Melissa Rosenberg Talks About Breaking Dawn Deleted Scenes

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg teased fans via a recent interview on MTV that they’ll need to buy the Breaking Dawn DVD in order to see the number of scenes that failed to make it to the final cut of the movie.

There was a whole section before the wedding, with Charlie and Renee and Carlisle and Edward and kind of back and forth, but it just slowed everything down,” Rosenberger told MTV. “There were some nice things in there. Again, these are things that will show up again some day.”

Rosenberger also promised fans there’s more to be had of the much-talked-about honeymoon footage between Bella and Edward; perhaps the most exciting reason fans have for buying the DVD next year.

“There’s some of the honeymoon stuff that ended up, well Bill (Condon) went for it,” Rosenberg added. “I was like, I want to keep it.”

Twilight fans, what's your verdict on Breaking Dawn? Does Rosenberg's interview make you curious about the deleted footage?

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