Rob at Letterman (HQ, MQ, Fan Pics + Videos + Tweets)

You can watch the show live HERE starts @ 11.35PM ET / 8.35PM PT / (4.35AM GMT / 5.35AM CEST Wednesday Morning | Via @Gossipgyal


Pattinsonlife | Via



Fan Pics


Video of Rob Arriving

Video of Rob Leaving


Rob kissing a fan on the cheek at 1:25

Some Tweets:

  • @letmesigndotcom: Rob just arrived at Letterman!
  • @StephDoesTweet: He's signing around for fans! The street is closed down on both sides. This is madness
  • @StephDoesTweet: He already went inside. Only stopped for half the crowd, he said he'll be right back :) (and by right back he means in an hour or 2)
  • @imTulip: Rob is so sweet. He kissed some girl in a wheelchair.

From @cybermelli
  • So happy that the letterman thing was a success... If not I'd have been v sad bc once again, I barely slept...
  • Mario lopez being powdered up across the street from letterman...
  • And there are also already ppl outside dave waiting for rob's arrival like 4 hrs from now
  • Need to report back to letterman in a few min...
  • I think security has totally been stepped up here since the fatwa was declared on dave.... Sniffing dogs, metal detectors....
  • We had awesome letterman seats - 5th row right in front of rob. Made up for fairly lame interview
  • I couldve answered these ?s. Disguises? He mentions trying facial ticks... Says he likes NYers bc they have dirty mouths & scream crazy stuff
  • Best thing he says - edward should be sparkling like "a my little pony" in brazil w all the sun but he doesn't. Calls that a major continuity error!
  • asked if he minds the screaming... It is job security... As long as ppl keep screaming then he figures he gets to make a couple more films
  • Steph & nick here... Which u prob know by now... Mentions it is the older fans that are most passionate...
  • Anyway, no new ground... But "my little pony" is fun :)
  • Wearing a gray suit w a light blue shirt & a darker blue v neck tee under it
  • And you get to see the watch in the interview too. I noticed it right away. #pathetic
  • He says "we have sex" when quickly running thru bd plot... Clip is honeymoon entry
  • I think he sorta does a facial tick when talking about trying that to repel ppl... So maybe a quick wonky face to screencap...
  • Quick mention of cosmopolis as to what is up next & a little rundown of that plot
  • "Where were u born" "why did u become an actor" "do you get back to london" (said yes, every xmas)Dave is detached, he doesn't care about twi. But he was pleasant enuf

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