Kristen Confirms She is Learning to Play the Trumpet!

When we caught wind of Robert Pattinson boasting about Kristen Stewart‘s secret trumpet playing skills in an interview, we were baffled. Was Rob just joking around, as he’s known to do? Or was he being serious in reporting that his girlfriend knows how to toot her own (literal) horn? Well, we took to Twitter before the Breaking Dawn black-carpet premiere, and you guys encouraged us to ask Kristen about the mysterious horn rumor going round the Web and so — duh, duh, duh — we did! And guess what: Kristen is indeed learning how to play the trumpet!

The actress, decked out in J. Mendel, said that she was inspired to learn the instrument after filming On the Road and hasn’t put it down since. “I love it,” she told us. “And I just wanted to start playing … I picked it up quickly.” Kristen paused, before adding, “Rob can’t do it.” Ah, how we love the way this couple teases each other in interviews! Watch the entire clip above.


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