Rob, Kristen and Taylor's interview with Screen Magazine (Japan)

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Japanese Magazine ”Screen” January 2012 Issue
Japanese magazine “Screen” is now on stand.“Twilight saga Breaking Dawn Part 1” Trio cast’s Interview in L.A.
From the article,
・World News Variety: Twilight cast trio had immortalized their hands and foot prints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.
・Special Calendar of 2012 with Top Stars. Rob is on January.
・Special Directory of Movie Stars, TV Stars and Directors. Rob is included in the 820 celebrities.(Who's Who)

“Twilight saga Breaking Dawn Part 1” Trio cast’s Interview in L.A.
Kristen says

Robert is a very smart and one of the best actor―-
"The love scene was really tough to shoot. Luckily it will not last long. This is the section that book doesn’t describe in details. While we were shooting the scene, it didn’t feel like we were shooting one of the “Twilight” Movie. It was more like “What are we doing in here?” thing. Rob and I were all joking around and being shy about it. It was really wired that we had to shoot specific part of the body or captured in real up close.”-
"He is one of the best actor, literally. He has to understand fully to act the scene. On the other hand, I am more of instant moves, I jump into act what I felt. So, until at the end of the take, I sometimes don’t know what I am acting. He is really smart and makes me understand what I don’t come up with. He has a talent as a doctor to fix the screen play, I think he can built his own carrier, he is really good at it. "
Robert Says
I tried my best to satisfy all the fans―
“I am usually laughing, like until people around would get annoyed. Where Taylor (Lautner) and Mackenzie (Foy) sitting next together is most hilarious scene ever for me. There is a scene both of them sit next to each other crying, I had to kill my myself laughing at it. Taylor often took Mackenzie out with him, to me it was like Taylor having a date with 7 years old.”
Taylor Says
It was really tough to keep in shape―
“When I read this part for the first time、I was really shocked. It took me awhile to understand the situation. It was really confusing that Edward and Bella’s baby was imprinted with me/Jacob.”

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