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Move aside, Will and Kate. For Twi-hards, the highly anticipated nuptials of Edward and Bella is the wedding of the century.

But the beloved coupling aren't just saying "I do" in The Twilight Saga's fourth instalment, Breaking Dawn - Part 1, which opens here on Nov 24.

It also marks the end of Bella's (Kristen Stewart) sexual abstinence as she finally gets to go all the way with her vampire lover boy Edward (Robert Pattinson).

Their first night together as husband and wife is exactly what Stephenie Meyer's book describes - skinny-dipping in the moonlight on an isolated Brazilian island, followed by love-making so passionate that the matrimonial bed breaks into two, leaving Bella bruised.

Repulsed by his act, Edward refuses to touch Bella again, despite her many attempts at seduction.

That is, until Bella literally begs for more - and quickly becomes pregnant with a baby that grows at such an impossible rate that it threatens the life of its mother.

"This is the perfect fable, isn't it? Have sex twice and then have a demon baby?" joked Pattinson to FiRST at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills hotel.

"And I've never done a scary sex scene before!"

Dressed in a beaten white T-shirt (it had a gaping hole), faded jeans and a pair of really, really old trainers, the 25-year-old British actor animatedly recounted how he had to time his grunts and thrusts with the stunt team so that they could "pull the bed frame down".

He added: "It's so weird and a little difficult as you have three guys waiting to pull the bed down and you have to anticipate it and yet hope the frame won't fall on your head. It was a bit scary."

Pattinson obviously knew how much this pivotal sex scene means to the millions of rabid female Twilight fans.

"Generally, you don't really talk much about such scenes as no one wants to be told how to have sex!" said Pattinson with a laugh.

"But on this one, there's so much anticipation and so much money is invested in this movie. It had become quite a big deal. A lot of people want to make sure it went right. Let's just say there are generally easier scenes to do."

His co-star, Stewart, 21, agreed that the build-up was "pressurising".

Stewart and Pattinson are rumoured to be dating, though neither has publicly admitted so.

While Breaking Dawn - Part 1 director Bill Condon offered the generic "they have great chemistry" reply, Pattinson and Stewart chose to ignore our varied attempts at prodding.

Casually dressed in T-shirt, jeans and her trademark Converse Chuck Taylor high tops, the laid-back US actress admitted cautiously in a separate interview that knowing Pattinson very well and being close to him "in this context" made the sex scene "easier to approach".

"It wasn't the easiest thing to shoot because it was very 'piecey'. Also, the sex scene doesn't exist in the book. It was just what you imagine between the chapters," said Stewart, who looks more beautiful in person than onscreen.

It was even reported that the scene became so hot and steamy that it had to be re-shot to make it more teen-friendly and to maintain the film's PG13 rating.

Pattinson explained: "Bill was very concerned about not making it seem voyeuristic. That will be the weirdest place to go especially when so many people have read the book and have their own visions of the scene."


He added that Condon's approach was to focus on the hands and legs.

"Everything was so separate," he shared.

But Stewart retorted: "How do you make it sexy and steamy when the scene was shot in tight close-ups?"

But Oscar-winning Condon (Gods And Monsters, Kinsey, Dreamgirls) revealed: "It wasn't difficult to keep the sex scene PG13, but there were definitely a few shots that crossed the line and we ultimately took them out.

"But sex is such a subjective thing.

"They (the Motion Picture Association of America) come up with some very clinical ways to judge whether something has crossed the line and I think we did it once or twice."

Condon should know about such guidelines as he made Kinsey, the 2004 award-winning film about sex education.

But he stressed that the sex scene is more sweet and romantic than explicit.

"How does one live up to the expectation of the first night of sex? The best way is to fade out entirely and leave it to the imagination," he explained.

Those wanting more bedroom action starring the couple will have to wait until next year when the franchise ends with Breaking Dawn - Part 2, teased Condon.

Just as hyped-up is the wedding scene.

Stewart gushed: "It's my favourite! I really love how it went, not because everyone is talking about it.

"It was the end of the whole series. We had shot everything but the wedding. So I had faith that it's going to turn out well. I was transcendentally happy that day."

However, it proved to be a logistics nightmare.

Condon had chosen to shoot the outdoor scene in April, when the weather in Vancouver, Canada - where the film was shot - was supposed to be bright and sunny.

But it snowed the night before and rained on the day of shooting.

Bizarre weather conditions aside, the cast and crew had to deal with the throng of "heli-paps".

Pattinson recounted: "There were always paparazzi helicopters trying to take pictures of Bella's dress. That's the only thing that people were interested in... Everyone else didn't matter! "So we were just standing around hanging out and Kristen had to be inside and locked away," he added with a laugh.

"Yes, the dress. Every girl's dream," Stewart concurred.

Twilight author Meyer, who also served as producer on the film, gave the uphill task of creating the eventual long-sleeved, vintage-looking silk satin gown to Venezuelan-American fashion designer Carolina Herrera.

"Strangely though, I have imagined the wedding scene for four years - what it would be like, how I would feel...I just never look down and picture what I would be wearing," Stewart said.

"So when it came up, I was suddenly really worried about it. I really hoped that it would be okay as I'm pretty particular with what I wear, and if I'm not comfortable, it shows on my face."

Wedding and honeymoon aside, Edward and Bella also have to deal with the impending birth of their child, a half-vampire that may alter the entire vampire lore.

However, Stewart, who has always been a strong advocate and caretaker of her character, admitted she couldn't connect to Bella's maternal instincts.

"You are holding a baby in your hands and you are to look absolutely in awe. I just can't do it. How can you stay serious when you're holding an animatronic Chucky doll?...It's just not cool."

She elaborated: "I'm always family-oriented. I always imagine that sure, one day I'll be a mum. "This whole baby thing is weird. It's so feral in Bella . But I never actually felt it."

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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