, so…

How do you see yourself beyond the Twilight Saga? What kind of roles would you like to portray?Kristen: Oh no, I don’t really work very often. I don’t know. I’m pretty like impulsive, very instinctive in the way that I find myself in projects. I’m not projecting into the future; I’m not creating a game plan. I think that’s crazy talk.

But what will you miss most about the Twilight Saga in general and Bella Swan in particular?Kristen: Instantly, I will miss everyone involved in the Twilight Saga and, as I’ve said, I really want to work with them again. About Bella, I have a hard time thinking of what I don’t love about her. If you’ve been playing a character this long, it becomes like a second skin to you. You tend to play things that are very close to yourself. It’s normal when you’re very young. With Bella, I really like her. It sounds weird but I will really miss her, genuinely.

How do you think you can shake off the Bella Swan character who has been so attached to you like, as you said, a second skin?Kristen: I respect the character Bella Swan but sorry that I’m going to walk away now. You know what I mean? The only way that I can play a character is if I feel it, so I must do that character justice. If you don’t, you are depriving everyone else the chance to experience what you get from the character. And so, I’m done with a character as soon as I play it. I want the experience to blow out…you know what I mean?

How have you changed these past four years? What lessons have you learned from the Twilight Saga?Kristen: Well, I’ve gotten to know myself maybe more than what I expected. I’m happy because I felt that I was forced to come out of my shell a little bit. Otherwise, I don’t think that I have really changed that much.

The Philippine Star has the full article/transcript.
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