Rob's Appearance on Jimmy Fallon (Video + Stills)


"Robert Pattinson & @jimmyfallon get into a Bow & Arrow Stand-off tonight on @LateNightJimmy. Fun times" - @gavinpurcell

It starts 12.35AM ET / 9.35PM PT / (5.35AM GMT / 6.35AM CEST Friday Morning)
Livestream Links: 1 | 2
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From @BellaSophia3530
  • Creepy chatting with an NBC guy to find out which exit Rob will be at. Getting slap happy from no sleep & my TwiHard was showing
  • I have tickets in hand! Waiting to go in. Didn't see him at all again after Regis
  • Going in....
  • Jimmy said rob is losing his accent and rob said he doesn't know how he can be more English
  • Jimmy showed pics from Grauman's and rob thinks he looks like rumplestiltskin
  • And thought kristen was really going to put cement on his face and he was going to be divaish
  • Rob and Jimmy played a nerf arrow game where they shot arrows at each other. Rob missed his first shot. Wonky leg positions taking aim
  • Jimmy hit him square in the groin area and Rob said he has no feeling there
  • Also said "Kristen is so much better at this game"
  • Talked about honeymoon starting out demure but turning into a hardcore porn flick
  • 17 minutes ago Favorit
  • Said in the honeymoon shot, Kristen's stomach is completely flat and he didn't know how to act. Bc she didnt look pregnant at all
  • Jimmy asked about him living in la and rob said he drives rentals until they run out of gas and a company comes to pick them up
  • During commercial break during the nerf game, rob had a plastic box around him (to protect the goods) and he had a nose itch.
  • Couldn't figure out how to get his arm in to reach. Tried going over the plastic box. Then stuck his arm in. Lots of confusion
  • Rob knelt down and aimed direct at Jimmy's crotch. Dead hit. Very proud.
  • Rob was talking about how in LA drive straight and in new York they like turns. #nonsense
  • Rob also thinks his hands look smaller than Kristen's in the prints. He mocked how he was standing.
  • Rob came out and was very confused if the stage had changed since last time he was there
  • They also talked about Hollywood parties being lame but Rob said not Jimmy's.
  • Rob's parents weren't in the audience (that i saw) (for those asking)
  • When Jimmy showed a Grauman's pic of K jokingly putting cement on his face, crowd went AWWW and Jimmy said, it is AW #fanboy
  • Fave part of the interview. The game. Rob walked out and I nearly pissed myself. He was very robotic in that thing
  • Also cave moment: Rob getting worked up about how everyone says he's losing his accent and pointedly mentioning (again) that he's english
  • Complete with demonstrating how he holds a mug with pinky out and saying crumpets

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