New Rob Interview with The Hot Hits

"The fact that it's PG-13 is probably the biggest challenge," Rob said. "It's funny, because I've done PG-13 sex scenes and gotten away with a ton more than people were allow us to do in this."

"People were really really worried about it when we were doing it."

"It wasn't really supposed to be just about the pure physicality of it," he said. "When so many people have imagined what Edward and Bella's sex scene is, you can't just do a physical representation of it which is gonna satisfy everyone. So I think Bill (Condon) was trying to get some visual representation of the emotional exchange or whatever. Some kind of transcendent feeling."

"It was kind of difficult to do. Me and Kristen had no idea what we were supposed to be doing," he admitted. Rob also talked about how Bella and Edward's honeymoon might not be as romantic as you first imagined.

YT thanks Mfoc

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