FLASHBACK~Twilight Deleted Scenes

In celebration of Twilight Tuesdays we'll be bringing you some flashback posts. Here's a some Twilight deleted scenes
What wasn't in the movie that you were disappointed in not seeing? What was in the book that didn't even get a scene? (Blood day in Biology for me). Check out some scenes that didn't make the final cut...

Some more of the meadow scene. The breathing alone in these scenes is sexy, just me??


'Your number was up the first day I met you' Yep, not just Bella, Kristen too. This is one scene that's not in the book, but wow the awkward chemistry is hot. And it was one of Kristen's favorite scenes. Oh really Kristen?!


100 Years worth of Journals. I hate the chinchilla talk. Thank you for cutting this ;)


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