Love Her or Hate Her, EVERYONE should read @katespencer 's Kristen Stewart Post...

As a mom of a young daughter this post hit close to home. I want her to not feel like she has to be perfect or conform to the norms of society. Kate Spencer has brought us a post about Kristen and why she matters.

A few snipets from 'Why Kristen Stewart Matters: A Screed About Girls, Role Models and Tearing Down Those That are Different' (Click to view the article, its a MUST read!!)

...It’s when I’m standing in front of a rack of tiny t-shirts that declare “Princess!” across the chest, or a pile of Cinderella costumes in 3-12 month sizes, that I say a silent prayer of thanks for Kristen Stewart. Yes, the twitchy girl from Twilight who never smiles. And yes, I like both those things about her…even though she’s not that twitchy and she actually smiles quite a lot. Trust me, it’s my job to know these things.

...what fascinates me more that the story’s popularity is the negative reaction Kristen Stewart, the 21-year-old actress at the heart of the series, elicits from so many people.

The general criticism seems to be as follows: She doesn’t smile enough. She looks unhappy. She is awkward. She shies away from the public eye. She doesn’t wear high heels. She’s always in hoodies. She’s introverted. She refuses to talk about her private life and romantic relationships. She fidgets. She says things that are slightly controversial and doesn’t gush positively about fame and celebrity. She’s kind of weird.

It’s confused me for years as to why the general reaction to Kristen is so negative. Why more people - more women - don’t applaud her and say, “thank fucking god.” Because that’s what I say every time I see her walking down a red carpet in a pair of Vans, every time I hear her swear, every time I read an interview where she shuts down repeated inquiries about who she’s dating and attempts to answer ridiculously inane questions with a thoughtfulness that is so rarely found in Hollywood these days.

Thank fucking god.

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