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"Let's meet with with one of the main stars of the franchise. Robert Pattinson - who plays vampire Edward Cullen in one of the biggest movies in the world - with our broadcast Representative taking place at the press conference of Breaking Dawn in Los Angeles, USA."

Hi Robert, an honor to meet you. I thought the wedding scenes were shot very beautifully. How did you prepare?
- With me, it seems to be easier because Edward is lucky to be with the girl he loves. The important thing was that he shows that with the looks and smiles that he gave her. I think Kristen got the harder role because there were a million different emotions she had when Bella is marrying Edward, especially when she and Charlie are walking down the aisle, and Kristen would feel the more pressure in these scenes.

The honeymoon scene of Isle Esme put a huge pressure on you, right?
- Yes, yes, that's right. You're right. There was an emotional pressure and also the pressure of the audience's expectation when they read the book about Edward and Bella's honeymoon, after going through many difficulties to get to this point. That's why I felt pressured to do this correctly.

As a yourself right now, what do you like most about Edward in the story itself, and in Breaking Dawn?
I think it would be his haunting past. 100 years before, he probably wasn't a vampire, then he wouldn't be the Edward he is today. And in Breaking Dawn, he decides to stop thinking about his past and to think for the future, and to live happily with Bella.

Before you were stars like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, and very successful in being vampires. How did you make your role more special than others?
- Every decade or so, vampires had been improved upon, but the main thing was the imagination of Stephenie Meyer was so good. Even if Edward was good, the story still never seemed like a vampire movie because it was so romantic. I think Twilight only borrowed the ideas of vampires and werewolves to tell a bigger story about family and love.

Can you say something in Vietnamese to our audiences?
- Xin chao, Vietnam.

I bring with me a present of Vietnam natives in the valleys. It is a hand-woven case, so you can carry your passport all over the world. Thank you very much for sitting down with me.

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